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Kompass Business Classifications
Business Services
financial planning, insurance
Aircraft brokersAdvisory banking services: taxation, estate,
Asset management consultants
Banking services
Bond brokers
Bridging loans, finance houses
Brokers and dealers, futures and options, agricultural produce
Brokers and dealers, futures and options, cotton
Brokers, food and beverages
Brokers, futures and options, Eurodollar and Eurocurrency markets
Brokers, futures and options, foreign exchange
Brokers, futures and options, interest rates, foreign exchange
Brokers/dealers, treasury bills
Brokers/dealers, treasury bonds
Building societies and mortgage banks
Building societies and mortgage banks, savings banks
Bullion brokers
Capital and financial investment consultants
Central banks
Central banks, international
Central banks, national
Charge card services
Cheque clearing services, banking
Clearing houses
Co-operative banks
Collateral financing, finance houses
Commercial and credit banks, quoted shares
Commercial and credit banks, unquoted shares
Commercial banks
Commercial credits, large, banking
Commodity and commodity futures exchanges
Commodity brokers and commodity futures brokers and dealers
Commodity exchange brokers
Company profile services, international
Consequential losses, insurance adjusters
Consumer credit financing, finance houses
Credit and charge card organisations
Credit card services
Credit guarantee consultants
Credit guarantee institutions
Credit insurance companies
Credit insurance, contract bond
Credit insurance, for losses from interest rate differences
Credit insurance, letter of credit
Credit insurance, loss from agricultural credits
Credit insurance, loss from export credit
Credit insurance, loss from insolvency
Credit insurance, loss from instalment transactions
Credit insurance, loss from mortgage loans
Credit insurance, medium and long-term credit
Credit insurance, pre-commitment for tender bidders
Credit insurance, pre-credit risk for export
Credit insurance, short-term credit
Credit rating agencies
Credit reporting and debt recovery/collection
Currency exchange bureaux
Currency exchange services
Current and deposit accounts, banking
Damage estimation services
Debit card services
Debt management services
Debt recovery/collection services
Debt recovery/collection services, international
Debt/credit counselling services
Diamonds (brokers)
Direct, Internet, home (online) banking
Discount houses
Electricity traders
Electronic funds transfer system operators/EFT system operators
Energy brokers
Energy brokers, gas
Export and trading credits, banking
Factoring with service
Factoring with service plus finance
Finance houses
Financial futures and options brokers
Financial futures and options exchanges
Financial intermediation services, banking
Financial markets risk management consultants
Financial services: Leasing and leaseback
Financing for mining, finance houses
Financing for ships' purchase, finance houses
Financing for sports, finance houses
Financing of films, finance houses
Financing of motor vehicle purchases
Financing, real estate, finance houses
Financing, working capital, finance houses
Foreign bank representation
Foreign exchange brokers and dealers
Foreign exchange dealing, banking
Foreign investment consultants
Forfaiting, banking
Forfaiting, finance houses
General insurance companies
Gold bullion dealing, banking
Group insurance, employee pensions
Group life insurance
Guarantee funds
Hard commodity exchanges (markets)
Health insurance companies
Hire purchase and leasing finance, banking
Holding companies and groups of companies
Holding companies, defence equipment
Holding companies, electricity, gas and water
Holding companies, electronic equipment
Holding companies, financial
Holding companies, industrial
Holding companies, information technology (IT)
Holding companies, medical equipment
Holding companies, property
Holding companies, publishing houses
Holding companies, services
Holding companies, tourism and hotels
Holding companies, transport
Independent financial advisers
Insolvency and bankruptcy information services
Insurance analysis and audit, actuarial consultants
Insurance and re-insurance actuarial studies
Insurance average adjusters, loss adjusters
Insurance brokers
Insurance brokers, cargo
Insurance brokers, general
Insurance brokers, life annuities
Insurance brokers, marine hull
Insurance brokers, medical
Insurance brokers, mortgage
Insurance brokers, motor vehicles
Insurance brokers, political risks
Insurance brokers, risk analysis and appraisals
Insurance claim investigation services
Insurance claims and appraisals, actuarial consultants
Insurance consultants
Insurance underwriters
Insurance, agricultural
Insurance, all risks
Insurance, annuities
Insurance, buildings
Insurance, burglary and theft
Insurance, business interruption
Insurance, contingency
Insurance, credit card
Insurance, credit, private
Insurance, damage and loss, aviation hull, engine and equipment
Insurance, damage and loss, marine hull, engine and equipment
Insurance, damage and loss, rolling stock and equipment
Insurance, dental expenses
Insurance, direct
Insurance, disability income
Insurance, domestic short-term commercial credit risk
Insurance, employers' liability
Insurance, employment risk
Insurance, explosion and fire
Insurance, export credit
Insurance, financial business losses
Insurance, freight and cargo
Insurance, general health
Insurance, general liability
Insurance, group health
Insurance, hospital and medical expenses
Insurance, household
Insurance, industrial machinery and equipment
Insurance, life, investment bond linked
Insurance, life, term
Insurance, life, whole
Insurance, loss of earnings
Insurance, money and valuables in transit
Insurance, mortgage protection
Insurance, motor accidents, legal costs
Insurance, motor vehicle liability
Insurance, non-motorised vehicle liability
Insurance, permanent health/income protection
Insurance, personal accident
Insurance, private medical expenses
Insurance, private, nursing care
Insurance, private, unemployment
Insurance, product guarantee
Insurance, product liability
Insurance, professional indemnity
Insurance, property
Insurance, public liability
Insurance, re-insurance services, except life
Insurance, re-insurance services, life
Insurance, sickness benefit
Insurance, suretyship
Insurance, travel and holiday
Insurance, works of art and antiques
International banking
Introducing brokers
Investment and merchant banks
Investment and portfolio management, banking
Investment banking with security trading
Investment banking without security trading
Investment banking, industrial
Investment banks
Investment companies (trusts)
Investment services, risk capital/venture capital
Issue of bills of exchange (bank bills), banking
Issue of loans and securities, banking
Issuing houses and security underwriters
Law protection insurance companies
Leaseback (real estate)
Leasing of computers and office equipment
Leasing of mechanical handling equipment
Leasing of motor vehicles
Leasing of plant, equipment and capital goods
Leasing of rolling stock
Leasing of software
Life insurance companies
Life insurance, family
Long term loans, banking
Loss adjusters and surveyors
Loss assessors, salvage
Medium and short-term loans, banking
Merchant banks
Mergers and acquisitions, banking
Moneylenders and pawnbrokers
Mortgage brokers
Mortgage financing, banking
Mortgage refinancing, finance houses
Online Payment Service Providers (PSP)
Pension schemes, voluntary
Pensions consultancy services
Pensions management services
Portfolio investment consultants
Portfolio management, unit trusts
Primary dealers, government securities
Private banks and partnerships, unquoted shares
Private equity management services
Project consulting, investments in emerging countries
Project financing consultants
Project financing, investments in emerging countries
Public sector banks (full services)
Re-insurance brokers
Re-insurance companies
Re-insurance consultants
Real estate investment consultants
Registered moneylenders
Retail banking
Risk calculation advisory services for international and national underwriters (actuarial consultants)
Risk capital/venture capital lending, banking
Savings banks
Securities investment consultants
Security brokers
Smart card services
Soft commodity exchanges (markets)
Status enquiry and credit reference services
Stock and financial futures exchanges
Stock exchanges
Stockbrokers/broker-dealers, online
Submersible vessels and equipment (brokers)
Surveyors, engineering, plant valuation, compensation and insurance claims
Surveys, loss and damage, cargo
Third party liability, insurance adjusters
Tracing agents, debt recovery/collection
Traveller's cheque services
Trust and will appointments, banking
Tugs and barges (brokers)
Underwriters, securities
Unit trust management companies
Unit trusts
Unit trusts, bonds
Unit trusts, equities
Unit trusts, growth
Unit trusts, high yield
Unit trusts, income
Unit trusts, incorporating life insurance
Unit trusts, real estate
Unit trusts, stock exchange securities
Wholesale banking
Working capital reduction consultants

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