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Kompass Business Classifications
Access control system installation contractors
Acoustic ceiling contractors
Acoustic insulation contractors
Agricultural building contractors
Air conditioning installation, operation, maintenance and repair contractors
Airport buildings and aircraft hangar construction contractors
Ammunition test firing range contractors
Architectural concrete, decorative concrete contractors
Architectural joinery and carpentry contractors
Automatic fire alarm and extinguisher system installation contractors
Auxiliary services, chimney construction
Balcony glazing contractors
Base stations, global system for mobile communication (GSM), contractors
Bitumen, tar or asphalt flooring contractors
Boiler installation contractors
Brick or stone cleaning and restoration contractors
Building automation installation contractors
Building contractors
Building contractors with own architect
Building contractors, sustainable ecologically friendly construction materials
Building conversion and modernisation contractors
Building industry contractors
Building insulation and weather-proofing contractors
Building insulation contractors, groundwater penetration
Building maintenance contractors
Building maintenance services
Building refurbishment contractors
Building renovation contractors
Building restoration contractors
Burglar alarm and intruder detection system installation contractors
Cable television (CATV) installation contractors
Carpet laying contractors
Cathodic protection contractors
Central heating system installation, maintenance and repair contractors
Ceramic tile restoration contractors
Chimney cladding contractors
Chimney inspection services, closed circuit television (CCTV)
Church and religious building contractors
Clean room contractors
Cleaning contractors, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems
Cleaning contractors, ventilation ducting
Cold storage room construction contractors
Cold water system installation contractors
Coloured concrete contractors
Computer room installations contractors
Concrete and reinforced concrete building contractors
Concrete or brickwork silo or storage tower contractors
Concrete pumping, on-site contractors
Concrete slab paving contractors
Concrete works contractors
Concrete, ready-mixed, contractors
Condensation-proofing contractors
Contractors to the electricity production and distribution industry
Contractors, stucco work
Control room instrument and equipment installation contractors
Cooling tower design and construction contractors, brick or concrete
Cork-backed rubber flooring, contractors
Corrosion proof floor covering contractors
Curtain walling contractors
Damp-proofing contractors
Data network installation contractors
District heating plant and equipment installation contractors
Door and window installation contractors
Dry construction contractors
Dry room contractors
Dust extraction systems, design, installation and maintenance
Electric and electronic clock installation contractors
Electric display and indicator panel installation contractors for banks, stock exchanges and racetracks
Electric heating installation contractors
Electric lighting installation contractors, hazardous areas
Electric lighting installation contractors, industrial and commercial premises
Electric power station building contractors
Electric sign installation contractors
Electric underfloor heating installation contractors
Electrical installation contractors
Electrical installation contractors with own design department
Electrical power installation contractors for residential and commercial buildings
Electrical power installation contractors, industrial premises
Electrical system installation services for language laboratories and simultaneous interpreting equipment
Emergency intervention contractors for buildings
Factory building contractors
Factory chimney construction and repair contractors
Fencing contractors
Fencing contractors, road and building industry
Fibre optics installation contractors, telecommunications
Fire alarm installation contractors
Fire equipment maintenance contractors
Fire extinguisher refilling and recharging contractors
Fire protection, safety and security installation contractors. Locksmiths
Fire sprinkler system installation contractors
Fire wall, firebreak and fire door installation contractors
Fireproofing services for buildings
Fish farm design and building contractors
Fitting out and furnishing contractors. Interior decoration/design
Flat roof contractors
Floodlighting installation contractors
Floor maintenance contractors
Flooring, paving and tiling contractors
Flue and chimney casing and lining contractors
Formwork contractors
Formwork contractors for prefabricated and specialised structures
Furnishing contractors, educational establishments
Furnishing contractors, industrial
Furnishing contractors, residential
Gas and water mains installation contractors
Gas appliance installation contractors
Gas system installation, maintenance and repair contractors
Gas, water and heating installation inspection and maintenance services
Gas, water, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant installation and maintenance contractors
Gasworks and natural gas installation building contractors
General building contractors
Generator set installation contractors
Geothermal electric power plant installation contractors
Glazing contractors
Golf course design and construction contractors
Green roof/living roof system installation contractors
Greenhouse installation contractors
Gutter installation contractors
Heat pump installation contractors
Heavy concrete contractors
High voltage (HV) distribution system contractors
Historical building and monument restoration contractors
Hospital and laboratory building contractors
Hot water installation contractors, legionella protected systems for public buildings
Hot water system installation, maintenance and repair contractors
Hotel and office building contractors
Hotel fitting out and furnishing contractors
Hothouse heating plant installation contractors
Hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plant installation contractors
Industrial and domestic chimney contractors
Industrial flooring and surfacing contractors
Installation contractors for fibreglass insulating panels
Installation contractors, overhead contact lines, railway and tram
Insulation and lagging removal contractors
Interior decorators/designers, creators
Interior decorators/designers, hotels
Jointless flooring contractors, hard concrete
Jointless flooring, cold bitumen, bitumen emulsion and bitumen mastic, contractors
Jointless roofing contractors
Kitchen installation contractors
Leakage detection and location services, pipelines
Lightning conductor system installation contractors
Lightweight concrete contractors
Local area network (LAN) installation contractors
Locksmith services
Low voltage (LV) system installation contractors
Marine electrical installation contractors
Masonry contractors
Mosaic flooring and tiling contractors
Multi-storey and basement car park building contractors
Municipal housing contractors
Mural paintings and frescoes, artistic, indoor
Natural stone flooring and tiling contractors
Non-skid flooring contractors
Nuclear power plant installation contractors
Nuclear power station building contractors
Office furnishing contractors
Office refurbishing contractors
Oil tank installation contractors
Outdoor swimming pool construction and maintenance contractors
Painting and decorating contractors, non-industrial buildings, exterior
Painting and decorating contractors, non-industrial buildings, interior
Painting and facade coating contractors
Painting contractors, industrial structures and buildings
Partition installation contractors
Petrol station building contractors
Pipework and plumbing installation contractors, marine
Pipework and tubing installation contractors
Pipework contractors, gas distribution systems
Pipework installation contractors, furnaces and boilers
Plastering contractors
Playground construction and equipment installation and maintenance contractors
Plumbing and pipework maintenance contractors for buildings
Plumbing and sanitary installation and repair contractors, domestic
Plumbing installation contractors, industrial
Prefabricated agricultural building contractors
Prefabricated house building contractors
Prefabricated industrial and commercial building contractors
Prefabricated modular flooring contractors
Prefabricated swimming pool installation contractors
Private telephone system installation contractors, commercial and industrial
Protective coating contractors, exterior surfaces, building industry
Protective coating contractors, interior surfaces, building industry
Radio transmitting and receiving station equipment installation contractors
Railway electrification installation contractors
Railway signalling and control system installation contractors
Refinery building contractors
Refrigeration plant and equipment installation, maintenance and repair contractors
Refuse tip installation building contractors
Remote monitoring contractors for refrigeration plant
Repair and maintenance services for fuel oil central heating systems
Residential building contractors
Restaurant installation contractors
Restoration contractors, outdoor and indoor swimming pool
Retaining wall building contractors
Retirement home building contractors
Roof repair contractors
Roofing and wall cladding contractors
Roofing contractors, all materials
Roofing contractors, industrial buildings
Rubber and plastic flooring contractors
Sand-blasting contractors, facade
Sand-blasting contractors, wood
Scaffolding and cradle contractors
Scaffolding contractors, building protection services
School and college building contractors
Security system installation and maintenance contractors
Septic tank contractors
Sewage works contractors
Shop, supermarket and hypermarket building contractors
Shopfitting contractors
Shopping centre refurbishment and repair contractors
Signwriting services
Solar energy panel installation contractors
Sound insulation and acoustic correction services for auditoriums
Sound system installation contractors, auditoriums, shops, hospitals and conference rooms
Space evaluation services for shops
Sports and games hall contractors
Sports centre design, construction and installation contractors
Sports complex and sports ground construction and maintenance contractors
Sports complex construction contractors
Sports complex lighting installation contractors
Sports ground construction contractors
Stage lighting system installation contractors
Stone facade renovation contractors
Stone paving contractors
Stonework contractors, building industry
Storage tank installation contractors, industrial
Street lighting installation and maintenance contractors
Structural metalwork/steel contractors for buildings
Structural restoration and underpinning contractors
Surface preparation contractors, pre-painting and decorating
Suspended ceiling contractors
Swimming pool accessory installation contractors
Swimming pool and indoor pool construction and maintenance contractors
Swimming pool covers, installation and maintenance contractors
Swimming pool enclosure contractors
Swimming pool installation and maintenance contractors
Swimming pool maintenance contractors
Swimming pool water treatment contractors
Tank farm construction and installation contractors
Telecommunication installation contractors
Telephone line installation contractors
Television aerial installation contractors
Temporary electrical installation contractors for worksites, fairs and exhibitions
Tennis court construction and maintenance contractors
Terrazzo flooring contractors
Thermal insulation contractors for buildings
Tiling contractors
Tiling contractors, roof
Transmitting tower (telecommunication) construction
Ventilation duct installation contractors
Ventilation plant installation, maintenance and repair contractors
Wall cladding contractors, exterior
Wall cladding contractors, interior
Wall covering and wallpaper hanging contractors (paperhangers)
Warehouse building contractors
Water and effluent treatment plant building contractors
Water damage restoration services
Water lifting equipment for buildings, installation contractors
Waterproof solar membrane roofing installation contractors
Waterproofing contractors for buildings
Wood and timber structure maintenance contractors
Wooden flooring contractors
Wooden or timber-framed building contractors

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