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Kompass Business Classifications
Electrical, Electronics & Optical
Absorbent materials for the nuclear industry
Accessories for generator sets
Accessories for transformer stations
Accumulators, batteries and secondary cells
Accumulators, batteries, secondary cells, by use
Adaptors, electric plug or socket
Advertising signs, outdoor, electric
Advertising signs, outdoor, electroluminescent
Air traffic warning lights, electric, roof mounted
Aircraft battery analysers-chargers
Alternators, brushless
Amplidynes and metadynes
Angle grinders, portable power
Antistatic equipment
Applicator guns for adhesives or sealants, power operated
Armature winding and rewinding machines
Armatures for switchboards and switch-boxes
Assembly services, electric cable
Assembly services, electrical components and equipment
Background lighting systems, fibre optic, outdoor use
Ballasts, electric
Ballasts, electric lamp
Band-saws, portable power
Batteries for buoys
Batteries for cordless electric tools
Batteries for mobile telephones (cellular phones)
Batteries for motor vehicles
Batteries for pacemakers
Batteries for portable lighting
Batteries for watches
Batteries for wheelchairs and invalid carriages
Batteries to customer specification
Batteries, accumulators, dry, miniature
Batteries, accumulators, dry, subminiature
Batteries, accumulators, explosion proof
Batteries, accumulators, for aircraft
Batteries, accumulators, for emergency lighting
Batteries, accumulators, for handling trucks
Batteries, accumulators, for rolling stock
Batteries, accumulators, for signalling equipment
Batteries, accumulators, for submarines
Batteries, accumulators, for the aerospace industry
Batteries, accumulators, for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
Batteries, accumulators, lead-acid (lead)
Batteries, accumulators, lead-calcium
Batteries, accumulators, lithium ion
Batteries, accumulators, lithium iron
Batteries, accumulators, lithium polymer
Batteries, accumulators, marine
Batteries, accumulators, nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) (alkaline)
Batteries, accumulators, nickel-iron (alkaline)
Batteries, accumulators, sealed
Batteries, accumulators, shock resistant
Batteries, accumulators, silver-zinc
Batteries, accumulators, stationary
Batteries, accumulators, traction
Batteries, accumulators, water activated
Batteries, caseless
Batteries, disc or button cell
Batteries, lithium thionyl chloride
Batteries, manganese dioxide (alkaline)
Batteries, nickel cadmium (alkaline)
Batteries, nickel-hydrogen
Batteries, zinc chloride
Battery cases
Battery chargers
Battery chargers for mobile telephones (cellular phones)
Battery chargers for telecommunications and instrumentation
Battery chargers for wheelchairs and invalid carriages
Battery chargers, automatic control and fast charging
Battery chargers, dual voltage
Battery chargers, industrial
Battery chargers, non-industrial
Battery chargers, solar powered
Battery chargers, traction
Battery charging panels
Battery charging sets
Battery components, dry cell
Battery contacts
Battery dischargers
Battery or accumulator isolators
Battery or accumulator plates
Battery or accumulator terminals/connectors
Battery packs for camcorders
Battery packs for computers
Battery packs for digital cameras
Battery packs to customer specification
Battery separators
Battery water top-up systems
Blind riveting systems, power operated
Bolt milling tools, portable power
Bolt or bar cutters, portable power
Bow saws, portable power
Brackets, power line cable and wire
Branding tools, electric, for handicrafts
Brushing machines, portable power
Buffing machines, portable power
Bus ducts, electrical
Busbar chambers
Busbar clamps, connectors, supports and accessories
Busbar trunking
Busbars, flexible, insulated
Cabinets or frames, electric power transmission and distribution
Cable assemblies, wiring harnesses/looms and cable connector assemblies
Cable cleats and saddles, electric
Cable clips and wiring clips, electric
Cable conduit fittings and accessories, flexible
Cable conduit fittings and accessories, metal
Cable conduit fittings and accessories, non-metallic
Cable conduit systems, underfloor
Cable conduits, fire resistant
Cable conduits, industrial
Cable conduits, non-industrial
Cable cutters, power line
Cable end sleeves, electric
Cable glands
Cable glands for hazardous areas
Cable joint accessories, underground distribution
Cable jointing kits
Cable pullers, power line
Cable racks, electric
Cable stockings, braided
Cable support systems
Cable suspenders, electric
Cable tensioners and cable laying equipment, electric
Cable tensioners, power line
Cable thimbles and sockets, electric
Cable transit sealing systems
Cable trays, electric
Cables for X-ray equipment, electric
Cables for mines, collieries and quarries, electric
Cables, electric, for airports
Cables, electric, for batteries and battery chargers
Cables, electric, high flexibility, for robotics
Cables, electric, oil and gas platform
Cables, electric, overhead, self-bearing
Cables, electric, spiral, plastic coated
Cables, fireproof, electric
Cables, flexible, insulated, electric
Cables, heat resistant, electric
Cables, high temperature, insulated, electric
Cables, high voltage (HV), electric
Cables, insulated, electric, to customer specification
Cables, insulated, for electric welding
Cables, lead sheathed, rubber or silicone rubber insulated
Cables, low voltage (LV), electric
Cables, measuring and signalling
Cables, medium voltage (MV), electric
Cables, miniature, electric
Cables, multi-cored, electric
Cables, oil and fuel resistant, electric
Cables, oil and gas pressure, insulated, for very high voltages
Cables, plastic insulated, electric
Cables, ribbon, electric
Cables, signal, electric, for telecommunications
Cables, water-cooled
Capacitor banks
Capacitors for electric lamps and tubes
Capacitors for telecommunication systems
Capacitors to customer specification
Capacitors, by use
Capacitors, chip
Capacitors, fixed
Capacitors, fixed, DC smoothing
Capacitors, fixed, air
Capacitors, fixed, ceramic
Capacitors, fixed, commutating
Capacitors, fixed, delay line
Capacitors, fixed, disc
Capacitors, fixed, electrolytic
Capacitors, fixed, energy storage
Capacitors, fixed, gas filled
Capacitors, fixed, glass
Capacitors, fixed, high frequency
Capacitors, fixed, high temperature
Capacitors, fixed, high voltage (HV)
Capacitors, fixed, ignition
Capacitors, fixed, induction furnace
Capacitors, fixed, low voltage (LV)
Capacitors, fixed, mica and silvered mica
Capacitors, fixed, miniature and subminiature
Capacitors, fixed, oil filled
Capacitors, fixed, paper
Capacitors, fixed, photoflash
Capacitors, fixed, plug-in
Capacitors, fixed, polycarbonate
Capacitors, fixed, polyester
Capacitors, fixed, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester film
Capacitors, fixed, polypropylene (PP)
Capacitors, fixed, polystyrene
Capacitors, fixed, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Capacitors, fixed, power factor correction
Capacitors, fixed, printed circuit board (PCB)
Capacitors, fixed, pulse/impulse generator
Capacitors, fixed, quartz
Capacitors, fixed, tropicalised
Capacitors, fixed, vacuum
Capacitors, hybrid
Capacitors, interference suppressor
Capacitors, lacquered strip
Capacitors, metal strip and foil
Capacitors, microwave, porcelain
Capacitors, motor starting and running
Capacitors, plastic dielectric
Capacitors, rotary
Capacitors, semi-fixed, air or solid insulation
Capacitors, synchronous
Capacitors, trimming
Capacitors, trimming, piston
Capacitors, tuning, radio receiving
Capacitors, tuning, radio transmitting
Capacitors, variable
Capacitors, variable, air
Capacitors, variable, ceramic
Capacitors, variable, gas filled
Capacitors, variable, glass
Capacitors, variable, mica
Capacitors, variable, oil filled
Capacitors, variable, phase shifting
Capacitors, variable, quartz
Capacitors, variable, vacuum
Cathodic protection equipment
Ceiling lamps, electric, indoor
Ceiling sanders, electric
Cells, accumulators, lead-acid storage cells
Cells, accumulators, lithium
Cells, accumulators, mercury
Cells, accumulators, nickel-cadmium (alkaline)
Cells, accumulators, nickel-iron (alkaline)
Cells, accumulators, silver-zinc
Cells, primary
Cells, zinc-air
Chain saws, portable power
Chandeliers and candelabra, electric
Chassis/pan assemblies for miniature circuit breakers (MCB)
Circuit breakers
Circuit breakers to customer specification
Circuit breakers, air break
Circuit breakers, differential
Circuit breakers, earth leakage (ELCB)
Circuit breakers, flameproof
Circuit breakers, magnetic/hydraulic
Circuit breakers, oil break
Circuit breakers, protective
Circuit breakers, residual current
Circuit breakers, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
Circuit breakers, thermal
Circuit breakers, vacuum
Circular saws, portable power
Clamps and vices, electric
Clamps, fasteners, for cables
Clamps, power line cable and wire
Cleaning and maintenance services for high (HV) and low voltage (LV) power distribution systems
Coil end leads
Coils for nuclear reactors
Coils for telecommunications
Coils, Pupin, for telephone lines
Coils, arc suppression (Petersen coils)
Coils, armature
Coils, contactor and switch
Coils, deflecting
Coils, electric, to customer specification
Coils, focusing
Coils, high temperature
Coils, high voltage (HV)
Coils, induction
Coils, magnetising
Coils, miniature
Coils, radio frequency (RF)
Coils, relay, electromechanical
Coils, repeating
Coils, search (exploring)
Coils, self-inductance, variable
Coils, transformer
Commutator switches
Commutator switches, tactile, electric
Components and accessories for electric lighting fixtures
Components and accessories for fuses
Components and accessories for relays
Components for batteries and accumulators
Components for electric transformers
Components for solenoids, reactance and induction coils
Connectors, earthing circuit
Connectors, electrical, circular
Connectors, electrical, domestic
Connectors, electrical, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (EMI-RFI) shielded
Connectors, electrical, explosion proof and flameproof
Connectors, electrical, flexible
Connectors, electrical, for photovoltaic and renewable energy applications
Connectors, electrical, for the railway industry
Connectors, electrical, for the telecommunications industry
Connectors, electrical, hermetic
Connectors, electrical, high current, for battery electric vehicles
Connectors, electrical, industrial
Connectors, electrical, intrinsically safe
Connectors, electrical, marine
Connectors, electrical, medical applications
Connectors, electrical, miniature and subminiature
Connectors, electrical, mobile
Connectors, electrical, multipole
Connectors, electrical, panel mounting
Connectors, electrical, plug-in
Connectors, electrical, solderless
Connectors, electrical, to customer specification
Connectors, electrical, underwater
Connectors, electrical, waterproof
Connectors, for pyrometric cables
Connectors, power line cable and wire
Contactors to customer specification
Contactors, AC
Contactors, DC
Contactors, air break, AC
Contactors, air break, DC
Contactors, electro-pneumatic
Contactors, electromagnetic
Contactors, flameproof
Contactors, high voltage (HV)
Contactors, low voltage (LV)
Contactors, medium voltage (MV)
Contactors, mercury switch
Contactors, miniature and subminiature
Contactors, multipole
Contactors, oil immersed
Contactors, pressure operated
Contactors, rotary
Contactors, time-delay, industrial
Contactors, vacuum
Contacts, switch and circuit breaker
Control and automation services for electric generator sets
Control cams, electromechanical
Control panels, bedside
Control panels, motor starting
Control room equipment, electrical
Control switches for circuits
Control units, automatic, electric, domestic, for awnings, blinds and shutters
Controllers, battery electric vehicle
Controllers, crane and haulage, electric
Controllers, electric, active power
Controllers, electric, automatic
Controllers, electric, automatic, material flow
Controllers, electric, cam operated
Controllers, electric, conveyor
Controllers, electric, engine start and management
Controllers, electric, flameproof
Controllers, electric, hand operated
Controllers, electric, lift
Controllers, electric, maximum demand
Controllers, electric, to customer specification
Controllers, electric, weatherproof
Controllers, marine derrick and winch
Controllers, potentiometric
Controllers, resistance type
Controllers, stage and theatre lighting
Controllers, tram and trolleybus
Converters for radar units
Converters, AC to AC
Converters, AC to DC
Converters, DC to AC
Converters, DC to DC
Converters, analog to frequency
Converters, digital to synchro/resolver
Converters, electric, contact type
Converters, frequency
Converters, frequency to analog
Converters, frequency, static
Converters, motor-alternator
Converters, rotary
Converters, static
Converters, synchro/resolver to digital
Converters, welding
Cords and leads, insulated, electric, with moulded-on plugs
Cords, flexible, plastics covered, electric
Cores, magnetic, electric
Current limiters
Deburring and back chamfering tools, automatic
Demagnetising systems
Diffusers, external lighting
Display boards and charts, electric, indoor
Display boards and charts, electric, outdoor
Display boards, electric
Distribution boards and switchboards, dust proof
Distribution boards and switchboards, explosion proof
Distribution boards and switchboards, watertight
Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, electric lighting
Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, electric traction
Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, marine use
Distribution cabinets, electrical
Distribution control desks, electric
Distribution indicator panels, mimic diagram
Drills, geared, portable power
Drills, hammer (percussion), portable power
Drills, heavy duty, portable power
Drills, lightweight, portable power
Drive units for gates
Dynamos and alternators, tachometric, electric
Electric cables, for aircrafts
Electric cables, for instruments
Electric cables, for marine use
Electric cables, for motor vehicles
Electric cables, insulated
Electric cables, insulated, by use
Electric clamping tools
Electric conductors
Electric connectors
Electric contactors
Electric controllers
Electric drilling tools
Electric fastening tools
Electric generator sets
Electric generators
Electric grinding tools
Electric lamps
Electric lamps, by use
Electric lamps, portable
Electric lighting equipment for airfields
Electric lighting equipment for churches
Electric lighting equipment for discotheques and entertainment halls
Electric lighting equipment for docks and harbours
Electric lighting equipment for graves and cemeteries
Electric lighting equipment for gymnasiums
Electric lighting equipment for hazardous areas
Electric lighting equipment for hospitals
Electric lighting equipment for lighthouse beacon lanterns
Electric lighting equipment for machine tools
Electric lighting equipment for mines
Electric lighting equipment for operating theatres
Electric lighting equipment for photographic studios
Electric lighting equipment for tunnels or underpasses
Electric lighting equipment, area, outdoor
Electric lighting equipment, colour change and special effects
Electric lighting equipment, domestic
Electric lighting equipment, emergency, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, emergency, outdoor
Electric lighting equipment, explosion proof
Electric lighting equipment, film and television studio
Electric lighting equipment, flameproof
Electric lighting equipment, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, indoor, by type
Electric lighting equipment, indoor, to customer specification
Electric lighting equipment, intrinsically safe, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED), indoor
Electric lighting equipment, low voltage (LV), indoor
Electric lighting equipment, luminescent, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, marine use
Electric lighting equipment, outdoor
Electric lighting equipment, outdoor, by type
Electric lighting equipment, outdoor, to customer specification
Electric lighting equipment, recessed, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, safety, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, security
Electric lighting equipment, shadowless, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, spectral source, indoor
Electric lighting equipment, stage and theatre
Electric lighting equipment, underwater
Electric lighting equipment, watertight
Electric lighting systems, hotel and conference centre
Electric lighting systems, interconnecting, for large areas
Electric lighting systems, office
Electric lighting systems, security, fence or perimeter
Electric plugs and sockets
Electric power supplies
Electric regulators
Electric relays
Electric relays to customer specification
Electric relays, military applications
Electric rotary machines for nuclear power stations
Electric sanding and polishing tools
Electric sawing tools
Electric signs
Electric signs, illuminated, outdoor
Electric starters
Electric substations and switch- boxes
Electric switches
Electric tapping tools
Electric terminals
Electric tools NES
Electric wires, insulated
Electric wires, insulated, for aircrafts
Electric wires, insulated, for instruments
Electric wires, insulated, for marine use
Electric wires, insulated, for motor vehicles
Electric wires, non-insulated
Electrical component assembly machines
Electrical component manufacturing machines and equipment
Electrical contact strips
Electrical industry contractors
Electrical insulating materials
Electrical insulators
Electrical insulators, cordierite
Electrical insulators, plastic
Electrical insulators, steatite
Electrical protection systems NES
Electroluminescent panels/cells/lamps
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials
Electromagnetic separators
Electromagnets for lifting equipment
Electromechanical converters
Enclosures, flameproof or explosion proof, electric
Engravers, portable power
Extension wires and cables for thermocouples
Filaments and plates for light bulbs
File refacing machines
Filers, portable power
Fittings, fluorescent lamp, electric
Fittings, metal, light bulb
Fittings, miniature lamp, electric
Fittings, wall mounted lamp, wall brackets, electric
Flash cartridges, photographic
Flashers, electric
Floodlight projectors and towers, electric
Floodlights, electric
Floor sanders, electric, industrial
Floor sockets
Fuse boxes and fuse boards
Fuse clips
Fuse holders
Fuse links (fuse elements)
Fuses, cartridge, ceramic
Fuses, cartridge, glass
Fuses, high voltage (HV)
Fuses, liquid filled
Fuses, low (LV) and medium voltage (MV)
Fuses, miniature
Fuses, panel mounting
Fuses, pole mounting
Fuses, porcelain
Fuses, quick-blow
Fuses, screw type
Fuses, semiconductor and rectifier protection
Fuses, thermal
Fuses, wire or strip
Generator load frames for maintenance and testing
Generator sets for floodlight and searchlight stations
Generator sets to customer specification
Generator sets, airport
Generator sets, armoured vehicle
Generator sets, combined heat and power (CHP)/cogenerators
Generator sets, diesel-electric
Generator sets, emergency
Generator sets, enclosed, soundproof
Generator sets, gas powered, electric
Generator sets, hydroelectric
Generator sets, marine
Generator sets, mobile
Generator sets, no-break power
Generator sets, nuclear engineering
Generator sets, petrol
Generator sets, stationary
Generator sets, steam turbine and turbo-generator
Generator sets, thermoelectric
Generators for rolling stock
Generators to aircraft specifications
Generators to customer specification
Generators, AC, single phase and three phase, over 5 kW
Generators, AC, single phase and three phase, up to 5 kW
Generators, DC, over 5 kW
Generators, DC, up to 5 kW
Generators, auxiliary traction
Generators, booster
Generators, brushless
Generators, exciter
Generators, high frequency
Generators, homopolar/acyclic
Generators, induction
Generators, manual
Generators, marine, electric
Generators, medium frequency (MF)
Generators, motor, Ward-Leonard
Generators, synchronous, asynchronous
Generators, wind energy, over 100 kW
Grid connecting equipment
Grilles and protection frames for electric distribution boards
Grinders, portable power
Heavy water
Honing machines, portable power
Hot melt glue applicators (pistols), electric
Indicators, state of charge, for batteries
Installation and maintenance services for backup power systems
Installation, maintenance and reconditioning services for electric domestic appliances
Instrument panels, metal
Insulating compounds, electric
Insulating materials, electric, extruded plastic
Insulating materials, electric, impregnated paper or cardboard
Insulating materials, electric, moulded plastic
Insulating materials, electric, resin
Insulating materials, electric, synthetic rubber
Inverters, static
Irons, branding, electric, industrial
Isolating switches
Isolating switches, indoor
Isolating switches, outdoor
Isolating switches, overhead power line
Isolating switches, pantograph (current collector)
Jigsaws, portable power
Junction boxes
Junction boxes, earth-cable, fused
Junction boxes, watertight
Lamp-posts, metal
Lamps and lanterns, rechargeable battery
Lamps with light emitting diodes (LED)
Lamps, actinic
Lamps, aircraft
Lamps, airfield
Lamps, arc, carbon
Lamps, arc, mercury
Lamps, beacon, burglar alarm and fire alarm
Lamps, cold cathode
Lamps, electric, cold light
Lamps, electric, energy saving
Lamps, electric, gas filled, to customer specification
Lamps, electric, high temperature
Lamps, filament, carbon
Lamps, filament, cine projector
Lamps, filament, decorative
Lamps, filament, ferro-hydrogen
Lamps, filament, floodlight, spotlight and internal reflector
Lamps, filament, for bicycles
Lamps, filament, gas filled
Lamps, filament, lighthouse
Lamps, filament, low voltage
Lamps, filament, signalling
Lamps, filament, submersible
Lamps, filament, to customer specification
Lamps, filament, traffic signal
Lamps, filament, tungsten
Lamps, filament, vacuum
Lamps, fluorescent
Lamps, full spectrum
Lamps, germicidal
Lamps, halogen
Lamps, hollow cathode
Lamps, incandescent
Lamps, indicator
Lamps, infrared
Lamps, instrument
Lamps, krypton
Lamps, marine
Lamps, medical and surgical use
Lamps, military use
Lamps, miniature and subminiature
Lamps, motor vehicle
Lamps, multi-chip light emitting diode (LED)
Lamps, neodymium
Lamps, neon
Lamps, photographic and cinematographic
Lamps, portable, safety and emergency, electric
Lamps, portable, watertight
Lamps, quartz
Lamps, railway
Lamps, reference
Lamps, reproduction and photoprinting
Lamps, street lighting
Lamps, ultraviolet (UV) light
Lamps, vapour (discharge)
Lamps, vibration proof
Lamps, xenon
Laser trimming systems for electric components
Lathes, portable power
Light emitting diode (LED) displays
Light fountains, fibre optics
Lighting appliances, optical fibre, indoor
Lighting equipment, factory
Lighting equipment, fibre optics
Lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED)
Lighting equipment, portable, for military use
Lighting fittings, decorative, light emitting diode (LED), outdoor
Lighting fittings, internal, for aircraft
Lighting fittings, outdoor, domestic
Lighting fittings, safety, flameproof and explosion proof, indoor
Lightning conductors
Live line tools and equipment, power cable
Load monitoring units
Lugs, electric cable
Luminaires for pipelines and tanks
Machinery and equipment for electrical goods production
Magnetic and electromagnetic shielding materials
Magnetic tools
Maintenance services for electromechanical equipment
Micro rectifiers
Milling machines, hand, for cocks, taps, and fittings
Motorised actuation systems for medical and/or domestic furniture
Nail drivers, portable power
Neon signs to customer specification
Nibblers, portable power
Nippers, portable power
Nuclear engineering contractors
Nuclear engineering plant, installations and equipment
Nuclear plant dismantling services
Nuclear plant manipulator and remote handling gear
Nuclear reactors, power
Nuclear reactors, research/training
Nut runners, electrical
Overhead line and pole fittings and accessories
Padsaws/keyhole saws, power
Panel saws, portable power
Panel saws, vertical/wall, portable power
Patch cords and extension cables/leads, electric
Permanent magnets
Permanent magnets for computers
Permanent magnets, aluminium-nickel-cobalt (alnico)
Permanent magnets, ceramic
Permanent magnets, ferrite
Permanent magnets, flexible
Permanent magnets, neodymium
Permanent magnets, rare-earth-cobalt
Phase changers
Pilot lamps/lights
Plasma power generators
Plug components for electrical and electronic applications
Plugs and sockets for dry batteries
Plugs and sockets for trailers, caravans and boats
Plugs and sockets to customer specification
Plugs and sockets, AC
Plugs and sockets, DC
Plugs and sockets, RF
Plugs and sockets, corrosion and chemical resistant
Plugs and sockets, domestic
Plugs and sockets, electronic use
Plugs and sockets, explosion proof
Plugs and sockets, flameproof
Plugs and sockets, flanged
Plugs and sockets, hermetically sealed
Plugs and sockets, high temperature and spark protected
Plugs and sockets, industrial
Plugs and sockets, jack type
Plugs and sockets, low voltage (LV)
Plugs and sockets, miniature and subminiature
Plugs and sockets, multi-pin
Plugs and sockets, power current
Plugs and sockets, single pin
Plugs and sockets, submersible
Plugs and sockets, telecommunications
Plugs and sockets, weatherproof and waterproof
Plugs, electric, non-rewirable
Pole lights, electric, indoor
Pole lights, electric, outdoor
Polishers, portable power, industrial
Power cables, aluminium sheathed
Power cables, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheathed
Power factor correction stations
Power line cable and wire fittings
Power line vibration dampers and spacer dampers
Power supplies for computers
Power supplies for laboratories
Power supplies to customer specification
Power supplies, AC adaptors
Power supplies, DC, extra high voltage (EHV)
Power supplies, UHF/VHF
Power supplies, X-ray applications
Power supplies, constant current
Power supplies, electric, standby
Power supplies, high voltage (HV)
Power supplies, intelligent
Power supplies, light emitting diodes (LED) lighting applications
Power supplies, linear
Power supplies, low voltage (LV)
Power supplies, microwave
Power supplies, photomultiplier tube
Power supplies, precision, high voltage (HV)
Power supplies, programmable
Power supplies, solid state, plating
Power supplies, stabilised
Power supplies, transistorised
Power supplies, uninterruptible (UPS)
Power supplies, variable frequency
Power supply units for communication systems
Pre-equipped electricity meter enclosures
Primary cells
Protection systems and equipment, electric rotary machines
Protection systems and equipment, power line
Protective screens for fluorescent lighting
Push-button boards, electric
Pyrography tools, electric
Reactance coils
Reamers, portable power
Reciprocating saws, portable power
Rectifiers for arc lamps
Rectifiers for battery chargers
Rectifiers for electroplating and electrophoresis
Rectifiers, bridge
Rectifiers, cathodic
Rectifiers, copper oxide
Rectifiers, crystal
Rectifiers, electric, to customer specification
Rectifiers, electronic, solid state
Rectifiers, high vacuum
Rectifiers, mechanical
Rectifiers, mercury vapour
Rectifiers, pool cathode mercury-arc
Rectifiers, power, Xenon feed
Rectifiers, reactance and induction coils
Rectifiers, selenium
Rectifiers, semiconductor
Rectifiers, silicon controlled
Rectifiers, vibrating
Rectifiers, voltage and current stabilised
Reels, electrical extension cable/lead
Regulators, magnetic amplifier type
Regulators, power, solid state
Regulators, reactive power
Regulators, rotor
Regulators, shunt
Regulators, stator voltage
Regulators, variable frequency
Regulators, variable pole
Regulators, variable voltage
Relay modules to customer specification
Relays for distribution mains
Relays for signalling systems
Relays, Buchholz and gas filled
Relays, arc protection
Relays, auxiliary
Relays, bistable
Relays, chopper, electric
Relays, coaxial
Relays, differential
Relays, earth fault
Relays, electromagnetic
Relays, flag
Relays, flameproof and explosion proof
Relays, hermetically sealed
Relays, impulse
Relays, interlock
Relays, latch-in
Relays, mercury wetted contact
Relays, moving coil
Relays, multi-limit
Relays, over current/under current
Relays, over frequency/under frequency
Relays, overvoltage/under voltage
Relays, photoelectric, door opening
Relays, photoelectric, street lighting control
Relays, photoelectric/light
Relays, plug-in
Relays, polarised, electric
Relays, power
Relays, protection
Relays, reverse current
Relays, rotary
Relays, safety
Relays, safety, for lifting equipment
Relays, starting
Relays, stepping, electric
Relays, thermal
Repair and maintenance services for electric motors, generators and transformers
Repair and maintenance services for electrical test equipment
Repair and maintenance services, electrical switchgear
Repair, maintenance and reconditioning services for electrical instruments
Reprocessing services for spent nuclear fuels
Resistors for the electronics industry
Resistors to customer specification
Resistors, braking
Resistors, carbon
Resistors, cartridge
Resistors, ceramic core
Resistors, coated
Resistors, damping
Resistors, enamelled
Resistors, flameproof
Resistors, flexible
Resistors, frame
Resistors, fusible
Resistors, glass enclosed
Resistors, grid
Resistors, helical
Resistors, high frequency
Resistors, high negative voltage coefficient (varistors)
Resistors, high resistance
Resistors, high stability
Resistors, high voltage (HV)
Resistors, lacquered
Resistors, layer
Resistors, liquid
Resistors, load
Resistors, logarithmic
Resistors, low inductance and non-inductance
Resistors, low voltage (LV)
Resistors, metal film
Resistors, miniature and subminiature
Resistors, natural or fluid circulation cooling
Resistors, non-linear
Resistors, passive
Resistors, precision
Resistors, rectilinear
Resistors, ribbon/band
Resistors, stud
Resistors, thermal (high negative or positive temperature coefficient thermistors or posistors)
Resistors, thick film
Resistors, trimmer
Resistors, tropicalised
Resistors, tube
Resistors, variable, motor operated
Resistors, wirewound
Rewinding services for electric motors, transformers and generators
Rheostats, automatic
Rheostats, carbon film
Rheostats, field
Rheostats, load
Rheostats, ring
Rheostats, slide, straight-line
Rheostats, starting, manually operated
Rheostats, wirewound
Riveters, portable power
Rope lights
Rotor assemblies for electric machines
Rust brushes, portable power
Safety interlocks, solenoid, non-contact
Safety transformers to national standards
Sanders, belt, portable power
Sanders, disc, portable power
Sanders, orbital, portable power
Scaling or chipping hammers, portable power
Scissor and knife sharpeners, electric
Scissors, electric, domestic
Scrapers, portable power
Screwdrivers, electric
Sealing machines, electric, domestic, for plastic bags
Searchlights, portable, electric
Service poles with socket apertures for power, computer and telecommunication cables, to customer specification
Servo cables
Shaver sockets with isolating transformer
Shears, portable power
Shop signs, electrical
Signalling lights and Morse lamps, marine
Slot insulating materials and wedges for electrical equipment
Socket columns, portable
Socket cupboards, flush, anti-vandal
Socket outlets and plugs, surface mounted
Socket outlets, multiple, heavy duty, industrial
Socket outlets, multipoint, fused
Sockets, transformer protected
Solenoids, AC
Solenoids, latching
Solenoids, linear
Solenoids, miniature
Solid chemical and nuclear waste management, pyrolysis and activated carbon systems
Spare parts and accessories for electric rotary machines and converters
Spare parts and accessories for portable power tools
Spark suppressors, relay and circuit breaker
Spotlights, electric, indoor
Sputtering targets
Stable isotopes
Staplers or tackers, portable power
Starters to customer specification
Starters, auto-transformer
Starters, change pole
Starters, contactor, AC
Starters, contactor, DC
Starters, star-delta
Static charge elimination systems and equipment
Storage (rechargeable) batteries/accumulators/secondary cells to customer specification
Street decorations, electric
Street lighting control equipment
Street lighting equipment, electric
Substations, AC traction
Substations, DC traction
Substations, electric
Substations, electric, mobile
Substations, packaged, electric
Sulphation prevention devices for lead-acid batteries
Surge arresters
Surge arresters, electrolytic
Surge arresters, miniature
Surge arresters, resistor
Surge suppressors and frequency stabilisers for computer systems
Switch-boxes, portable, outdoor use
Switchboards and control panels for generator sets
Switchboards and control panels, computer controlled
Switchboards, draw-out
Switchboards, panel and pillar
Switchboards, synoptic
Switches and circuit breakers, miniature and subminiature
Switches and fuses, combined
Switches for heating or cooking appliances
Switches for power current
Switches to customer specification
Switches, AC
Switches, DC
Switches, air break
Switches, air operated
Switches, anti-vandal
Switches, battery or battery regulating
Switches, cam
Switches, centrifugal
Switches, changeover
Switches, combination
Switches, cut-out, automatic
Switches, cyclic
Switches, differential, electric
Switches, domestic appliance
Switches, door edge, mechanical
Switches, drum
Switches, earthing
Switches, edge control (thumbwheel)
Switches, emergency stop
Switches, explosion proof and intrinsically safe
Switches, field suppression
Switches, flameproof
Switches, flush/panel/recessed
Switches, foot operated
Switches, illuminated
Switches, indoor lighting
Switches, inertia operated, electric
Switches, infrared
Switches, intermediate
Switches, isolating, electric
Switches, key operated
Switches, keyboard
Switches, knife
Switches, lever operated (toggle switches)
Switches, light actuated
Switches, light curtain
Switches, line-cord (through switches)
Switches, magnetic
Switches, membrane
Switches, mercury
Switches, metal clad
Switches, multiplexing, mechanical
Switches, multipole
Switches, oil break
Switches, outdoor
Switches, piezoelectric
Switches, position
Switches, pressure
Switches, proximity and limit
Switches, push-button
Switches, reed
Switches, remote control
Switches, rocker
Switches, rotary and pull
Switches, rotary lever operated
Switches, screened
Switches, selector
Switches, solenoid
Switches, solid state
Switches, sound level actuated
Switches, speed
Switches, step
Switches, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
Switches, tactile, electric
Switches, thermal delay
Switches, thermostat
Switches, twilight
Switches, two-way
Switches, ultrasonic
Switches, vacuum
Switches, watertight
Switchgear, domestic
Switchgear, industrial
Synchronising and load/power controls
Synoptic panels
Table lamps and desk lamps, electric
Tachogenerators combined with encoder and overspeed switch
Tappers, portable power
Terminal blocks and strips
Terminals and connectors, quick release
Terminals for electric transformers and condensers
Terminals, clip-on (crocodile clips)
Terminals, earthing
Terminals, electric, for aircraft
Terminals, electric, in strips or reels, for crimping machines
Terminals, electric, to customer specification
Terminals, insulated
Terminals, lightning conductor
Terminals, pin, electric
Terminals, power line cable and wire
Terminals, soldering types
Terminals, solderless/crimp, compression
Terminals, threaded
Testing and repair services for electric meters
Thermal cut-outs
Tool bits for portable power tools
Tools, electric, hand-held, miniature
Tools, electric, high frequency, portable
Tools, multi-purpose, portable power
Tools, portable power, soundproofed
Tools, portable power, to customer specification
Tools, portable, cordless, electric
Tools, portable, electric, with flexible drive
Tools, power, electric, spark resistant
Torches, electric
Torches, electric, weatherproof
Torches, flameproof and explosion proof, electric
Torches, rechargeable battery
Toroids or toroidal coils
Traction control gear, electro-pneumatic
Traction control gear, electromagnetic
Transformer booth components and accessories
Transformer booths
Transformer booths for tunnels and mines
Transformer booths, indoor
Transformer booths, outdoor
Transformer booths, pole mounted
Transformer booths, portable
Transformer booths, prefabricated
Transformer components
Transformer stations, medium/low voltage (MV/LV), compact column design
Transformer stations, mobile
Transformer stations, underground
Transformers and auto-transformers
Transformers and auto-transformers over 1 mVA
Transformers and auto-transformers up to 1 mVA
Transformers and auto-transformers, air-cooled
Transformers and auto-transformers, by use
Transformers and auto-transformers, oil immersed
Transformers and auto-transformers, over 1 kVA
Transformers and auto-transformers, up to 1 kVA
Transformers and auto-transformers, variable ratio
Transformers and auto-transformers, water-cooled
Transformers for burners
Transformers for electric industrial furnaces
Transformers for electrical medical appliances
Transformers for lifts and hoists
Transformers for lighting systems
Transformers for ships
Transformers for the motor vehicle industry
Transformers to customer specification
Transformers, Hall effect
Transformers, X-ray
Transformers, airfield/airport lighting
Transformers, audio frequency/audio
Transformers, balancing
Transformers, barrier, for data modems
Transformers, booster
Transformers, constant current
Transformers, constant voltage
Transformers, current
Transformers, diode split
Transformers, distribution
Transformers, driver
Transformers, dry
Transformers, earthing
Transformers, electronically controlled
Transformers, ferrite
Transformers, ferromagnetic resonance
Transformers, flameproof and explosion proof
Transformers, flyback/line output
Transformers, high and medium frequency
Transformers, instrument
Transformers, integrated services digital network (ISDN) interface
Transformers, inverter circuit
Transformers, isolation
Transformers, isolation testing
Transformers, magnetic amplifier
Transformers, microwave
Transformers, miniature and subminiature
Transformers, neon
Transformers, phase converting (Scott, Leblanc and Court)
Transformers, planar
Transformers, radio frequency (RF)
Transformers, rectifier
Transformers, resin cast or encapsulated
Transformers, television
Transformers, toroidal core
Transformers, traction
Transformers, voltage regulating
Transformers, welding
Trimmers, portable power, for laminates
Trunking, cable, electrical
Tube cutters, portable power
Tube expanders, electric
Tube sanders, portable power
Vacuum pressure impregnating services for the electrical industry
Van de Graaff generators
Vibrators, portable power
Voltage and/or frequency stabilisers
Voltage variable capacitors (varicaps)
Wall chasers, electric
Wall lamps, electric, indoor
Warning and signal lamps, electric, portable
Winding services for the electrical industry
Windows for switchboards and switch-boxes
Wire, insulated, electric, to customer specification
Wire, plastic covered, electric
Wire, winding, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulated
Wiring harnesses/cable looms to customer specification 

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