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Kompass Business Classifications
Energy, Environment
Bottling, storage and transport services for liquefied gases
Coal briquettes
Coal, domestic
Coal, industrial
Compressed air supply services, industrial use
Crude oil
Crude oil (petroleum) production
Crude oil (petroleum) transport services, pipeline
Crude oil, asphalt based
District cooling system operators
District heating and hot water supply operators
District heating, cooling, steam and compressed air supply services
Drinking water supply services
Electricity distribution
Electricity distribution networks for domestic use
Electricity distribution networks for industrial use
Electricity production
Gas distribution
Gas production
Hard coal
Lignite briquettes
Liquefied gas supply services
Natural gas production
Natural gas supply services for domestic use
Natural gas supply services for industrial use
Natural gas transport services, pipeline
Oil sands
Oil shale
Peat and moss
Peat briquettes
Pipeline administration
Power stations, biomass
Power stations, coal fired
Power stations, combined cycle gas/steam
Power stations, geothermal
Power stations, hydroelectric
Power stations, lignite fired
Power stations, mine gas fired
Power stations, natural gas fired
Power stations, nuclear
Power stations, oil fired
Power stations, solar energy
Power stations, thermoelectric
Refined petroleum transport services, pipeline
Water supply services
Water supply services for agricultural use
Water supply services for industrial use
Wind farms 

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