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Kompass Business Classifications
IT, Internet, R&D
Application software, office
Applications for media tablets/internet tablets or smartphones
Bags and cases for laptops
Bar code scanners/readers
Blu-ray discs (BDs)
CD-ROM drives-burners
Cards for computers
Cards, flash memory, removable
Catalogues, online
Central processing units (CPU boards)
Certification services, Internet transactions
Character generators for television and video
Chip card and smart card readers
Chip cards
Cleaning services for computer equipment
Cloud computing services
Compact discs (CD, CD-ROM)
Composition systems, text and graphics
Computer accessories
Computer aided design (CAD) systems
Computer and computer peripheral maintenance services
Computer cable assemblies
Computer configuration services
Computer disk controller cards
Computer disk upgrading services
Computer graphics or video cards
Computer hardware consultants
Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems
Computer keyboards, corded
Computer keyboards, cordless
Computer keyboards, electronic, for the disabled
Computer keyboards, ruggedised, industrial
Computer media conversion services
Computer memories
Computer mice, corded
Computer mice, cordless
Computer mouse pads
Computer network equipment
Computer processors
Computer programming services
Computer sound cards
Computer systems support services (help desks)
Computer terminals
Computer trackballs
Computers, desktop/personal computers (PCs)
Computers, fault tolerant
Computers, industrial use, ruggedised
Computers, industrial use, ruggedised, portable
Computers, laptops
Computers, military use
Computers, notebooks
Computers, single board (SBCs)
Computers, subnotebooks
Computers, tablet PCs
Connectors for computer peripherals
Data access control systems (DACS)
Data acquisition services
Data archiving services
Data centres
Data concentrators, routers and hubs for local area networks (LAN)
Data conversion services
Data evaluation services
Data input services
Data input systems
Data migration services
Data recovery services
Data scramblers
Data storage devices for computing
Data switches for corded local area networks (LAN)
Data switches, fibre optic, for local area networks (LAN)
Database administration services
Database updating services
Digital versatile disc (DVD) drives-burners
Digital versatile discs (DVDs)
Disk drives, optical
Document digitalisation services
Document scanners
Domain name registration and management services (DNS)
Educational equipment, simulators
Electronic book (e-book) readers
Electronic data interchange (EDI) consultants
Electronic data processing (EDP) services
Electronic email (E-mail) service providers
Electronic signature certificate services
Embedded systems
Encoders, magnetic tape
Enterprise application software (EAS)
Ethernet network cable assemblies
Fingerprint scanning and identification equipment
Firewalls, Internet
Firewire cable assemblies
Flash memory storage devices
Geographical information systems (GIS)
Graphics processors/co-processors
Hard disc drives (HDD)
Headsets for personal computers (PCs)
Help desks for users
Industrial computers
Information Communication Technologies (ICT) services
Information technology (IT) applications monitoring services
Information technology (IT) auditing and consulting services
Information technology (IT) auditing services
Information technology (IT) consultants
Information technology (IT) data backup services
Information technology (IT) engineering
Information technology (IT) hosting services
Information technology (IT) installation management services
Information technology (IT) maintenance services
Information technology (IT) network management services
Information technology (IT) outsourcing services
Information technology (IT) project management services
Information technology (IT) security consultants
Information technology (IT) security services
Information technology (IT) systems consultants
Information technology support and maintenance services (help desks)
Ink cartridges for ink jet printers
Input peripherals
Integrated computer systems
Integrated computer systems for travel agencies and ticketing
Integrated computer systems, Internet telephony (VOIP)
Integrated computer systems, air traffic control
Integrated computer systems, cash management and processing
Integrated computer systems, computer aided engineering (CAE) applications
Integrated computer systems, digital data links, airborne
Integrated computer systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Integrated computer systems, financial dealing communications
Integrated computer systems, laboratory information and management
Integrated computer systems, marketing
Integrated computer systems, medical applications
Integrated computer systems, production monitoring and control
Integrated computer systems, value added re-seller
Integrated computer systems, voice and data networks
Integrated software, information lifecycle management (ILM), to customer specification
Internet access providers (IAP)
Internet of Things (IoT) network operators
Internet services
Joysticks for computers
Joysticks for computers, cordless
Keyboards, programmable
Magnetic cards and magnetic card readers
Magnetic cards and smart cards
Magneto-optical disk drives
Memories, flash
Memories, programmable read only (PROM)
Memories, random access (RAM)
Memories, random access, dynamic (DRAM)
Memories, random access, static (SRAM)
Memories, random access, synchronous dynamic (SDRAM)
Memories, random access, synchronous graphics (SGRAM)
Memories, read only (ROM)
Memory chips, EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory)
Modems, internal cards
Modems, ruggedised, industrial
Monitors/display screens
Monitors/display screens, rugged
Motherboards or mainboards
Multi-core processors
Multifunction peripherals (MFPs) (printers, photocopiers, scanners, facsimile (fax) machines combined)
Network cable assemblies, fibre optic
Network consultants and services
Network interface controllers (NIC)
Network security services
Office automation services
Open source software (OSS) development services
Operating systems
Operating systems for embedded systems
Operating systems for networks
Operating systems for open systems
Operating systems for personal computers
Operating systems for real-time systems
Operating systems for servers
Operating systems for tablet computers and smartphones
Optical character recognition (OCR) equipment
Optical character recognition (OCR) services
Optical disc drives (ODD)
Personal computers (PC)
Personal computers (PCs)/desktop to customer specification
Plotters (computing)
Power cables for computers
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) for personal computers (PCs) to customer specification
Printers (computing)
Printers, bar code
Printers, colour
Printers, dot matrix
Printers, ink jet
Printers, laser
Printers, solid ink (computing)
Printers, thermal
Printers, three-dimensional (3D)
Printers, very large format
Readers for magnetic cards
Routers (computer network), wireless
Routers, fibre optic, for local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) communications
Routers, virtual private network (VPN)
Scanners, film
Scanners, flatbed
Scanners, pen/digital reading pens
Scanners, sheet fed
Screens, optical, anti-glare and anti-radiation, for computer monitors
Search engine design services
Servers (computing)
Servers, application
Servers, file
Servers, network
Servers, network-attached storage (NAS)
Servers, print
Servers, web
Simulators, aerospace applications
Simulators, computer hardware
Simulators, motorist training
Simulators, ship navigation
Simulators, special purpose, to customer specification
Social media
Social media networks, personal use
Social media networks, professional use
Software consultants
Software for chemists/pharmacies
Software for education and training
Software for military use
Software for retail chains
Software implementation services
Software installation and configuration services
Software maintenance services
Software providers
Software testing services
Software to customer specification, software houses
Software training aids for software packages
Software update services, on-site
Software, Enterprise social network
Software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Software, Internet navigation, web browsers
Software, Internet payment
Software, Internet protocol fax (IP fax)
Software, address management
Software, anti-spam
Software, anti-virus
Software, architecture
Software, archive management
Software, bar code
Software, biometric recognition
Software, booking office
Software, budgeting
Software, business activity simulation and modelling
Software, business intelligence
Software, business process management (BPM)
Software, business rules management system (BRMS)
Software, calendar
Software, call centre, helpdesk
Software, casting process simulation
Software, change management systems
Software, coding and programming
Software, communications
Software, computer aided design (CAD)
Software, computer aided music composition
Software, computer aided software engineering (CASE)
Software, computer aided software testing (CAST)
Software, computer data storage management
Software, computer gateways
Software, computer graphics
Software, computer hardware maintenance
Software, computer security
Software, computer terminal emulation for network connectivity
Software, configuration management
Software, construction industry
Software, contact management
Software, costing
Software, customer relationship management (CRM)
Software, data analysis, to customer specification
Software, data backup or recovery
Software, data compression
Software, data encryption
Software, data visualization
Software, data warehousing
Software, database
Software, database and information management
Software, database management system (DBMS)
Software, desktop virtualisation
Software, device drivers
Software, digital prepress
Software, distributed database
Software, e-learning
Software, e-mobility/electromobility
Software, e-procurement
Software, electronic catalogue/e-catalogue
Software, electronic commerce (E-commerce)
Software, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, to customer specification
Software, electronic document management (EDMS)
Software, electronic invoicing
Software, electronic mail (E-mail)
Software, electronic printing, to customer specification
Software, enterprise application integration (EAI)
Software, enterprise asset management (EAM)
Software, entertainment
Software, estate agency and property management
Software, expert systems/artificial intelligence, to customer specification
Software, extraction transfer loading (ETL)
Software, file or data conversion
Software, financial analysis
Software, food and catering industries, to customer specification
Software, forms design and management
Software, games and entertainment
Software, geographical optimisation of vehicle fleets
Software, graphic design
Software, graphical user interface (GUI)
Software, image analysis
Software, image processing
Software, import-export applications
Software, industrial
Software, industrial automation, to customer specification
Software, industrial control
Software, instant messaging
Software, integration testing (IT)
Software, internet and intranet
Software, intranet
Software, intrusion detection system (IDS)
Software, investment management
Software, label production
Software, language translation
Software, license management
Software, local area networks (LAN)
Software, local government, to customer specification
Software, logistics process simulation
Software, marketing, commercial and quality research
Software, mathematics
Software, measuring instrument calibration, to customer specification
Software, memory management
Software, mobile electronic commerce (m-commerce)
Software, multi-user
Software, multiplexers
Software, music and voice recognition
Software, music playing or editing
Software, network development
Software, network management
Software, network monitoring
Software, oil and gas industry
Software, online analytical processing (OLAP)
Software, online transaction processing (OLTP)
Software, optical character recognition (OCR) and scanning
Software, payroll
Software, personnel management/human resources (HR)
Software, plastics injection moulding simulation
Software, presentation
Software, printing
Software, product lifecycle management (PLM)
Software, production planning/scheduling
Software, program debuggers
Software, programming aid
Software, programming languages and compilers
Software, project and information management
Software, purchasing management
Software, quality control, to customer specification
Software, radio frequency identification (RFID)
Software, relational database
Software, satellite communications
Software, scanners
Software, school management systems, to customer specification
Software, search engine
Software, search engine optimisation (SEO)
Software, server virtualisation
Software, shopping agents (shopping robots/bots)
Software, shopping cart/basket (E-commerce)
Software, simulation
Software, speech synthesis
Software, spreadsheet
Software, statistics
Software, supplier relationship management (SRM)
Software, supply chain management (SCM)
Software, system administration
Software, systems
Software, taxation
Software, three-dimensional (3D) visualisation
Software, time and attendance
Software, trading
Software, traffic control, rail
Software, training purposes
Software, transaction processing systems (TPS)
Software, transport and logistics
Software, typesetting, editing and desktop publishing (DTP) design
Software, utilities
Software, video game creation
Software, video playing or editing
Software, video surveillance systems
Software, virtual private network (VPN)
Software, virtualisation
Software, warehouse management (inventory) and stock control systems
Software, web monitoring (web robots)
Software, web page design and development
Software, web server
Software, website checking
Software, website contents management
Software, wireless communications
Software, word processing
Swapping software, computer programming
System and development software
Thin client computers
Toner cartridges for laser printers
Touch screens
Universal serial bus (USB) cable assemblies
Video monitors, liquid crystal display (LCD)
Web hosting services
Web indexing services
Website consultants
Website development services
Website indexing consultants and services

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