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Kompass Business Classifications
Metals, Machinery & Engineering
Alloy steel sheet and strip, cold rolled
Alloy steel sheet and strip, hot rolled
Alloys, catalyst
Alloys, wear resistant
Aluminium alloy extrusions
Aluminium alloys
Aluminium alloys to customer specification
Aluminium alloys, recycled
Aluminium and aluminium alloy bars
Aluminium and aluminium alloy billets
Aluminium and aluminium alloy discs
Aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots
Aluminium and aluminium alloy plates
Aluminium and aluminium alloy rods
Aluminium and aluminium alloy strip
Aluminium and aluminium alloy tape
Aluminium and aluminium alloy wire rod
Aluminium bars, plates and sheets for the aircraft industry
Aluminium brass
Aluminium bronze
Aluminium bronze rod and sections
Aluminium bronze semi-manufactured products
Aluminium chequer plate
Aluminium coils
Aluminium coils, anodised
Aluminium coils, pre-coated
Aluminium extrusions
Aluminium foil
Aluminium foil for case liners
Aluminium foil for thermal insulation
Aluminium foil, coated, for cables
Aluminium foil, decorating
Aluminium foil, expanded
Aluminium foil, gardening
Aluminium foil, household use
Aluminium foil, paper backed
Aluminium foil, wrapping
Aluminium master alloys
Aluminium nickel bronze
Aluminium nickel cobalt (alnico) alloys
Aluminium panels for the transport industry
Aluminium pellets for extrusion
Aluminium pressings
Aluminium sections
Aluminium sheet
Aluminium sheet, copper plated
Aluminium sheet, photo-sensitised, anodised and dyed to customer specification
Aluminium sheet, plastic coated
Aluminium strip for pipe finning
Aluminium strip, anodised
Aluminium strip, roofing
Aluminium, anodised
Aluminium, electrolytic
Aluminium, recycled
Aluminium, refined
Angles, rolled steel
Angles, stainless steel
Angles, steel and rolled steel
Angles, wrought iron
Antimony ingots
Antimony master alloys
Antimony, pure
Arsenic master alloys
Arsenic metal
Ashes containing gold and silver
Babitt's metal
Ballast, iron shot, for makeweights and counterweights
Balls and shot, lead
Barium master alloys
Barium metal
Bars and coils, rolled iron
Bars and plates, black steel, large
Bars, hard chromed steel, for hydraulic shafting
Bars, high speed steel (HSS)
Bars, high tensile stainless steel
Bars, maraging steel
Bars, sections and large plates, bright steel
Bars, spring steel, alloy
Bars, spring steel, bevel
Bars, spring steel, carbon
Bars, spring steel, carbon-manganese
Bars, spring steel, chromium alloy
Bars, spring steel, heat treated
Bars, spring steel, oval
Bars, spring steel, round
Bars, spring steel, silico-chromium
Bars, spring steel, silico-manganese
Bars, spring steel, square
Bars, stainless steel, hexagonal
Bars, stainless steel, hot rolled, round
Bars, stainless steel, square
Bars, steel and rolled steel
Bars, steel, calibrated and ground
Bars, steel, chromium plated
Bars, steel, for stamping and forging
Bars, vacuum induction melted steel
Bars, vacuum induction remelted steel
Bars, wrought iron, for forging
Beams and columns, universal, rolled steel
Beams, steel and rolled steel
Bearings, sintered metal
Beryllium alloys
Beryllium bimetallic strip
Beryllium copper bars
Beryllium copper extrusions
Beryllium copper rod
Beryllium copper strip
Beryllium copper substitute (nickel-silicon-chromium-copper)
Beryllium copper tube
Beryllium master alloys
Beryllium nickel strip
Beryllium strip
Beryllium, electrolytic
Billets and blooms, alloy or carbon steel, for forging and stamping
Billets and blooms, alloy or carbon steel, for re-rolling
Billets and blooms, wrought iron
Billets, aircraft steels
Billets, automobile steels
Billets, carbon or alloy steel
Billets, gear steel
Billets, high carbon steel
Billets, iron and steel
Billets, rail steel
Billets, shell steel
Billets, spring steel alloy
Billets, stainless steel
Billets, steel, lead bearing
Billets, tube making, steel
Bimetallic sheets and strips for thermostats
Bimetallic strip and sheet, ferrous metals
Bimetallic strips, copper and aluminium
Bismuth alloys
Bismuth master alloys
Bismuth, electrolytic
Black bars, alloy steel, hexagonal
Black bars, alloy steel, round
Black bars, carbon steel
Black bars, valve steel
Boron master alloys
Boron steels
Brass alloys to customer specification
Brass bars, high tensile
Brass discs
Brass ingots
Brass pressings
Brass rods and bars
Brass rods for forging
Brass rods, leaded, free machining
Brass sections and plates
Brass shapes and sections to customer specification
Brass shapes for lock blocks
Brass sheets and foil
Brass strips
Brass strips for cartridge cases
Brass strips, leaded, for clocks and instruments
Brass strips, plated
Brass, cartridge
Brass, high tensile
Brass, leaded, free machining
Brass, naval
Brass, rolled, for armaments
Brass, stretch levelled, precision
Brass, tin
Brazing solders and alloys
Bright bars, carbon steel
Bright bars, chromium steel
Bright bars, valve steel
Bright sections, steel, drawn, to customer specification
Bright shafting, steel, precision ground, induction hardened
Briquettes, ferrous alloy, for foundries
Bronze alloys to customer specification
Bronze bars
Bronze ingots
Bronze rods
Bronze sections
Bronze shapes and sections to customer specification
Bronze sheets and strips for coinage
Bronze sheets, plates and strips
Bronze, anti-friction
Bronze, sintered
Bushes, sintered metal
Cadmium copper alloys
Cadmium ingots
Cadmium master alloys
Cadmium metal rods or sticks
Cadmium semi-manufactured products, rolled
Calcium alloys
Calcium master alloys
Calcium metal
Calcium, electrolytic
Carbon steel
Cast iron buoy sinkers
Cast iron columns, bases and capitals
Cast iron posts, banisters and ornaments for staircases
Cast lead sheet, acoustic insulation
Castings, alloyed copper, centrifugal
Castings, aluminium alloy, X-ray inspected
Castings, aluminium alloy, heat treated
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, air set mould
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, chilled
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, for gear housings
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, investment
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, precision
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, sand moulded
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, shell moulded
Castings, aluminium and aluminium alloy, thin wall
Castings, aluminium brass
Castings, aluminium bronze
Castings, aluminium copper
Castings, aluminium, high strength
Castings, beryllium copper
Castings, beryllium nickel
Castings, brass
Castings, brass, engineers
Castings, brass, for cabinetmakers
Castings, brass, for locksmiths
Castings, brass, for plumbers
Castings, brass, for shipbuilding
Castings, brass, for undertakers
Castings, brass, naval
Castings, bronze and bronze alloy
Castings, bronze, artistic
Castings, bronze, centrifugal
Castings, bronze, continuous
Castings, bronze, engineers
Castings, bronze, precision, lost wax process
Castings, cobalt alloy
Castings, copper alloy
Castings, copper and copper alloy, chilled
Castings, copper and copper alloy, sand cast
Castings, copper and copper alloy, shell moulded
Castings, copper, high conductivity
Castings, gunmetal
Castings, hardened lead, for cocks and fittings
Castings, high zinc, low aluminium, for press tools
Castings, lead and lead alloy
Castings, lead, ornamental
Castings, light alloy, for spacecraft
Castings, light alloy, machine moulded, repetition
Castings, light alloy, shell moulded
Castings, magnesium and magnesium alloy
Castings, nickel
Castings, nickel alloy
Castings, nickel alloy, centrifugal
Castings, nickel-chromium-molybdenum
Castings, non-ferrous metal and alloys, to aircraft specifications
Castings, non-ferrous metal, cavityless, full mould
Castings, non-ferrous, artistic and ornamental
Castings, non-ferrous, centrifugal
Castings, non-ferrous, chilled
Castings, non-ferrous, continuous
Castings, non-ferrous, for machine and motor vehicle manufacturing
Castings, non-ferrous, handmade
Castings, non-ferrous, investment moulded
Castings, non-ferrous, machine moulded, repetition
Castings, non-ferrous, machined
Castings, non-ferrous, precision
Castings, non-ferrous, sand cast
Castings, non-ferrous, shell moulded
Castings, non-ferrous, to customer specification
Castings, red brass
Castings, tin alloy
Castings, tin and tin alloy, centrifugal
Castings, titanium and titanium alloy
Castings, tombac
Castings, zinc alloy, chilled
Castings, zinc alloy, sand cast
Castings, zinc aluminium copper
Castings, zinc and zinc alloy
Castings, zinc and zinc alloy, centrifugal
Castings, zirconium
Cerium master alloys
Cerium misch metal
Channels, rolled stainless steel
Channels, rolled steel
Channels, rolled steel, to customer specification
Channels, wrought iron
Chromium briquettes
Chromium copper alloys
Chromium manganese steels
Chromium master alloys, non-ferrous
Chromium molybdenum aluminium steel, nitriding
Chromium molybdenum steels
Chromium steels
Chromium, pure
Chromium, thermic and electrolytic
Chromium-nickel steels
Chromium-nickel-molybdenum steels
Chromium-vanadium steels
Cobalt alloys for valve filaments
Cobalt chromium alloys
Cobalt hard facing alloys
Cobalt strips
Coils, stainless steel, hot rolled
Coils, steel, cold rolled
Coils, steel, hot rolled
Coils, steel, hot rolled, bevelled
Cold drawn parts, iron and ferro-alloys
Cold drawn semi-manufactured products, non-ferrous and light metals
Cold drawn semi-manufactured products, steel
Components, sintered metal, precision
Components, sintered metal, to customer specification
Copper alloys, refined, to customer specification
Copper and alloyed copper shells, tube drawing
Copper and copper alloy billets
Copper and copper alloy cakes and slabs
Copper and copper alloy foil
Copper and copper alloy ingots
Copper and copper alloy shimstock
Copper and copper alloy wire rods
Copper bars for extruding
Copper discs
Copper master alloys
Copper nickel silicon alloys
Copper or copper alloy bars
Copper or copper alloy plates
Copper or copper alloy rods
Copper or copper alloy sections
Copper or copper alloy semi-manufactured products, continuously cast
Copper or copper alloy semi-manufactured products, drawn
Copper or copper alloy semi-manufactured products, extruded
Copper or copper alloy semi-manufactured products, rolled
Copper or copper alloy sheets
Copper or copper alloy strips
Copper plates and rods, locomotive firebox
Copper round bars for wire rod production
Copper shapes and sections to customer specification
Copper sheet, perforated
Copper sheets for radiators
Copper silicon alloys
Copper slag
Copper strips and sheets for roofing
Copper strips, plated
Copper strips, silver clad
Copper tungsten alloys
Copper, blister
Copper, cathode
Copper, electrolytic
Copper, phosphorous deoxidised
Copper, pure
Copper-chromium-zirconium alloys
Copper-manganese-aluminium alloys
Corroding lead
Cupro-manganese semi-manufactured products
Cupro-nickel iron alloy semi-manufactured products
Cupro-nickel semi-manufactured products
Dental alloys
Die-castings, aluminium, machined
Die-castings, cold chamber process, non-ferrous
Die-castings, gravity, aluminium and aluminium alloy
Die-castings, gravity, brass
Die-castings, gravity, lead and lead alloy
Die-castings, gravity, magnesium
Die-castings, gravity, non-ferrous
Die-castings, gravity, zinc alloy
Die-castings, gunmetal, pressure
Die-castings, low pressure alloy, non-ferrous
Die-castings, machined, non-ferrous
Die-castings, miniature, non-ferrous
Die-castings, nickel alloy
Die-castings, pressure, aluminium and aluminium alloy
Die-castings, pressure, brass
Die-castings, pressure, bronze
Die-castings, pressure, copper
Die-castings, pressure, lead and lead alloy
Die-castings, pressure, light alloy
Die-castings, pressure, magnesium
Die-castings, pressure, non-ferrous
Die-castings, pressure, tin alloy
Die-castings, pressure, zinc
Die-castings, vacuum, non-ferrous
Die-castings, zinc alloy, machined
Diffusion bonded aluminium products to customer specification
Drawing services, non-ferrous metals
Expanded non-ferrous metals
Expanded tantalum mesh
Extruded aluminium products to customer specification
Extrusions, hot or cold, non-ferrous or light metals
Extrusions, iron and steel, cold
Ferrocerium, electrolytic
Ferrocobalt alloys
Ferrosilicon magnesium
Ferrosilicon manganese
Ferrosilicon manganese aluminium
Fishplates, rolled steel
Flakes and granules, metal
Flakes, aluminium
Flat sections, steel, cold rolled
Flats, stainless steel
Flats, steel, cold rolled
Flats, steel, hot rolled
Foils, metal heat treatment, light metal
Foundation piles, stakes and piles, steel and rolled steel
Foundation piles/bearing piles, steel
Gallium alloys
Germanium alloys
Germanium master alloys
Getters, non-ferrous metals
Gilding metal (copper zinc alloy)
Gold braid
Gold ingots
Gold leaf
Gold plated copper, silver and white metal semi-manufactured products
Gold plates
Gold sheet
Gold stamping foil
Gold straps
Gold strips
Gold, alloyed
Gold, pure
Gold, silver and platinum, electrolytic
Granules, aluminium
Granules, titanium
Grinding tools, sintered metal
Gunmetal bars and rods
Hafnium alloys
Hafnium billets
Hafnium sheet
Hafnium, pure
Half-round steel bars, drawn
High nickel alloys for springs
Hollow steel sections to customer specification
Hollow steel sections, cold rolled
Hollow steel sections, hot extruded
Hollow steel sections, hot rolled
Hollow steel sections, structural
Hot drawn parts, iron and ferro-alloys
Hot drawn semi-manufactured products, non-ferrous and light metals
Hot drawn semi-manufactured products, steel
Indium alloys
Indium foil
Indium ingots
Ingots, alloy steel, for forging
Ingots, carbon steel
Ingots, carbon steel, for forging
Ingots, case hardening steel
Ingots, electro-slag remelted steel
Ingots, free machining steel
Ingots, hardening and tempering steel
Ingots, high frequency steel
Ingots, high speed steel (HSS)
Ingots, iron and steel
Ingots, iron, low carbon
Ingots, magnetic steel
Ingots, stainless steel
Ingots, steel, for tubes
Ingots, steel, heat resistant
Ingots, steel, to customer specified shapes
Ingots, steel, vacuum processed
Iron and ferro-alloys, sintered
Iron and steel wire rod. Drawn steel wire, reinforcing steel
Iron and steel, drawn, compressed and turned. Tube rounds and squares
Iron castings and parts
Iron castings and parts, by use
Iron castings for ingot moulds
Iron castings for machine tools
Iron castings for pumps and compressors
Iron castings for taps, cocks and valves
Iron castings for the chemical industry
Iron castings for the hydraulics industry
Iron castings for the motor vehicle industry
Iron castings to customer specification
Iron castings, artistic and ornamental
Iron castings, ductile/spheroidal graphite
Iron castings, ductile/spheroidal graphite, austempered (ADI)
Iron castings, ductile/spheroidal graphite, to customer specification
Iron castings, engine cylinder
Iron castings, grey
Iron castings, grey, to customer specification
Iron castings, heavy duty
Iron castings, machine-made
Iron castings, malleable
Iron castings, sand moulded
Iron die-castings
Iron, electrolytic
Joists, rolled steel (RSJ)
Lead alloys
Lead and lead alloy cable sheathing
Lead and lead alloy extrusions and sections
Lead and lead alloy sheets, plates and strips
Lead and lead alloy tapes
Lead bars
Lead bricks, blocks and shielding for nuclear reactors
Lead bronze bars and tubes
Lead foil and linings
Lead ingots and pigs
Lead linings for tanks
Lead master alloys
Lead plates for X-ray boosters
Lead semi-finished products to customer specification
Lead sheets and strips, milled, for the building industry
Lead straps
Lead, electrolytic
Lead, high purity (99.94%-99.99% pure)
Lead, refined, pure
Lead, remelted, pure
Lead, soft, refined, to customer specification
Leaded bronze
Leaded copper alloys
Light alloy foil
Light alloy stamping and blocking foils
Light metal bars
Light metal ingots
Light metal rods and sections
Light metal semi-manufactured products NES
Light metal sheets and plates
Light metal slugs for impact extrusion
Light metal strip
Light metal strip and sheet, coated
Light metal wire rods
Light metals and alloys
Lithium master alloys
Lithium, electrolytic
Magnesia, electrically melted
Magnesium alloys
Magnesium and magnesium alloy sheet
Magnesium, electrolytic
Magnets, sintered
Manganese briquettes
Manganese bronze
Manganese bronze semi-manufactured products
Manganese master alloys, non-ferrous
Manganese silicon ingots
Manganese steels
Manganese, electrolytic
Manganese, thermic
Metal aggregates
Metal ashes and waste
Metal blanks
Metal fibres
Metal fibres for filtration and soundproofing
Metal paste, aluminium
Metal pastes
Metal powders
Metal strips, non-ferrous, to customer specification
Metals and alloys for electrical contacts
Metals and semi-finished products for electronic and electrical use
Metals, high purity, electrochemically produced
Molybdenum briquettes
Molybdenum filaments
Molybdenum plates
Molybdenum rods and bars
Molybdenum sheets, strips and ribbon
Molybdenum, pure
Monetary blanks, precious metal
Mullite, electrically melted
Multi-gauge metal strip for electrical connectors
Muntz metal semi-manufactured products
Naval brass semi-manufactured products
Nickel alloys
Nickel alloys, anti-galling, for the food industry
Nickel and nickel alloy bars and plates
Nickel and nickel alloy billets and briquettes
Nickel and nickel alloy forging bars
Nickel and nickel alloy fork and spoon blanks
Nickel and nickel alloy ingots
Nickel and nickel alloy semi-manufactured products, drawn
Nickel and nickel alloy semi-manufactured products, extruded
Nickel and nickel alloy semi-manufactured products, rolled
Nickel and nickel alloy sheets or strips
Nickel and nickel alloy slabs
Nickel and nickel alloy wire rods
Nickel chromium alloys
Nickel chromium cobalt alloys
Nickel chromium cobalt molybdenum alloys
Nickel chromium iron alloys
Nickel chromium titanium alloys
Nickel foil
Nickel iron aluminium magnet alloys
Nickel manganese alloys
Nickel master alloys
Nickel niobium/columbium
Nickel or nickel alloy rods and sections
Nickel pressings, high purity
Nickel silicon manganese alloys
Nickel silver
Nickel silver discs for coinage
Nickel silver or nickel for surgical instruments
Nickel silver semi-manufactured products
Nickel silver shapes and sections to customer specification
Nickel titanium, shape memory alloys
Nickel, electrolytic
Nickel, pure
Nickel-lead bronze
Nickel-molybdenum iron alloys
Niobium/columbium alloys, ferrous
Niobium/columbium alloys, non-ferrous
Niobium/columbium billets
Niobium/columbium sheet and foil
Non-ferrous metal castings and parts
Non-ferrous metal castings and parts, by use
Non-ferrous metal foils to customer specification
Non-ferrous metals and alloys NES
Non-ferrous metals and alloys for the nuclear industry
Non-ferrous metals, re-rolled, to customer specification
Packaging foil, non-ferrous
Palladium alloys
Parts and components, sintered metal, for locks
Parts and components, sintered metal, for the motor vehicle industry
Permanent magnets, sintered
Pewter and Britannia metal
Pewter semi-manufactured products
Phosphor bronze
Phosphor bronze semi-manufactured products
Phosphor copper
Phosphorus master alloys
Pig-iron, Bessemer
Pig-iron, basic
Pig-iron, blast furnace
Pig-iron, charcoal process
Pig-iron, electric furnace
Pig-iron, forge
Pig-iron, foundry, ductile/spheroidal graphite
Pig-iron, foundry, high phosphorus
Pig-iron, foundry, low phosphorus
Pig-iron, foundry, medium phosphorus
Pig-iron, haematite
Pig-iron, nodular
Pig-iron, open-hearth (Siemens-Martin), unkilned
Pig-iron, oxygen blown
Pig-iron, refined
Pig-iron, refined, for alloys
Pig-iron, refined, malleable
Pig-iron, refined, white
Pig-iron, unalloyed, foundry, non-phosphoric
Pig-iron, vacuum induction melted
Pinchbeck for jewellers
Plates, steel, cold rolled
Platinum alloys
Platinum ingots
Platinum plated gold
Platinum plates
Platinum sheet
Platinum straps
Platinum strips
Platinum, sponge
Powder metal products, activated sintered
Powder, aluminium or aluminium alloy
Powder, chromium
Powder, cobalt alloy
Powder, copper or copper alloy
Powder, ferro-alloy
Powder, gold, silver and platinum
Powder, magnesium
Powder, nickel or nickel alloy
Powder, titanium
Powder, zinc and zinc alloy
Powder, zirconium
Precious and rare metal semi-manufactured products
Precious and rare metals and their alloys
Precious metal semi-manufactured products for goldsmiths and jewellers
Precious metals, liquid form, pottery and glass decorating
Precious metals, re-rolled, to customer specification
Profiles, non-ferrous metals, for stained glass and artistic glass windows
Propellers, cast, non-ferrous metals
Pure metals
Pure metals and alloys, intrinsic quality
Pure silicon crystals, intrinsic
Raw pig-iron
Raw steel
Refined, special and tool steels
Reinforcing bars, steel
Rhenium billets
Rhodium plated silver and white metal semi-manufactured products
Rods, stainless steel
Rolled gold
Rolled gold sheet
Seals and packings, sintered metal
Secondary steel
Sections and angles, steel, perforated
Sections, iron, for roller shutters
Sections, light steel, for the bicycle industry
Sections, light steel, for the motorcycle and scooter industries
Sections, non-ferrous, cold worked
Sections, non-ferrous, hollow
Sections, piling, hot rolled steel
Sections, rolled steel, boiler quality
Sections, rolled steel, bucket handle
Sections, rolled steel, cross
Sections, rolled steel, for agricultural machinery and equipment
Sections, rolled steel, for fencing
Sections, rolled steel, for gate channels
Sections, rolled steel, for monorail tracks
Sections, rolled steel, for the building industry
Sections, rolled steel, for the motor vehicle industry
Sections, rolled steel, for the shipbuilding industry
Sections, rolled steel, for tubes
Sections, rolled steel, for tyres
Sections, rolled steel, for wheels
Sections, rolled steel, half-round
Sections, rolled steel, hexagonal
Sections, rolled steel, low temperature
Sections, rolled steel, mine arch
Sections, rolled steel, octagonal
Sections, rolled steel, precision
Sections, rolled steel, rail washer
Sections, rolled steel, railway base plate/sole plate
Sections, rolled steel, railway rails
Sections, rolled steel, railway sleeper
Sections, rolled steel, railway wagon
Sections, rolled steel, round
Sections, rolled steel, square
Sections, rolled steel, to customer specification
Sections, rolled, carbon-manganese steel
Sections, rolled, copper bearing steel
Sections, rolled, high boron steel
Sections, rolled, high tensile steel
Sections, rolled, mild steel
Sections, rolled, stainless steel
Sections, steel and rolled steel
Sections, steel, angular, for framework construction
Sections, steel, cold rolled
Sections, steel, hot rolled
Sections, structural steel, for transport containers
Sections, wrought iron
Selenium master alloys
Semi-finished products, refined, special and tool steels
Semi-manufactured product, tin and tantalum
Semi-manufactured products, aluminium and its alloys
Semi-manufactured products, brass
Semi-manufactured products, bronze
Semi-manufactured products, copper
Semi-manufactured products, lead
Semi-manufactured products, magnesium and its alloys
Semi-manufactured products, nickel
Semi-manufactured products, non-ferrous metal NES
Semi-manufactured products, zinc
Semi-manufactured products, zinc, titanium and their alloys
Sheet and strip iron or steel, galvanised
Sheet and strip, high speed steel (HSS), hot rolled
Sheet and strip, stainless steel, hot rolled
Sheet iron and steel, coated or magnetic
Sheet piles, steel
Sheet, iron, hot rolled
Sheets and strips, steel, cold rolled
Sheets and strips, steel, hot rolled
Shot and grit, iron
Shot and grit, metal
Shot and grit, stainless steel
Shot and grit, steel
Shot, copper and alloyed copper
Shot, nickel
Silicon alloys
Silicon and silicon chromium molybdenum steels
Silicon brass
Silicon brass semi-manufactured products
Silicon briquettes
Silicon bronze
Silicon bronze semi-manufactured products
Silicon master alloys, non-ferrous
Silicon, electrolytic
Silver alloys for cutlery
Silver braid
Silver copper alloys
Silver discs
Silver fuse strip
Silver ingots
Silver leaf
Silver paste, electrically conductive
Silver plated copper and white metal semi-manufactured products
Silver plates
Silver sheet
Silver straps
Silver tungsten alloys
Silver, pure
Sintered copper products
Sintered metal products
Sintered metals
Sintered metals for bearings
Slabs, alloy or carbon steel, for forging and stamping
Slabs, alloy or carbon steel, for re-rolling
Slabs, stainless steel
Slabs, steel
Slabs, steel, flame-cut
Slag, furnace
Slit steel strip, hot rolled
Smelting services, non-ferrous metals
Sodium metal
Sodium, pure
Soft iron strip, hot rolled
Solders for electronic applications
Solders to customer specification
Solders, bar
Solders, blowpipe
Solders, brazing and fusible alloys
Solders, ingot
Solders, jointing ring
Solders, lead free
Solders, motor body patching
Solders, ribbon and strip
Solders, silver
Solders, wire, for printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Solders, wire, solid
Solid steel sections, hot extruded
Sponge iron
Spring steel
Spring steel sheet and strip, cold rolled
Stainless steel
Stainless steel bars, drawn
Stainless steel blading sections
Stainless steel castings
Stainless steel coils, cold rolled
Stainless steel foil, cold rolled
Stainless steel plates, cold rolled
Stainless steel products, sintered
Stainless steel sheet, perforated, cold rolled
Stainless steel sheet, polished, cold rolled
Stainless steel strip for springs
Stainless steels for boilers and pressure appliances
Stainless steels for low temperature use
Steel and alloyed steel castings to aircraft specifications
Steel bars, drawn
Steel bars, drawn and profiled, to customer specification
Steel bends, pressed and welded
Steel castings and parts
Steel castings and parts, by use
Steel castings for locomotives and the railway industry
Steel castings for mine haulage
Steel castings for the aerospace industry
Steel castings for the chemical industry
Steel castings for the electrical industry
Steel castings for the engineering industry
Steel castings for the motor vehicle industry
Steel castings for the nuclear power industry
Steel castings for the oil industry
Steel castings for the paper industry
Steel castings for the road transport industry
Steel castings for the shipbuilding industry
Steel castings for valves
Steel castings to customer specification
Steel castings, abrasion resistant
Steel castings, alloyed, for structural use
Steel castings, alloyed, for welding applications
Steel castings, alloyed, high temperature resistant
Steel castings, carbon
Steel castings, case hardening quality
Steel castings, centrifugal
Steel castings, centrifugal, to customer specification
Steel castings, chromium molybdenum
Steel castings, chromium-nickel
Steel castings, corrosion resistant
Steel castings, ferritic
Steel castings, heat resistant
Steel castings, high boron content
Steel castings, high magnetic permeability
Steel castings, high temperature, creep resistant
Steel castings, investment moulded
Steel castings, machine moulded, repetition
Steel castings, machined to customer specification
Steel castings, magnet
Steel castings, manganese
Steel castings, non-magnetic, austenitic
Steel castings, precision
Steel castings, precision, lost wax process, to customer specification
Steel castings, shell moulded
Steel castings, stainless, for the food industry
Steel castings, surgical implant blanks
Steel castings, vacuum formed
Steel castings, wear resistant
Steel coils, cold rolled
Steel die-castings
Steel plate, hot rolled
Steel plates, carbon, cold rolled
Steel plates, chromium carbide coated, for wear plates
Steel plates, cold rolled, clad
Steel plates, cold rolled, to customer specification
Steel plates, surface pattern coated, for wear plates
Steel rods, drawn
Steel rods, threaded, cold rolled
Steel rounds, precision drawn
Steel sheet and strip, aluminium coated
Steel sheet and strip, aluminium plated
Steel sheet and strip, carbon, cold rolled
Steel sheet and strip, chromium plated
Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, clad
Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, to customer specification
Steel sheet and strip, mild, cold rolled
Steel sheet and strip, plastic coated
Steel sheet and strip, plastic film laminated
Steel sheet and strip, stainless, cold rolled
Steel strip for tubes or pipes
Steel strip, cold rolled, band-saw blade
Steel strip, cold rolled, for valves
Steel strip, hardened and tempered, cold rolled
Steel, air hardening/self-hardening
Steel, blister
Steel, machine
Steel, sintered
Steels for agricultural machinery and equipment
Steels for cold coinage and extrusion
Steels for electrodes
Steels for flame, induction and immersion hardening
Steels for mining industry applications
Steels for moulds and patterns
Steels for nuclear applications
Steels for the aerospace industry
Steels for weapons and military applications
Steels, Martin
Steels, Thomas
Steels, ball bearing
Steels, corrosion resistant
Steels, cutlery
Steels, die
Steels, electric furnace
Steels, electrical
Steels, free cutting
Steels, high weldability
Steels, magnetic
Steels, oxygen refined
Steels, punch
Steels, shear
Steels, structural
Strapping strip, steel, cold rolled
Strips, ferrous metal, narrow gauge, hot rolled
Strontium metal
Sulphur copper alloys
Superalloys, ferrous, for the aerospace industry
Superalloys, non-ferrous, for the aerospace industry
Tantalum master alloys
Tantalum semi-manufactured products
Tees, rolled stainless steel
Tees, rolled steel
Tees, wrought iron
Tellurium master alloys
Tellurium-copper alloys
Thallium alloys
Thallium metal
Thallium, pure
Tin alloys
Tin bars and rods
Tin blocks and ingots
Tin bronze alloys
Tin bronze ingots
Tin master alloys
Tin plate
Tin sections
Tin sheets and plates
Tin sticks
Tin strips and straps
Tin, electrolytic
Tin, pure
Tin, refined, to customer specification
Titanium alloys
Titanium and titanium alloy bars
Titanium and titanium alloy ingots and billets
Titanium and titanium alloy rods
Titanium and titanium alloy sections and plates
Titanium and titanium alloy sheet and strip
Titanium carbide alloy steel
Titanium extrusions
Titanium master alloys
Titanium sheet
Titanium sheet, decorative
Titanium, sponge
Tool steel and high speed steel (HSS) preforms
Tool steel billets
Tool steel castings
Tool steel for tool bits
Tool steel ground bars
Tool steel ground flats
Tool steel ingots
Tool steel rolled bars
Tool steel semi-finished products, pre-machined, to customer specification
Tool steel, carbon
Tool steel, chromium-vanadium-cobalt, high speed (HSS)
Tool steel, cobalt
Tool steel, silver
Tool steel, tungsten carbide
Tool steel, tungsten cobalt, high speed (HSS)
Tool steel, tungsten molybdenum vanadium, high speed (HSS)
Tool steel, tungsten, high speed (HSS)
Tubing, precious metal
Tungsten alloys, ferrous
Tungsten alloys, non-ferrous
Tungsten heavy alloys, radiation shielding
Tungsten rods and bars
Tungsten strips, sheets and plate
Tungsten, electrolytic
Tuyères, cast copper, blast furnace
Vanadium master alloys, ferrous
Vanadium master alloys, non-ferrous
Vanadium semi-manufactured products
Volutes, spring steel
White metal bearing alloys
Wire rods, acid and heat resistant steel
Wire rods, acid steel
Wire rods, alloy steel
Wire rods, aluminium killed steel
Wire rods, automobile steel
Wire rods, balanced steel
Wire rods, ball bearing steel
Wire rods, chromium molybdenum steel
Wire rods, chromium steel
Wire rods, chromium-vanadium steel
Wire rods, cold heading steels
Wire rods, drawn steel, for nuts and bolts
Wire rods, free cutting steel
Wire rods, high speed steel (HSS)
Wire rods, iron, drawn
Wire rods, iron, galvanised
Wire rods, iron, plated
Wire rods, molybdenum steel
Wire rods, nickel steel
Wire rods, nickel-chromium steel
Wire rods, nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel
Wire rods, nickel-molybdenum steel
Wire rods, reinforcing steel, for concrete
Wire rods, rimmed steel
Wire rods, silico-manganese steel
Wire rods, silicon killed steel
Wire rods, stainless steel
Wire rods, steel
Wire rods, steel, hexagonal
Wire rods, steel, in coils
Wire rods, steel, octagonal
Wire rods, steel, round
Wire rods, steel, to aircraft specifications
Wire rods, steel, to customer specification
Wire rods, tungsten steel, ground
Wire, lead bullet
Wire, steel, for electric heating resistances
Wire, superconducting
Wrought iron
Yacht keels, cast lead
Zinc alloys
Zinc alloys for hot galvanising
Zinc aluminium copper alloys
Zinc and zinc alloy ingots
Zinc and zinc alloys, die-casting
Zinc bars, rods and sections
Zinc cast plates for inscriptions
Zinc foil
Zinc for cells and batteries
Zinc pellets
Zinc plates
Zinc plates for etchings and lithographs
Zinc sheet, perforated
Zinc sheets and strips
Zinc sheets, roofing
Zinc, electrolytic
Zinc, pure
Zinc, refined
Zinc, refined, to customer specification
Zinc-titanium coils
Zirconium alloys
Zirconium and zirconium alloy billets and bars
Zirconium and zirconium alloy sheet
Zirconium and zirconium alloy strips
Zirconium master alloys
Zirconium, rolled, extra thin
Zirconium, sponge

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