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Kompass Business Classifications
Abrasive and grinding discs
Abrasive belts, coated
Abrasive board
Abrasive coated products
Abrasive cords
Abrasive discs
Abrasive discs for floor maintenance
Abrasive discs, coated
Abrasive discs, diamond impregnated, stoneworking
Abrasive discs, flexible
Abrasive discs, polyamide/nylon, touch and close/hook and loop attachment
Abrasive discs, semi-flexible
Abrasive films (lapping, microfinishing and superfinishing)
Abrasive grit for coated abrasives
Abrasive grit for grinding wheels
Abrasive grit, selected and graded, for polishing
Abrasive media
Abrasive media for barrel and vibratory finishing
Abrasive media, by use
Abrasive media, ceramic
Abrasive media, granular, for sawing or polishing stone
Abrasive media, plastic
Abrasive media, regenerated
Abrasive pads
Abrasive powders, grains and flakes, synthetic
Abrasive products, coated, waterproof
Abrasive sheet or strip, coated
Abrasive tools
Abrasive wheels and blocks for glass
Abrasive wheels and blocks for leather
Abrasive wheels and blocks for metals
Abrasive wheels and blocks for stone
Abrasive wheels and blocks for timber
Abrasive wheels and blocks, aluminium oxide (corundum)
Abrasive wheels and blocks, boron carbide
Abrasive wheels and blocks, ceramic bonded
Abrasive wheels and blocks, cubic boron nitride (CBN) impregnated
Abrasive wheels and blocks, metal bonded
Abrasive wheels and blocks, mounted
Abrasive wheels and blocks, polyamide/nylon bonded
Abrasive wheels and blocks, resin-bonded
Abrasive wheels and blocks, rubber bonded
Abrasive wheels and blocks, ruby and sapphire
Abrasive wheels and blocks, silicon carbide
Abrasive wheels and blocks, tungsten carbide
Abrasive wheels and blocks, vitrified bonded
Abrasive wheels, electroplated metal-resin, boron nitride and diamond
Abrasive wire mesh cloth
Abrasives for blast cleaning
Abrasives for fettling
Abrasives for processing and finishing plastics
Abrasives for roughing-out and smoothing concrete
Abrasives for the footwear industry
Abrasives for the glass industry
Abrasives for the oil industry
Abrasives for the optical industry
Abrasives for wire sawing
Abrasives for woodworking
Abrasives, cleaning and polishing, for metal and glass
Abrasives, cloth backed
Abrasives, coated
Abrasives, diamond
Abrasives, ferro-alloys
Abrasives, fibre backed
Abrasives, glass
Abrasives, granulated slag
Abrasives, magnesium based
Abrasives, non-woven
Abrasives, paint polishing
Abrasives, paper backed
Abrasives, silicon based
Abrasives, tungsten carbide
Abrasives, walnut shell and fruit stone grit
Abrasives, zirconium oxide
Activated carbon
Aerial shrouding, glass fibre
Aircraft components, glass fibre
Aircraft components, mica
Alumina substrates for microelectronics
Anchors, ceramic, for refractory linings
Anodes, carbon, for cathodic protection
Anodes, graphite
Aquarium tanks, shaped glass
Architectural products and monuments, stone, to customer specification
Artificial and reconstituted stone products
Asphalt, reinforced, for paving
Aspirator bottles, glass, laboratory
Balconies, balustrades and fencing, prefabricated, concrete
Balls, ceramic, for the engineering industry
Balls, glass, precision ground
Barbecues and ovens, concrete, prefabricated, for gardens
Bars and rods, graphite
Bars, window, reinforced concrete
Bases, prefabricated, concrete, for greenhouses and cold frames
Bathroom accessories, ceramic
Bathroom accessories, porcelain
Bathroom accessories, vitreous china
Bathroom fittings and accessories, stone
Bathroom fittings, glass
Battery liners, glass
Beading, plaster
Beads, glass, for industrial and laboratory use
Beads, glass, for shot-blasting
Beakers, glass, laboratory
Beams, lintels and joists, prefabricated, concrete
Bearings, graphite
Bell jars, glass
Bicycle stands, prefabricated, concrete
Blocks and slabs, clinker
Blocks, building, prefabricated, concrete, for wall safes
Blocks, partition, prefabricated, concrete, for building
Blocks, prefabricated, concrete
Blocks, prefabricated, flue and air, slotted, concrete
Blocks, prefabricated, glazed face, concrete
Blocks, shapes and profiles, fused quartz or fused silica
Blocks, stone
Blown-shaped glass articles to customer specification
Boards, fibre cement
Bottle caps and seals, glass, roll-on
Bottle stoppers, glass
Bottles, glass, dropping
Bottles, glass, engine oil
Bottles, glass, feeding
Bottles, glass, for chemicals
Bottles, glass, for cork closures
Bottles, glass, for cosmetics and perfume
Bottles, glass, for crown caps
Bottles, glass, for drinks and beverages
Bottles, glass, for foodstuffs
Bottles, glass, for medicines and pharmaceuticals
Bottles, glass, for paint spray guns
Bottles, glass, gum, ink
Bottles, glass, handmade
Bottles, glass, plastic coated
Bottles, glass, pre-labelled
Bottles, glass, safety coated
Bottles, glass, threaded, for screw caps
Bottles, glass, to customer specification
Bottles, glass, weighing, laboratory
Bowls and basins, ceramic
Bowls and dishes, decorative, porcelain
Bowls, glass
Boxes, glass, domestic
Boxes, glass, laboratory
Braided rope, insulating, mineral fibre
Brake pads, mineral fibre, for aircraft
Bricks and blocks, carbon
Bricks and blocks, diatomite, refractory
Bricks and blocks, graphite
Bricks and blocks, refractory, boiler arch
Bricks and blocks, refractory, chrome
Bricks and blocks, refractory, coke oven
Bricks and blocks, refractory, for fuel-fired furnaces
Bricks and blocks, refractory, runner type
Bricks, ceramic or clinker, coloured
Bricks, ceramic or clinker, glazed
Bricks, ceramic or clinker, shaped
Bricks, ceramic or clinker, wirecut and re-pressed wirecut
Bricks, ceramic, for fireplaces and columns
Bricks, concrete and baryte, prefabricated, for the nuclear industry
Bricks, facing, ceramic or clinker
Bricks, fletton
Bricks, gypsum
Bricks, hollow, ceramic or clinker
Bricks, prefabricated, concrete
Bricks, reconstituted stone
Bricks, sandlime
Bricks, stoneware
Bricks, terracotta
Bricks/blocks, glass
Bridge, viaduct and road elements, prefabricated, concrete
Brush wheels, bristle or fibre
Brush wheels, wire
Brushes, abrasive
Buffer blocks, ceramic, for relays
Building blocks, expanded clay
Bulbs, glass, for photoelectric cells, thermionic valves/tubes and electronic devices
Bulbs, glass, for radio and television valves
Bull's-eyes, glass
Burettes, glass
Bursting discs, graphite
Bushes, ceramic, lead-in
Bushings, ceramic, insulating
Cable conduits, concrete
Cable covers, clay or earthenware
Cake stands, glass
Calcium silicate products, thermal insulating
Calcium silicate thermal insulation products, sectional, industrial
Candelabra, candlesticks, glass
Capacitor components, ceramic
Capacitors, ceramic
Carafes, glass
Carbon based products
Carbon fibre products
Carbon fibre, chopped
Carbon fibre, continuous tows
Carbon products for foundry use
Carbon products for the electrical industry
Carbon products for the iron and steel industry
Carbon products, chemical resistant, anti-corrosive
Carbons and powders, spectrography
Carboys, glass
Casks and vats, prefabricated, concrete
Catch basins/pits and covers, concrete
Cattle grids, cattle pens, pig pens and cattle slats, concrete
Cavity closers, clay, for the building industry
Ceilings, hollow, concrete, prefabricated
Cement based coatings for tube and pipe thermal insulation
Cement, Portland
Cement, hydraulic
Cement, masonry
Cemetery monuments and ornaments, stone
Ceramic abrasive components for deburring and metal finishing
Ceramic and clinker building products
Ceramic based materials for insulating coatings
Ceramic bricks
Ceramic components, hot pressed, for electronic applications
Ceramic components, injection moulded, for the electronics industry
Ceramic components, wear resistant, industrial
Ceramic fibre products
Ceramic flooring tiles
Ceramic fuse bodies
Ceramic insulating beads
Ceramic machining contractors
Ceramic products for foundries
Ceramic products for the electrical industry
Ceramic products for the printing industry
Ceramic products, insulating, for power lines
Ceramic roofing tiles
Ceramic substrates, insulating
Ceramic-metal (cermet) refractories
Ceramics, boron carbide, for engineering applications
Ceramics, electrically conductive
Ceramics, piezoelectric
Ceramics, porous, industrial
Ceramics, precision ground, for engineering applications
Ceramics, radio frequency (RF), low loss electrical ceramics
Ceramics, semiconductor
Ceramics, spark plug
Ceramics, transparent, alumina, for lighting
Ceramics, zirconium oxide, for engineering applications
Chandeliers, glass
Chimney pots, cowls and caps, prefabricated, concrete
Chimney stacks, concrete, prefabricated
Chimney tops, clay
Chips, flint
Chips, stone, paving and flooring
Chopped strands, glass fibre
Cisterns, flushing, vitreous china
Cladding, prefabricated, concrete
Clay-bonded graphite products
Cloth and paper, silicon carbide
Cloth, film and paper, aluminium oxide (corundum)
Cloths, nylon or glass fibre, abrasive impregnated
Coal based products
Coal bunkers, concrete
Coastal protection units, prefabricated, concrete
Coasters, glass, for bottles and glasses
Coating services for optical lenses
Colloidal bonded refractories
Colloidal graphite
Colloidal graphite products
Colour glazing services for glass articles
Columbaria, concrete
Columns and supports, stone
Combustion tubes, glass, laboratory
Compass card discs, mica
Components, carbon, for pumps
Components, ceramic, controlled thermal expansion, for the electronics industry
Components, ceramic-metal (cermet), industrial, to customer specification
Components, graphite, for pumps and pipes
Concrete blocks, prefabricated, urea formaldehyde (UF) foam insulated
Concrete for underwater applications
Concrete foundation units, prefabricated
Concrete mix
Concrete panels, prefabricated, for noise barrier fencing
Concrete products
Concrete products, acid resistant
Concrete products, autoclave cured
Concrete products, centrifugally cast
Concrete products, glass fibre reinforced
Concrete products, hydraulically pressed
Concrete products, lightweight
Concrete products, monolithic
Concrete products, plastic coated
Concrete products, precast
Concrete products, prestressed
Concrete products, refractory
Concrete, heavy, for nuclear use
Concrete, ready-mixed
Condensers, glass, for laboratories
Condiment/cruet sets, glass
Conduits, glazed fireclay, for the electrical industry
Cones, abrasive
Connector components, ceramic, electrical
Contacts, graphite, for electrical equipment
Containers and bottles, glass, for florists
Containers, glass, clear
Containers, glass, coloured
Containers, glass, enamelled
Containers, glass, other than bottles, to customer specification
Containers, plastic coated glass, for aerosols
Containers, stoneware
Conveyor belts, glass fibre
Cooking utensils, glass, domestic or catering
Copings, balustrade, prefabricated, concrete
Copings, clay, terracotta or faience
Copings, stoneware
Counterweights, prefabricated, concrete
Crosses, stone
Crucibles, carbon
Crucibles, ceramic, industrial
Crucibles, glass, laboratory
Crucibles, graphite and bonded graphite
Crucibles, refractory, silicon carbide
Crushing services for minerals and ores
Crystal glassware
Cups and saucers ceramic
Cups and saucers, glass
Cut glass ornaments, handmade
Cut-off wheels
Cutting discs, metal and abrasive material
Cutting inserts, ceramic, reversible/indexable
Cutting services for abrasive materials
Cutting services, water jet, for ceramics
Cutting services, water jet, for stone
Cutting tools, ceramic
Cuvettes, glass
Cylinders, glass, industrial
Decanters, glass
Decorating services for mirrors
Decorative articles, ceramic
Decorative building elements, prefabricated, concrete
Demijohns, glass
Desiccators, glass
Desk accessories, glass
Diamond cloth
Diamonds, industrial
Diamonds, industrial, bort, grit and powder
Diamonds, synthetic
Dielectric components, ceramic
Diffusers, aromatherapy, ceramic
Dinner ware, ceramic
Discs and diaphragms, graphite
Discs, carbon
Discs, shaped glass, industrial
Dishes, ceramic
Dishes, serving, ceramic
Distillation apparatus, glass, for laboratories
Domes, covers, glass, domestic or catering
Door frames and components, concrete
Doorknobs and drawer knobs, glass
Doors, glass
Doors, glass, automatic
Doors, glass, for washing machines
Dressing services, stone
Driers, glass, laboratory
Drinking fountains, vitreous china
Droppers, glass, laboratory
Dropping bottles, glass, laboratory
Drying tubes, glass, laboratory
Eaves blocks and gutter units, prefabricated, concrete
Electric heating elements, graphite
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, fog type
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, high voltage (HV)
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, low voltage (LV)
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, pin
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, shackle
Electrical insulators, ceramic and porcelain, suspension
Electrodes, electric furnace, carbon
Electrodes, electrographite
Electrodes, graphite
Electrolytic diaphragms, ceramic
Electronic valve components, ceramic
Elements, concrete, for prefabricated buildings
Elutriators, glass, laboratory
Emery cloth, paper and board
Engraving services, stone
Evaporating dishes, glass
Expanded glass granules, recycled glass
Facings, points and drawplates, precious stone, for tolerance checking gauges
False ceilings, artificial and reconstituted stone
Fancy articles, giftware, glass
Fencing, prefabricated, concrete, ornamental
Fibre cement products
Fibre optics materials, fused silica
Fibres, graphite
Files, abrasive material impregnated
Filling mixes, refractory, resin-bonded, for the steel industry
Filter elements, glass fibre
Filter glass, optical
Filter tubes, glass, laboratory
Filters, carbon
Fire blankets, glass fibre
Fireclay products, enamelled
Fireclay retorts and crucibles
Fireplaces, concrete, prefabricated
Fireplaces, mantels, over-mantels, stone
Firing services for decorated artistic glassware
Fittings, concrete, for flues and pipes
Flagons, glass
Flakes, graphite
Flanges, glass fibre
Flap discs, abrasive
Flap wheels, abrasive
Flasks, glass, pocket
Flat glass
Flooring tiles, ceramic, acid resistant
Flooring tiles, ceramic, slip resistant
Flooring, artificial and reconstituted stone
Flooring, concrete, prefabricated
Flooring, modular, interlocking, clinker
Flooring, paving, tiles and slabs, terrazzo
Floorings, ceramic, corrosion resistant, for the chemical, food and brewery industries
Floorings, indoor and outdoor, frostproof, ceramic
Flower blocks, glass
Flowerpots, stoneware
Flue blocks, gas, clay
Flue ducts and refractory flue ducts, prefabricated, concrete
Footbaths, vitreous china
Formers, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Fountains, concrete
Fountains, stone
Fountains, stoneware
Friction linings for the mining industry, mineral fibre
Friction linings, graphite
Friction wheels (gears)
Frosting services for glass bottles and flasks
Funnels, glass, laboratory
Furnace elements, graphite
Furniture, natural stone
Fused silica products
Garages, prefabricated, reinforced concrete
Garden accessories and ornaments, concrete
Garnet paper, garnet cloth
Gas generators, glass, Kipp
Gas washing bottles, glass, laboratory
Gaskets and washers, graphite
Gaskets, carbon filled
Gaskets, ceramic fibre
Gaskets, fibre cement
Gaskets, mica
Gauge glasses, flat, protective
Giftware and souvenirs, porcelain
Gilding services for glass
Girders, reinforced concrete
Glass and crystal cutting services
Glass and crystal etching services
Glass bases, shaped, for electronic applications
Glass beads, rods, tubes and bulbs
Glass blocks
Glass bottles, flasks and jars
Glass caming services
Glass cleaving services
Glass components for domestic appliances
Glass components, precision ground
Glass containers
Glass decorating services
Glass decorating services, ceramic applications
Glass enamelling services
Glass engraving services
Glass fibre composites
Glass fibre products
Glass fibres
Glass fibres, milled
Glass figurines, handmade
Glass flakes for decoration
Glass foam
Glass for photographic plates and slides
Glass frosting services
Glass insulators
Glass machining contractors
Glass mouldings, precision
Glass polishing services
Glass powder
Glass preform blanks, shaped, for hermetic seals
Glass products
Glass products, NES
Glass products, enamelled
Glass products, shaped, for measuring and testing equipment
Glass reinforced gypsum products
Glass wadding
Glass wool
Glass, X-ray protection
Glass, boron
Glass, bullet resistant
Glass, etched
Glass, fire-barrier
Glass, flat, blown
Glass, flat, bulletproof
Glass, flat, float
Glass, flat, fluted or ribbed
Glass, flat, for loudspeakers
Glass, flat, hammered
Glass, flat, heat resistant
Glass, flat, low emissivity
Glass, flat, non-reflective
Glass, flat, opal
Glass, flat, optical
Glass, flat, patterned/decorative
Glass, flat, polished plate
Glass, flat, printed
Glass, flat, reproduction antique
Glass, flat, rolled or cast
Glass, flat, ultra thin
Glass, flat, wired (reinforced)
Glass, frosted
Glass, laminated
Glass, laminated, for screens and shower cabinets
Glass, lead
Glass, mirror
Glass, reflective
Glass, solar control
Glass, tempered/toughened
Glass, tempered/toughened, for domestic electrical appliances
Glasses, drinking
Glassware for perfumes and cosmetics, domestic
Glassware, handmade
Glassware, heat resistant, domestic or catering
Glassware, hotel or restaurant
Glassware, laboratory, for the dairy industry
Glassware, sintered, for filtration, laboratory
Glazing services, lead light
Glazing, glass
Globes, shaped glass, service stations' petrol pumps
Grading services for abrasive media
Granules, carbon
Granules, graphite
Graphite for spark erosion
Graphite products
Graphite products for laboratory use
Graphite products for the chemical industry
Graphite products for the electrical industry
Graphite products for the iron and steel industry
Graphite products for the non-ferrous metals industry
Graphite products for the nuclear industry
Graphite products to aircraft specifications
Graphite products, heat insulating
Graphite, expandable
Graphite, recycled
Graphite, synthetic, from petroleum coke
Gravestone blanks, stone
Gravestones, memorials, concrete
Grease interceptors (grease traps), concrete
Grinding and classification services for mineral powders
Grinding discs
Grinding media, cylindrical, shaped
Grinding media, helical, hollow
Grinding media, spherical
Grinding of abrasives to customer specification
Grinding points
Grinding services for ceramic scrap
Grinding tools, emery cloth, cylindrical or spirally wound, for bevelling
Grinding wheel cores
Grinding wheel segments
Grinding wheels
Grinding wheels and abrasive stones
Grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride (CBN)
Grinding wheels, diamond impregnated
Grinding wheels, emery coated rubber
Grinding wheels, silicon carbide
Grouting, plaster based
Grouts and mortars, refractory
Grouts, cementitious
Gypsum and plaster
Gypsum products
Gypsum products, insulating
Haemolysis tubes, glass
Heat exchangers, glass, laboratory
Heater element formers, mica
Heater element supports, ceramic
High vacuum articles, taps and joints, glass, laboratory
Hollow glassware for domestic and catering use
Honing stones, oilstones, whetstones
Honing tools, flexible
Hors d'oeuvres dishes, glass
Hoses, glass fibre
Houses, bungalows and chalets, prefabricated concrete
Hutches, rabbit, prefabricated, concrete
Ice buckets, glass
Incinerator blocks, prefabricated, concrete, for buildings
Insulating cones, pivots and studs, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulating discs, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulating materials, non-asbestos, electrical applications
Insulating products, high temperature, ceramic fibre
Insulating reels, spools, bobbins, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulating sheaths, glass fibre
Insulating tubes and rods, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulating washers, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulators and insulating components for the electrical industry, ceramic, to customer specification
Insulators, beryllium oxide, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Insulators, electric, glass fibre
Insulators, mica
Insulators, micanite
Integrated mica sheet, composite sheet, mica based
Interior colouring services for glass containers
Jars, glass, capped
Jars, glass, confectionery
Jars, glass, for cosmetics
Jars, glass, for exhibits
Jars, glass, plain lipped
Jars, glass, preserving
Jars, glass, stoppered
Jars, glass, wide-mouthed
Jars, glass, with airtight closure
Jewellers' rouge
Joint cover strips, gypsum edged
Jointing materials, graphited
Jointing materials, mineral fibre
Joints and fittings, fibre cement, for pipes, ducts and conduits
Jugs, glass, domestic
Jugs, glass, graduated, laboratory
Juice extractors (lemon squeezers), glass, domestic or catering
Keene's cement (plaster)
Kerbs, channels, gullies and culverts, concrete
Kerbstones, paving blocks, edgings and channels, stone
Kitchenware, glass
Kitchenware, porcelain
Laboratory articles, fused quartz or silica
Laboratory cylinders, glass
Laboratory flasks and jars, glass
Laboratory glassware
Laboratory retorts, glass
Laboratory vessels, glass, for pathological analyses
Lagging and insulation, glass fibre
Lagging and insulation, glass wool
Laminates, mineral fibre
Lamp bases, ceramic
Lamp-chimneys, glass
Lampholders and electric lamp components, ceramic
Lamps and lampshades, rock-salt
Lampshades, alabaster glass
Lampshades, lamp bowls, glass
Lapping stones and wheels
Laser coating services for optical lenses
Laths, gypsum
Laths, plaster
Lens blanks, optical glass
Lighting appliances, crystal
Lighting panels, diffuser panels, glass
Lime and stucco
Lime for the chemical industry
Lime putty
Lime, Vienna
Lime, agricultural
Lime, building
Lime, dolomitic, industrial
Lime, fat
Lime, hydrated
Lime, hydraulic
Lintels and sills, ceramic, clinker or clay
Liqueur sets, glass
Litter bins, concrete
Lubricating pads and blocks, graphite
Machining services for graphite
Manhole, duct and trench covers, concrete
Manholes, hydrant pits and inspection chambers, concrete
Mariotte bottles, glass, laboratory
Masts and flagpoles, glass fibre
Masts, concrete, for floodlighting
Mats, glass fibre
Mats, glass wool
Mechanical seals, carbon
Mechanical seals, silicon carbide
Mercury glass for silverware
Mesh, reinforcing, glass fibre, facade insulation
Metallised ceramics, electrical
Meter boxes, concrete, for water, gas and electricity meters
Mica and micanite products
Mica blocks
Mica paper insulating components to customer specification
Mica paper products
Mica sheets and splittings
Mica, flaked
Mica, glass fibre bonded
Mica, powdered
Micronising services for minerals and ores
Milestones, granite
Milling services for minerals and ores
Mineral and ore mixing and crushing
Mineral fibre products, NES
Mineral insulating materials
Mineral insulation materials for cavity walls
Mineral products NES
Mirrors, curved
Mirrors, flat and bevelled
Mirrors, glass, flexible mosaic sheets
Mirrors, glass, to customer specification
Mirrors, gold or silver plated frame
Mirrors, illuminated
Mirrors, make-up (vanity mirrors)
Mirrors, metal framed
Mirrors, plastic
Mirrors, plastic framed
Mirrors, safety and security, large angle of view
Mirrors, unframed
Mirrors, wooden framed
Monuments, stone
Mortars and pestles, glass, laboratory
Mosaic tesserae, ceramic
Mosaics, artistic
Mosaics, stoneware
Moulded glass articles to customer specification
Moulds, glass fibre, for foundry use
Moulds, graphite, for sintering
Mugs and tankards, glass
Mugs, ceramic
Multi-layer component modules, ceramic, for the electronics industry
Napkin rings, glass
Netting, glass fibre
Nozzles, ceramic, industrial
Nuclear plant components, heavy concrete
Office articles, crystal
Oil cups, petrol cups, glass, for petrol pumps
Optical blank glass
Optical fibres
Optical glass fibre products
Ornamental products, stone
Packing rings, graphite
Packing sheets, mineral fibre, plastic-bonded, for high pressure applications
Packings and gaskets, glass yarn, for thermal insulation
Packings, glass, for absorption towers
Packings, graphited
Painting services for glass
Panels and wall facings, stone
Panels, ceramic, enamelled, for the building industry
Panels, crystal, fire decorated
Panels, glass fibre
Panels, gypsum
Panels, insulating, fibreglass foam
Panels, prefabricated, concrete, for partitions
Panels, prefabricated, faced, concrete
Paper and board, mineral fibre
Paper, glass fibre
Parian cement (plaster)
Partitions, gypsum
Partitions, plaster
Pastes, refractory
Pavement and roof lights, prefabricated, concrete
Paving stones, clay
Paving tiles, ceramic
Paving, artificial and reconstituted stone
Paving, concrete, prefabricated
Percolator components, glass
Perlite products
Petri dishes, glass
Picture and photograph frames, glass
Picture frames, ceramic
Piles and pier footings, concrete
Pipe fittings, glass, laboratory
Pipelines, reinforced concrete, for pressurised water
Pipes, ducts and conduits, fibre cement
Pipes, prefabricated, concrete
Pipes, reinforced concrete, sheet steel lined
Pipettes, glass, laboratory
Plaster for direct application to smooth concrete
Plaster mixes, dry
Plaster products
Plaster, anhydrite gypsum
Plaster, gypsum, retarded
Plaster, interior, fire protection
Plaster, premixed, lightweight
Plaster, ready-mixed
Plasters and renders
Plate glass, enamelled
Plates and sheets, carbon
Plates and sheets, graphite
Plates, mica, for the electrical and electronics industries
Plates, shaped glass, industrial
Plinths and pedestals, stone
Poles and posts, concrete, for agricultural use
Poles and posts, concrete, for street lighting and transport infrastructure
Poles, concrete, for power lines
Poles, concrete, for telegraph and telephone lines
Polishing and buffing discs
Polishing and buffing wheels
Polishing rods for tubes and cylinders
Polymer concrete products
Porthole glasses
Posts, boundary, fencing and gate, concrete
Pottery, blackware
Pottery, brown-ware
Pottery, decorated
Pottery, decorative and ornamental
Pottery, glazed
Pottery, handmade or hand-thrown
Pottery, nursery
Pottery, regional or traditional
Pottery, terracotta
Pottery, unglazed
Powder, carbon
Powder, graphite
Powders and pastes, abrasive, for grinding
Powders and pastes, abrasive, for lapping
Powders and pastes, abrasive, for polishing
Powders and pastes, scouring
Powders, abrasive, graded
Powders, grains and flakes, natural mineral, abrasive
Powders, refractory
Prefabricated concrete elements for air raid shelters and nuclear bunkers
Pressed components, mica
Pressed-shaped glass articles
Pressings, micanite
Products, expanded concrete
Products, expanded concrete, for the building industry
Protective linings, mica, for gauge tubes
Pulpits, stone
Pumice sponges for cosmetic purposes
Pumice stone, abrasive
Pump components, silicon nitride
Punchbowls, glass
Quartz and silica electrothermal products
Quicklime/calcium oxide
Railway platforms, concrete, prefabricated
Ramming refractories
Raschig rings, carbon
Reflectors, shaped glass
Refractory aggregates
Refractory batts and props
Refractory bricks and blocks
Refractory bricks and blocks, bauxite
Refractory bricks and blocks, chrome magnesite
Refractory bricks and blocks, dolomite
Refractory bricks and blocks, ferroclad and metal cased
Refractory bricks and blocks, high alumina
Refractory bricks and blocks, high temperature
Refractory bricks and blocks, magnesite
Refractory bricks and blocks, silica
Refractory bricks and blocks, silicon carbide
Refractory bricks and blocks, sillimanite/fibrolite
Refractory bricks and blocks, zircon
Refractory bricks, domestic, shaped, for cooking ranges and grates
Refractory bricks, industrial, shaped
Refractory bricks, low heat storage
Refractory bricks, thermal insulation
Refractory cements
Refractory cements, electrical insulating
Refractory crucibles, zircon
Refractory hollowware
Refractory installation services
Refractory insulating paste, ceramic fibre
Refractory kiln furniture
Refractory linings for boilers
Refractory linings for flues
Refractory linings for furnaces
Refractory linings for gas retorts
Refractory linings for ladles
Refractory materials and their non-shaped products
Refractory materials and their non-shaped products by use
Refractory materials for boiler furnaces
Refractory materials for foundries, the steel industry, blast furnace stoves
Refractory materials for gasworks
Refractory materials for induction furnaces
Refractory materials for nuclear reactors
Refractory materials for the cement industry
Refractory materials for the ceramics industry
Refractory materials for the electrical industry
Refractory materials for the glass industry
Refractory materials, 85 to 99% alumina
Refractory materials, alumina rich clay based, 45 to 85% aluminium oxide
Refractory materials, andalusite, 45 to 85% alumina
Refractory materials, bauxite and diaspore, 45 to 85% alumina
Refractory materials, chrome dolomite
Refractory materials, chrome magnesite
Refractory materials, chromite
Refractory materials, corundum, 85 to 99% alumina
Refractory materials, cristobalite-zirconium
Refractory materials, dolomite
Refractory materials, kyanite/disthene, 45 to 85% alumina
Refractory materials, magnesia
Refractory materials, magnesite, raw and fired
Refractory materials, magnesite, sintered and ground
Refractory materials, magnesium or magnesium-chromite, metal coated
Refractory materials, mouldable
Refractory materials, olivine, phosphorite and serpentine based
Refractory materials, pure oxide
Refractory materials, silica
Refractory materials, siliceous, 15 to 25% alumina
Refractory materials, sillimanite/fibrolite, 45 to 85% alumina
Refractory materials, synthetic mullite, 45 to 85% alumina
Refractory materials, zircon
Refractory materials, zirconium oxide
Refractory muffles
Refractory night storage heater blocks
Refractory nozzles
Refractory plugs and rods
Refractory product waste
Refractory products for insulating
Refractory products, shaped, based on carbides, borides and nitrides
Refractory products, shaped, ceramic fibre
Refractory products, silicon carbide
Refractory products, silicon carbide, shaped
Refractory radiants for gas and electric fires
Refractory saggars
Refractory setters
Refractory shaped products
Refractory shaped products for bakery and pastry ovens
Refractory shaped products for cement works and limekilns
Refractory shaped products for electric furnaces
Refractory shaped products for glassworks
Refractory shaped products for hearths
Refractory shaped products for the ceramics industry
Refractory shaped products for the chemical industry
Refractory shaped products for the electronics industry
Refractory shaped products for the iron and steel industry
Refractory sheaths
Refractory sleeves
Refractory trays
Refractory tubing and tubes
Reinforced concrete products
Reinforced concrete products to customer specification
Resistor components, ceramic
Resonators, ceramic
Retaining walls, reinforced concrete
Rings, carbon
Rings, graphite
Risers and treads, ceramic or clay, for staircases
Road studs, shaped glass
Rock wool cupels
Rock wool mats, tiles and panels
Rock wool products
Rock wool products, acoustic insulating
Rock wool products, fire resistant
Rock wool products, thermal insulating
Rock wool sections
Rock wool slabs
Rock wool thermal insulation for cylinder tanks
Rock wool, granulated
Rock wool, loose
Rock wool, spun
Rods and tubes, borosilicate glass
Rods and tubes, ceramic, industrial
Rods and tubes, fused quartz or fused silica glass
Rods and tubes, glass fibre
Rods, micanite
Rolling pins, marble
Roof and wall linings, gypsum
Roof decking, gypsum
Roof lights and domes, shaped glass
Roof trusses and purlins, prefabricated, concrete
Roofing elements, concrete, prefabricated
Roofing tiles, ceramic
Roofing tiles, clay
Roofing tiles, terracotta, curved
Roofing, fibre cement
Rubbish chutes, prefabricated, concrete
Safes and boxes, prefabricated, concrete
Safety glass, laminated
Safety handles, glass fibre, for tools
Salad servers, glass
Sandpaper or glasspaper
Sandstone products
Sandwich panels, concrete
Sanitary installations, concrete
Sanitary installations, stoneware
Sanitary ware and bathroom accessories, ceramic
Sanitary ware, decorated, vitreous china
Sanitary ware, vitreous china
Sanitary ware, vitreous china, for the elderly and disabled
Sawing services, stone
Sculptures and statues, stone
Sealing materials, glass fibre
Seals and packings, mineral fibre
Seals, ceramic
Seals, ceramic to metal, for electronic tubes and equipment
Sections, micanite
Separation wall units, mobile, prefabricated, reinforced concrete
Separators, concrete, oil/grease-water
Septic tanks, prefabricated, concrete
Sewage pipes, reinforced concrete
Shaped glass products
Shapes, refractory, to customer specification
Sheaths, graphite, thermocouple
Sheet and plate glass, curved
Sheet glass for picture framing
Sheet glass, clear
Sheet glass, coloured
Sheet glass, flat, drawn
Sheet glass, opaque
Sheet glass, safety
Sheets, borosilicate glass
Sheets, concrete, for prefabricated panels
Sheets, micanite
Sheets, prefabricated, concrete, corrugated, for the building industry
Shelves, glass
Shelves, shaped glass, for refrigerators
Shields, glass, radiation protection, laboratory
Shields, mica
Shingles, fibreglass mat, bitumen and silicon covered
Shot and grit, abrasive
Shot, abrasive, vegetable matter
Shower cabinets, glass
Shuttles, graphite
Sight glasses, glass
Signposts, concrete
Silicon carbide products
Silicon-alumina ceramic fibre based products, thermal insulating
Sills, mantels and shelves, concrete, prefabricated
Skirting boards, gypsum
Skirting boards, plaster
Slabs, compressed mineral fibre
Slabs, stone
Slate products
Slate, cut, for roofing
Soap dishes and sponge holders, vitreous china
Soda syphons, glass
Soxhlet extractors, glass
Spacers, insulating, ceramic, for the electrical industry
Sponges, abrasive, polishing and buffing
Sports trophies, glass
Stained glass windows to customer specification
Stairs, stone, self-supporting
Stands, concrete, prefabricated, for stadiums
Stands, glass, test tube and filter
Staple fibres, glass
Statuary and ornamental products, gypsum
Statuary and ornamental work, plaster
Statues and monuments, concrete
Steps, staircases and landings, concrete, prefabricated
Steps, stone
Stirrers, stirring rods, glass, laboratory
Stone blocks for bridges and dock walls
Stone chippings and sand, decorative, for flower beds
Stone products
Stone products, agate, onyx
Stone products, alabaster
Stone products, basalt
Stone products, granite, gneiss
Stone products, limestone
Stone products, marble
Stone products, pumice
Stone products, quartzite
Stone products, serpentine
Stone products, steatite
Stone, cut and sawn, for the building industry
Stone, dressed, in random blocks
Stone, garden, rockery, crazy paving
Stone, ground
Stone, scabbled and dressed
Stone, walling
Stones, lithographic
Stoneware products
Stoneware products, artistic and fancy
Stoneworking services
Storage bins, prefabricated, concrete
Storage buildings and workshops, modular, concrete, prefabricated
Stove bases, concrete
Strips, terracotta
Structural glass and glass sections
Subway units, concrete
Support elements, clay, for tiles and joists
Surfacing material, concrete and synthetic binder, for sports grounds
Suspended ceiling tiles, decorative, mineral fibre
Swimming pool enclosures, prefabricated, concrete
Swimming pool units, prefabricated, concrete
Syphons, laboratory, glass
Syringe blanks, glass
Table tops and worktops, granite
Table tops and worktops, marble
Table tops, glass
Tableware, ceramic
Tableware, coloured cut crystal
Tableware, crystal
Tableware, cut glass
Tableware, porcelain
Tableware, stoneware
Tanks and troughs, concrete
Tanks, glass, for laboratories
Taps, valves and stopcocks, glass, laboratory
Technical ceramic products
Television safety screens, shaped glass
Tempered/toughened glass articles
Tennis court units, concrete
Terrariums, glass
Test tubes, glass
Thermal insulation, mineral fibre, sectional, for pipes
Thermostat components, ceramic
Tile bases, clay, for flooring
Tiles and flooring, stone
Tiles and slabs, gypsum
Tiles, acoustic, glass wool
Tiles, ceramic, for walls
Tiles, ceramic, hand-decorated
Tiles, clay
Tiles, glass
Tiles, hollow, ceramic or clinker
Tiles, porcelain finish, ceramic or clinker
Tiles, porcelain, ceramic and glazed earthenware, industrial, for chimney flues
Tiles, refractory
Tiles, slate
Tiles, stoneware
Tiles, terracotta
Tiles, wall and floor, prefabricated, concrete
Toilet brush holders, vitreous china
Toilet roll holders, vitreous china
Toilet sets, crystal
Tool tips or inserts, ceramic, metalworking
Tools, granite, for engineers
Tooth mug/glass and toothbrush holders, vitreous china
Tops and worktops, artificial and reconstituted stone
Towel rails, vitreous china
Traffic barriers, safety, prefabricated, concrete
Travel case toilet sets, glass
Trays, glass
Treads and risers, stone, for staircases
Tree grids/grilles, prefabricated, concrete
Troughs, glass
Tubes and boxes, mica
Tubes, carbon
Tubes, glass, absorption, laboratory
Tubes, glass, centrifuge, laboratory
Tubes, glass, easily meltable, laboratory
Tubes, graphite
Tubing, mineral fibre
Tunnel linings, concrete
Tunnel segments, concrete
Vacuum flasks, glass
Valves, carbon
Vases, ceramic
Vases, crystal
Vases, glass
Vases, lamp bases, candlesticks and statuettes, porcelain
Vases, stone, carved
Vases, stoneware
Vee rings, mica
Vermiculite products
Vials, glass
Vials, glass, laboratory
Wall cladding, fibre cement
Wall cladding, glass
Wall cladding, glass fibre
Wall cladding, glass wool
Wall coatings, decorative stone and cement
Wall decorations, relief, putty
Wall facing and cladding, prefabricated, fibreglass reinforced polymer concrete
Walls, concrete, prefabricated
Walls, concrete, soundproof, prefabricated
Wash bottles, glass, laboratory
Washers, carbon
Washers, mica
Washing of emery paste to customer specification
Watch-glasses for laboratory use
Weights, concrete, for underwater cables
Well casings and covers, concrete
Wicks, glass fibre
Window bullions, glass
Window glass
Window glass, cathedral
Window sills, stone
Window surrounds and components, prefabricated, concrete
Windows, radiation shielding
Windows, sight glasses, mica
Windscreens and windows, flat glass, tempered/toughened, for transport use
Windscreens, shaped glass
Worktops, glass, tempered/toughened
Woulfe's bottles, glass
X-ray accessories, carbon fibre
Yarns, fabrics and tapes, graphite
Yarns, fabrics, felts and tapes, carbon

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