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Kompass Business Classifications
Paper, Printing, Publishing
Address books and telephone indexes
Adhesive and self-adhesive tapes and rolls
Adhesive and self-adhesive tapes and rolls, by use
Adhesive labels
Adhesive paper
Alabaster board
Albums and files
Albums for picture cards
Albums for vinyl records
Bags, cargo protection, inflatable, paper
Bags, paper, fancy, for gifts
Bags, paper, for vacuum cleaners
Bags, paper, grease resistant or greaseproof
Bags, paper, imitation kraft
Bags, paper, kraft
Bags, paper, lined and/or coated
Bags, paper, multi-ply
Bags, paper, with flap closures
Bags, paper, with transparent film window
Bakers' and confectioners' articles, cardboard
Base and backing paper
Base paper for carbon paper
Base paper, photographic
Bath mats, paper, disposable
Beer mats, paperboard or fibreboard
Binders and covers for presentations
Binders for samples
Binders, loose-leaf
Binders, ring
Binders, stationery
Blinds, paper
Board for card-indexes
Board for exercise book covers
Board for flongs
Board for folders and dividers
Boards, bitumen
Book jackets and covers
Books and pads, analysis
Books, counterfoil
Books, receipt
Bottle cap liners, paper or board
Boxes and cases, corrugated cardboard, lined
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, coated
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, folding
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, for pens
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, for pizza deliveries
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, for the food industry
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, lidded
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, metal edged
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, round or oval
Boxes, cardboard or paperboard, waxed, for food and beverages
Boxes, cardboard, fancy paper covered
Boxes, cardboard, for automatic packing and filling machines
Boxes, cardboard, for garments
Boxes, cardboard, for medical specimens
Boxes, cardboard, for the cosmetics industry
Boxes, cardboard, for wine bottles
Boxes, cardboard, glued
Boxes, cardboard, heat sealable
Boxes, cardboard, with carrying handles
Boxes, cartons and containers, corrugated cardboard or paperboard
Boxes, corrugated cardboard, waterproofed
Boxes, display, cardboard or paperboard
Boxes, fibreboard
Boxes, fibreboard, for garments
Boxes, fibreboard, for the food industry
Boxes, fibreboard, for the pharmaceutical industry
Calendars, daily
Calendars, monthly
Caps and covers, paper
Carbon and self-duplicating paper and articles
Cardboard articles, die-cut, embossed, pressed and printed
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes, by use
Cardboard by use
Cardboard for acoustic insulation
Cardboard for ammunition cartridges
Cardboard for beer mats
Cardboard for containers and boxes
Cardboard for electrical insulation
Cardboard for gaskets
Cardboard for matchboxes
Cardboard for packaging and wrapping
Cardboard for picture mounting
Cardboard for playing cards
Cardboard for suitcases and travel goods
Cardboard for templates and stencils
Cardboard for the bookbinding and printing industries
Cardboard for the building industry
Cardboard for the clothing industry
Cardboard for the electrical industry
Cardboard for the footwear industry
Cardboard for the furniture industry
Cardboard for the motor vehicle industry
Cardboard for the textile industry
Cardboard packagings
Cardboard packagings by use
Cardboard packagings, printed
Cardboard products for concrete casting
Cardboard to customer specification
Cardboard vulcanised fibre semi-finished products
Cardboard, Jacquard
Cardboard, acid free
Cardboard, ceramic fibre based
Cardboard, cloth centred
Cardboard, coated
Cardboard, covered
Cardboard, felted
Cardboard, filtering
Cardboard, flame retardant
Cardboard, glazed
Cardboard, honeycomb
Cardboard, laminated
Cardboard, lined
Cardboard, manilla
Cardboard, marbled
Cardboard, plasterboard lining
Cardboard, rag based
Cardboard, recycled
Cardboard, waterproof
Cardboard, wood pulp based
Cards, greetings
Carrier bags, paper
Cartons and cases, corrugated fibreboard
Cartons, cardboard or paperboard
Cartons, cardboard or paperboard, for liquids
Cartons, cardboard or paperboard, lined
Cartons, cardboard or paperboard, printed
Cartons, cardboard or paperboard, wax coated
Cartons, corrugated cardboard, to customer specification
Cases, cardboard
Cases, corrugated cardboard, waxed, varnished
Casings, paper, for stamps
Cellulose and paper wadding
Cellulose wadding
Cellulose, paper or cardboard articles, moulded
Coat-hangers, recycled cardboard
Coated and laminated paper and board
Components, cardboard, shaped and moulded to customer specification
Containers, cardboard or paperboard
Containers, fibreboard
Containers, fibreboard, to customer specification
Corners, self-adhesive, for photograph albums
Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard, sheet lined
Corrugated paper and board
Craft paper
Cups, cardboard or paper, for foodstuffs and drinks
Cushioning, paper, multi-ply, embossed
Cut-outs, cardboard
Cutlery trays, fitted, cardboard
Cylinders, paper or fibreboard
Decalcomania (decals), paper, self-adhesive, promotional and decorative, to customer specification
Decorative articles, paper and cardboard
Diaries and calendars, desk
Diaries and calendars, pocket
Diaries, time organiser
Die-cutting services, paper and paperboard
Discs and plates, cardboard, for cakes
Dividers, corrugated cardboard, for boxes and cartons
Drinking straws, paper
Drip-mats, paper
Drums, fibreboard
Duplex board
Edge protectors, cardboard
Envelopes, paper
Envelopes, paper, to customer specification
Envelopes, pouches and wallets, paper, for packaging
Envelopes, synthetic paper, non-tear
Exercise books
Fans, paper, hand-held
Festival articles, cardboard
Fibreboard, cut and moulded, for toys
Fibreboard, cut, embossed and moulded
Files for suspension filing systems
Film, sensitised photographic, dyeline/diazo base
Filters, paper, for coffee
Filters, paper, for tea
Flags, paper
Flowerpots, paper
Fluff (paper surface fibres)
Foil and metallised paper, adhesive
Folders, flap, elastic closure
Food wrapping and packaging paper
Gaskets, cardboard
Gaskets, vulcanised fibre
Glue binding services for paper products
Greetings cards
Handicraft materials, adhesive and gummed paper
Hygiene paper
Identification badges and passes, paper, expiry indicating
Impregnated paper
Kitchen rolls, paper
Kraftliner board
Label stock, paper, self-adhesive
Labels with detachable letters or numbers
Labels, non-adhesive
Labels, paper, adhesive
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, bar code
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for bottles and cans, in rolls
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for computers
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for franking
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for hazardous products
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for retail price weighing machines
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, for typewriters
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, security, tamper evident
Labels, paper, adhesive or self-adhesive, to customer specification
Labels, paper, adhesive, for luggage
Labels, paper, forgery protected
Labels, paper, non-adhesive
Labels, paper, non-adhesive, for the food industry
Labels, paper, self-adhesive
Labels, paper, self-adhesive, for photocopiers and laser printers
Labels, paper, self-adhesive, for tapes, cassettes, disks
Labels, paper, self-adhesive, for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Labels, paper, self-adhesive, in rolls
Labels, paper, self-adhesive, multi-layer
Labels, paper, thermal transfer
Labels, paper, thermo-adhesive
Labels, paper, wet-glue application, for bottles and cans
Labels, tags and price tickets
Lace paper holders for bouquets
Laminating tapes, self-adhesive
Lampshades, paper
Letter-cards, pictorial
Letters and numbers, cardboard, die-cut
Memo cubes/note cubes
Mobiles, paper
Moulded pulp products
Napkins, handkerchiefs and facial tissues, cellulose wadding
Notebooks and writing pads
Packaging inserts, cardboard, for the clothing industry
Packaging materials, biodegradable recycled paper
Packaging materials, paper
Packaging materials, paper, for fresh food
Packaging pads and shapes, corrugated paper
Packagings, bags and sacks, paper, printed, to customer specification
Packagings, bags and sacks, paper, to customer specification
Packagings, cardboard reinforced paper
Packagings, corrugated cardboard, electrostatic discharge
Packagings, kraft paper
Packagings, paper and cardboard, for food products
Packagings, paper, flexible, for the pharmaceutical industry
Packagings, paper, for cosmetics and toiletries
Packagings, protective, cardboard or paperboard
Packagings, protective, cardboard, to customer specification
Pads, memo
Pads, paper, for computer graphics
Pads, petty cash voucher
Pads, removable memo notes (Post-it type)
Paper and board converting services
Paper and board for restoration and framing
Paper and board for stationery articles
Paper and board, artistic use
Paper and board, graphic design use, for drawing and writing
Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing
Paper and books, manuscript
Paper and cardboard processing services
Paper and cardboard tubes
Paper and paper rolls, metallised, non-printed
Paper articles, die-cut and embossed
Paper bags and sacks for packaging
Paper bags and sacks for packaging, by use
Paper coating services
Paper for bags
Paper for book printing
Paper for copperplate printing
Paper for corrugating
Paper for cutlery, non-printed
Paper for envelopes
Paper for filters
Paper for folders
Paper for forms
Paper for gift-wrapping
Paper for greetings cards
Paper for groceries
Paper for industrial use
Paper for ink jet printers
Paper for laser printers
Paper for optical character recognition (OCR)
Paper for postage stamps
Paper for printing, lightweight
Paper for recording instruments
Paper for rotary offset printing
Paper for specific purposes
Paper for tea or infusion bags
Paper for vacuum cleaner dust bags
Paper for various uses
Paper products for cookery and bakery
Paper rolls and tapes for teleprinters
Paper rolls, non-printed, for automatic packaging machines
Paper rolls, non-printed, for office machinery
Paper rolls, non-printed, multi-ply
Paper rolls, printed, for automatic packaging machines
Paper slitting services
Paper, adhesive, crêpe
Paper, adhesive, kraft
Paper, adhesive, waterproof
Paper, baking
Paper, bank or bond, non-printed
Paper, bituminised
Paper, boilproof
Paper, brush coated
Paper, carbon
Paper, cast coated
Paper, chromo coated
Paper, coated, coloured
Paper, coated, for facsimile (fax) machines
Paper, coated, for floor coverings
Paper, coated, for packagings
Paper, coated, for photocopiers
Paper, coated, for posters
Paper, coated, high gloss
Paper, coated, offset
Paper, coated, one side
Paper, coated, supercalendered
Paper, coated, two sides
Paper, coloured
Paper, coloured, laminated
Paper, copying, carbonless
Paper, cork laminated
Paper, crêpe
Paper, duplicator
Paper, dyeline/diazo base
Paper, emulsion coated
Paper, exercise book
Paper, fabric laminated
Paper, flame retardant
Paper, for disposable coffee filters
Paper, freeze resistant
Paper, glassine
Paper, glazed, transparent
Paper, greaseproof
Paper, gummed
Paper, imitation kraft
Paper, impregnated, for mechanical seals
Paper, impregnated, for panel laminating and decorating
Paper, kraft
Paper, lacquered
Paper, laminated with paper, foil and film
Paper, laminated, for decorative packaging
Paper, latex impregnated
Paper, loose-leaf binder
Paper, luminescent, phosphorescent
Paper, luminous finish
Paper, machine coated
Paper, machine-glazed
Paper, manilla
Paper, newsprint
Paper, nitrocellulose coated
Paper, oiled
Paper, plastic coated
Paper, printed, for landscape modelling
Paper, recycled
Paper, reinforced, laminated
Paper, resin impregnated
Paper, scented
Paper, sealing, adhesive
Paper, self-adhesive
Paper, sensitised photographic, dyeline/diazo base
Paper, silicon impregnated
Paper, silicone coated
Paper, slip resistant
Paper, tear strip, self-adhesive
Paper, thermo-adhesive
Paper, tracing
Paper, velvet and flock coated
Paper, waterproof and moisture resistant
Paper, waxed
Paper, wrapping, fine and extra-fine
Paper, wrapping, for sugar
Paper, wrapping, glazed
Paper, wrapping, glazed, for the food industry
Paper, wrapping, glossy
Paper, wrapping, plain
Paper, wrapping, plain and printed, in sheets and reels
Paper, wrapping, printed, plastic and aluminium foil lined
Paper, wrapping, sisal based
Paper, wrapping, straw paper
Paper, writing
Paperboard, coated
Paperboard, foil lined
Paperboard, handmade
Paperboard, insulation, homogeneous
Paperboard, laminated
Paperboard, laminated, for decorative packaging
Paperboard, waterproof
Papier-mâché products
Parchment (skin) and vellum (calfskin) paper
Perforating services for paper
Photograph albums and wallets
Photograph mounts, paper
Photographic film, cine, colour
Photographic film, cine, monochrome
Photographic film, high speed
Photographic film, sensitised, for graphic arts
Photographic film, still, colour
Photographic paper, board, film, cloth and plates. Diazo/dyeline paper
Picture cards
Portfolios, cardboard, for drawings
Postcards, commercial
Posters and signs, cardboard
Pressboard for electrical insulation
Pressboard for the textile industry
Profiles and guards, protective, cardboard or fibreboard
Publishing: Diaries and calendars
Pulp, chemical groundwood
Pulp, chemical, alkalised
Pulp, groundwood/mechanical
Pulp, groundwood/mechanical and chemical
Pulp, hardwood
Pulp, knot wood
Pulp, magnesite
Pulp, oxygen bleached
Pulp, recycled fibre
Pulp, semi-chemical, soda
Pulp, semi-chemical, sulphate
Pulp, semi-chemical, sulphite
Pulp, soda, bleached
Pulp, soda, semi-bleached
Pulp, soda, unbleached
Pulp, softwood
Pulp, sulphate, alpha
Pulp, sulphate, bleached
Pulp, sulphate, semi-bleached
Pulp, sulphate, unbleached
Pulp, sulphite, alpha
Pulp, sulphite, bleached
Pulp, sulphite, semi-bleached
Pulp, sulphite, unbleached
Pulp, thermo-mechanical
Pulp, vegetable, other than wood
Pulpboard, coated
Pulpboard, lined
Pulpboard, middles and ticket
Recycled paper and cardboard
Sacks, paper, glassine, wax laminated
Sacks, paper, multi-wall
Safety paper
Scrapbooking paper and articles
Scrapbooking supplies
Shop window dressing articles, cardboard
Spectacle cases, cardboard
Stamp albums
Stand-up displays, cardboard
Stationery articles
Stationery articles, recycled paper
Stationery sets (papeteries)
Stationery with carbon paper
Stationery, accounting
Stationery, airmail
Stationery, business
Stationery, forms, spot carbonised
Stationery, paper, for laundries
Stationery, paper, for shops
Stationery, social
Stickers, self-adhesive
Strawboard for the textile industry
Tablecloths and napkins, paper
Tableware and table accessories, paper and board
Tableware, cardboard
Tableware, paper
Tabs, paper, indexing, for files
Tags and price tickets, paperboard
Tapes with natural rubber based adhesive
Tapes with polymer based adhesive
Tapes with synthetic rubber based adhesive
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, bonding
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, cable identification
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, coloured
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, corrosion resistant
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, decorative
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, detectable
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, electrical insulation
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for bookbinding
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for household use
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for office use
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for packaging
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for the furniture industry
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, for the printing industry
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, high temperature resistant
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, low temperature resistant
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, masking
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, metallised
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, pipeline identification
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, reinforcing
Tapes, adhesive and self-adhesive, surface protection
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, acetate backed
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, cellulose backed
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, cloth backed
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, double-sided
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, paper backed
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, plastic backed
Tapes, adhesive or self-adhesive, water and weatherproofed
Tapes, adhesive, for design work
Tapes, adhesive, for plate mounting
Tapes, adhesive, metal foil
Tapes, adhesive, paper
Tapes, adhesive, plastic
Tapes, adhesive, rubber
Tapes, adhesive, security
Tapes, adhesive, textile
Tapes, plastic, self-adhesive, printed to customer specification
Tapes, self-adhesive, acrylic
Tapes, self-adhesive, autoclave insulation
Tapes, self-adhesive, banding
Tapes, self-adhesive, cellulose
Tapes, self-adhesive, code wiring details, electrical goods
Tapes, self-adhesive, continuous stationery collation
Tapes, self-adhesive, duct sealing
Tapes, self-adhesive, embossed
Tapes, self-adhesive, fibreglass
Tapes, self-adhesive, film splicing
Tapes, self-adhesive, floor marking
Tapes, self-adhesive, foam
Tapes, self-adhesive, for labels and stickers
Tapes, self-adhesive, for the aircraft industry
Tapes, self-adhesive, for the motor vehicle industry
Tapes, self-adhesive, heat resistant
Tapes, self-adhesive, high tensile strength
Tapes, self-adhesive, metal foil
Tapes, self-adhesive, moisture proof
Tapes, self-adhesive, opaque
Tapes, self-adhesive, paper
Tapes, self-adhesive, paper, to customer specification
Tapes, self-adhesive, permanent
Tapes, self-adhesive, pipe wrapping
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyamide/nylon
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyester
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyethylene (PE)
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyimide
Tapes, self-adhesive, polypropylene (PP)
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyurethane (PU)
Tapes, self-adhesive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Tapes, self-adhesive, reinforced
Tapes, self-adhesive, silicone
Tapes, self-adhesive, tear
Tapes, self-adhesive, textile
Tapes, self-adhesive, textile, double-sided
Tapes, self-adhesive, translucent and transparent
Tapes, self-adhesive, viscose
Tapes, self-adhesive, write-on
Tapes, transfer
Theatrical articles, cardboard
Tissue paper
Tissue paper, raw
Toilet seat covers, paper, disposable
Towels, paper
Trays, cardboard
Tubes, paper or cardboard, for industrial use
Tubes, paper or fibreboard
Tubes, paper, flexible, cut lengths and coiled
Wall coverings, display
Wallpaper and paper backed wall coverings
Wallpaper, colour fast
Wallpaper, coloured, fancy
Wallpaper, dry strippable
Wallpaper, embossed
Wallpaper, fireproofed
Wallpaper, flock finish
Wallpaper, glazed (satin finished)
Wallpaper, hand printed
Wallpaper, machine printed
Wallpaper, scenic/mural
Wallpaper, screen printed
Wallpaper, sound insulating
Wallpaper, washable
Washers, millboard
Washers, paper
Waste-paper baskets, fibreboard or cardboard
Wood fibre products, moulded
Wraparound packs, cardboard
Wrapping paper and paper packaging materials
X-ray films and paper

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