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Kompass Business Classifications
Retail & Traders
Accident damaged vehicles (trade)
Agricultural and plantation raw materials and products (wholesale)
Agricultural machinery and tractors, second-hand
Agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery and equipment (wholesale)
Air compressors, second-hand
Antique furniture
Antiques, paintings and works of art
Auctioneering services, flowers and plants
Auxiliary trade activities
Baby and infant products, retail chains
Barter traders, national
Beauty parlours
Bidding agents
Boilers, second-hand
Booksellers, retail chains
Bookshops, second-hand
Builders' tools and equipment, second-hand
Building materials, second-hand (trade)
Butchers retail chains
Buying agents, instruments, optical and photographic equipment
Buying agents, machine tools and industrial supplies
Buying agents, metals, ironmongery and tools
Buying agents, motor vehicles
Buying agents, office machinery and accessories, stationery
Buying and commission agents
Cash and carry centre operators
Central purchasing organisations
Central purchasing organisations for hypermarkets, department stores, high street stores and retail outlets
Central purchasing organisations for medical supplies
Chains, metal, second-hand and reconditioned
Chemical industry machinery and equipment, second-hand
Chemical plant and equipment, second-hand and reconditioned
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals (wholesale)
Chemists/pharmacies, retail chains
Circuit breakers, second-hand and reconditioned
Civil engineering plant and equipment, second-hand
Clothes, second-hand and surplus (trade)
Clothing, footwear, fur, leather goods and fashion accessories (wholesale)
Clothing, retail chains
Co-operative societies, retail trade
Collection stamps and philately equipment
Commission agents, international
Commission agents, national
Commodity merchants
Commodity merchants, cereals
Commodity merchants, crude oil
Commodity merchants, metal ores
Components for industrial machinery, second-hand
Computer games retail chains
Computer, software and computer publications retail chains
Computers and computer hardware, second-hand
Computers and office machinery and equipment, software (wholesale)
Construction and mining machinery and equipment (wholesale)
Consultants, mail order catalogue
Cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries (wholesale)
Department and chain stores
Department stores, national
Destocking, textile (outlet stores)
Discount stores, retail chains
Door to door sales
Duty free shops, airport
Earth-moving, road making and construction machinery and equipment, reconditioned or second-hand
Echographs, medical, second-hand
Echographs, medical, second-hand and refurbished
Electric and electronic equipment for industrial use (wholesale)
Electric motors, second-hand
Experts and auctioneers
Fair trade products (trade)
Fishing tackle, retail chains
Food and beverage industry equipment, second-hand
Food and beverage industry machinery and equipment, reconditioned
Food and beverages, fair trade (trade)
Food, beverages and tobacco (wholesale)
Footwear, retail chains
Forestry equipment, second-hand
Fork lift trucks, rebuilt and reconditioned
Frozen foods, retail chains
Furniture (wholesale)
Furniture and furnishings, retail chains
Garden centres and gardening supplies, retail chains
General brokers, international trade
General merchants
Giftware, toys, sporting and recreational goods (wholesale)
Groceries and provisions, retail chains
Hairdressing salons
Handling and lifting equipment, second-hand
Handling equipment (wholesale)
Hardware, plumbing, refrigerating, heating and air conditioning equipment and supplies (wholesale)
Health and diet food, retail chains
Heating, refrigerating and air conditioning equipment, second-hand
Hospital, medical, dentistry and veterinary equipment (wholesale)
Household and kitchen articles, non-electric (wholesale)
Household and kitchen equipment, electric and electronic (wholesale)
Household appliances, retail chains
Hydraulic equipment, second-hand
Importers and exporters
Importers-exporters, agricultural machinery, spare parts and components
Importers-exporters, agricultural products
Importers-exporters, arms and weapons
Importers-exporters, audio-visual (AV) equipment
Importers-exporters, building industry and public works materials and equipment
Importers-exporters, chemicals
Importers-exporters, clothing and footwear
Importers-exporters, coal
Importers-exporters, commodities
Importers-exporters, costume jewellery and fancy goods
Importers-exporters, discontinued and bankrupt stock
Importers-exporters, domestic appliances
Importers-exporters, flowers and horticultural products
Importers-exporters, food and beverages
Importers-exporters, furniture
Importers-exporters, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
Importers-exporters, household articles
Importers-exporters, industrial machinery
Importers-exporters, industrial machinery, second-hand
Importers-exporters, ironmongery and hand tools
Importers-exporters, leather and leather products
Importers-exporters, live animals
Importers-exporters, motor vehicles
Importers-exporters, optical and photographic instruments and materials
Importers-exporters, ores and minerals
Importers-exporters, paper
Importers-exporters, petroleum products
Importers-exporters, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and equipment
Importers-exporters, precious stones
Importers-exporters, quarried stone
Importers-exporters, sports articles
Importers-exporters, textiles
Importers-exporters, timber
Importers-exporters, toys
Importers-exporters, waste and scrap
Industrial alcohol and wort production machinery and equipment, second-hand
Industrial components (wholesale)
Industrial machinery and equipment (wholesale)
Internal combustion engines, second-hand and reconditioned
Ironmongery and hardware, retail chains
Jewellery and costume jewellery retail chains
Lift trucks, second-hand
Live animals (wholesale)
Lumber, construction materials and supplies, sanitary ware (wholesale)
Machine tools (wholesale)
Machine tools and accessories, second-hand
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus, medical, second-hand
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus, medical, second-hand and refurbished
Mail order organisations
Massage salons
Merchants, raw cotton
Merchants, salvaged and damaged goods
Metals and semi-manufactured metal products (wholesale)
Mobile telephones (cellular phones), second-hand
Modern art dealers
Motor car and van auctioneers
Motor vehicle dealers
Motor vehicle electrical equipment, second-hand
Motor vehicle spare parts and accessories, retail chains
Motor vehicles, second-hand (distributors)
Motor vehicles, spare parts and accessories (wholesale)
Music and music instruments, retail chains
Nail salons
Newsagents, confectioners, tobacconists, retail chains
Newspapers and magazines (wholesale)
Off-licence retail chains
Office furniture, retail chains
Office furniture, second-hand
Online retailers/e-commerce
Opticians, dispensing, multiple retail outlets
Ores and minerals (wholesale)
Packaging machinery and equipment, second-hand
Pallets and freight containers, second-hand
Paper and cardboard manufacturing machinery and equipment, second-hand
Paper converting machinery and equipment, second-hand
Perfumery and cosmetics, retail chains
Petrol station chains
Petroleum, fuels and related products (wholesale)
Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, second-hand
Photocopiers, second-hand
Photographic supplies, retail chains
Pictures, artistic
Plastics industry machinery, second-hand
Precious stones, jewellery and watches (wholesale)
Printing and bookbinding machinery, second-hand
Printing presses, letterpress, flatbed, second-hand
Printing presses, letterpress, offset rotary, second-hand
Printing presses, letterpress, sheet fed, second-hand
Printing presses, letterpress, web fed, second-hand
Printing presses, proofing, letterpress, second-hand
Procurement services, hospital supplies
Procurement services, industrial consumables
Procurement services, oilfield and petroleum plant equipment
Pulp, paper and board and related products (wholesale)
Rags (trade)
Refrigeration equipment, second-hand
Retail trade
Retail trade via stalls and markets
Retail trade, books
Retail trade, bread, cakes, pastries and sugar confectionery
Retail trade, building materials
Retail trade, carpets, rugs, floor and wall coverings
Retail trade, clothing
Retail trade, coal and fuels
Retail trade, electric household appliances
Retail trade, fish and seafood
Retail trade, flowers, plants, fertilisers, pets and pet food
Retail trade, food
Retail trade, fruit and vegetables
Retail trade, furniture, lighting equipment and other decorative articles
Retail trade, hardware, paints and glass
Retail trade, meat and meat based products
Retail trade, medical and orthopaedic goods
Retail trade, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and stationery
Retail trade, optical products
Retail trade, perfumes and beauty products
Retail trade, pharmaceutical products
Retail trade, shoes and leather goods
Retail trade, sports articles
Retail trade, textiles
Retail trade, tobacco based products
Retail trade, toys and games
Retail trade, watchmaking goods and jewellery
Rubber and plastic products for industrial use (wholesale)
Rubber industry machinery, second-hand
Saunas, public
Scanners, computer tomography (CT), second-hand
Scanners, computer tomography (CT), second-hand and refurbished
Scrap and waste (trade)
Scrap and waste, electrical and electronic equipment and components (trade)
Scrap, wire and cable (trade)
Scrapyards, motor vehicle, used parts (trade)
Second-hand equipment
Shelving and racking, industrial, second-hand
Shoe repair and key cutting services, department store or retail outlet
Soft furnishings and textiles, retail chains
Sports and camping equipment, retail chains
Stationery and school and office requisites (wholesale)
Stationery, school supplies, office machinery and requisites, retail chains
Supermarket and hypermarket operators
Surplus military equipment
Telecommunication equipment (wholesale)
Telephony and mobile telephones (cellular phones), retail chains
Television, audio-visual, photographic and optical equipment (wholesale)
Television, video and high fidelity (hi-fi) retail chains
Timber and logs (wholesale)
Toys and games, retail chains
Trade, antiques and collectables
Trader converters, leather
Traders, textile fibres
Trailers and semi-trailers, second-hand
Transit traders
Trucks/lorries, second-hand
Tyres, used
Vending machine operators
Vending machine organisations, beverages
Vending machine organisations, food
Veteran, vintage and classic cars
Waste paper (trade)
Waste, plastic scrap (trade)
Waste, textile fibre (trade)
Waste, textile mill (trade)
Wholesale trade
Yarns, twists, fabrics and textile goods (wholesale)

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