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Kompass Business Classifications
Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Watchmaking, Jewellery
Accessories for protective clothing
Accessories, disguise and theatrical
Aprons and pinafores
Aprons for babies
Aprons for children
Aprons, disposable, paper
Aprons, leather
Aprons, plastic, domestic
Aprons, plastic, for food industry workers
Aprons, protective, industrial
Aprons, rubber, for X-ray use
Bandeau brassieres for children
Bands and borders for clothing, knitted
Beachwear for men and boys
Beachwear, dresses and sun-wear for ladies and girls
Bedjackets for ladies
Belts, fashion, plastic
Belts, textile, for clothing
Bermuda shorts for children
Bermuda shorts for men
Bibs, ready-made, for babies and infants
Blankets, fur
Blazers for men
Blouses and tunics for children
Blouses, rubber
Blouses, tailored, for ladies and girls
Bodices, corsets and girdles
Body warmers/gilets
Boleros and cardigans for women
Bonnets (headgear)
Boots and ankle boots
Boots, football
Boots, motorcycling
Boots, rubber, industrial, protective and special purpose
Boots, trekking and hill walking
Bow ties
Braces, textile
Brassieres, maternity and for breast-feeding
Briefs and trunks for men
Briefs, athletics, for men and boys
Bulletproof clothing
Capes, hooded, ready-made, for babies and children
Capes, weatherproof and waterproof
Caps (headgear)
Caps and hats, disposable
Caps for babies
Caps for children
Ceremonial clothing for men
Chaparajos (chaps)
Cloaks and capes, fur
Cloaks, weatherproof and waterproof
Clogs, plastic
Clothes and articles, weatherproof and waterproof
Clothes by fabric
Clothes for babies
Clothes for children
Clothes for men
Clothes for women
Clothes, cashmere
Clothes, cotton
Clothes, imitation fur
Clothes, imitation leather
Clothes, linen
Clothes, man-made fibres
Clothes, mixed fibres
Clothes, mixed wool and man-made fibres
Clothes, outsize, for women
Clothes, polymer fibres
Clothes, ready-made, outsize, for men
Clothes, silk
Clothes, wool
Clothing and accessories, sterile environment
Clothing and uniforms, military
Clothing for doctors
Clothing, chefs
Clothing, prison
Clothing, professional, isothermal
Clothing, protective, acid resistant
Clothing, protective, anti-glare
Clothing, protective, asbestos substitute
Clothing, protective, canvas
Clothing, protective, chain mail
Clothing, protective, chemical resistant
Clothing, protective, coated or oiled fabrics
Clothing, protective, disposable
Clothing, protective, dust repellent and dust proofed
Clothing, protective, electrically heated
Clothing, protective, fireproof and flame resistant
Clothing, protective, for astronauts
Clothing, protective, for bee-keepers
Clothing, protective, for bomb disposal personnel
Clothing, protective, for dog trainers
Clothing, protective, for electricians
Clothing, protective, for firemen
Clothing, protective, for forestry workers
Clothing, protective, for hospital workers
Clothing, protective, for iron and steel workers
Clothing, protective, for military combat
Clothing, protective, for miners
Clothing, protective, for pilots
Clothing, protective, for refrigeration workers
Clothing, protective, for sailors
Clothing, protective, for welders
Clothing, protective, for workers
Clothing, protective, gas resistant
Clothing, protective, heat resistant
Clothing, protective, high visibility and reflective
Clothing, protective, impact resistant
Clothing, protective, leather
Clothing, protective, low temperature and weather resistant
Clothing, protective, man-made fibres
Clothing, protective, metallised
Clothing, protective, mineral fibre
Clothing, protective, non-woven
Clothing, protective, nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC)
Clothing, protective, oil resistant
Clothing, protective, radiation resistant
Clothing, protective, rubber and plastic
Clothing, protective, sea rescue
Clothing, protective, slip resistant
Clothing, protective, ultra-high water pressure resistant
Clothing, protective, waterproof
Clothing, rubber
Clothing, weatherproof and waterproof, by fabric and use
Clothing, weatherproof and waterproof, for fishermen and seamen
Clothing, weatherproof and waterproof, to customer specification
Coat and hat sets, weatherproof and waterproof
Coats and jackets, leather
Coats and jackets, protective
Coats and jackets, suede
Coats for babies
Coats for children
Coats for men
Coats for women
Coats, fur
Coats, jackets and waistcoats, sheepskin or goatskin
Coats, weatherproof and waterproof
Cocktail party and evening dress, ready-made, for ladies and girls
Collars, fur
Components and accessories for headgear
Corporate clothing
Costumes and dress, traditional
Costumes for theatrical and cinematographic productions
Costumes, carnival
Costumes, period
Costumes, traditional and theatrical
Cropped trousers for children
Cropped trousers for women
Culottes, ready-made, for ladies and girls
Design and production services, fashion fabrics for the clothing industry
Design and production services, fashion pattern for the clothing industry
Designers, fashion accessory
Dinner suits
Disguise clothing and seasonal costumes for adults
Disguise clothing and seasonal costumes for children
Dresses for babies
Dresses for children
Dresses, communion and christening
Dresses, leather
Dresses, short and long
Dresses, wedding (bridal-wear), ready-made
Dressing gowns and bathrobes for babies
Dressing gowns and bathrobes for children
Dressing gowns and bathrobes for women
Dressing gowns and bathrobes, for men
Dressing up sets for children
Dungarees, bodysuits and work trousers
Elastomeric textile products
Fashion accessories NES
Fashion designers
Fashion houses
Flagger vests
Footwear components and accessories
Footwear components, leather
Footwear components, rubber, resin rubber, crêpe rubber, composition rubber
Footwear covers, disposable
Footwear for babies and infants
Footwear for boys
Footwear for children
Footwear for girls
Footwear for ladies
Footwear for men
Footwear heel pieces
Footwear heels
Footwear soles
Footwear to customer specification
Footwear uppers
Footwear, baseball
Footwear, casual
Footwear, dancing, ballet
Footwear, dielectric
Footwear, dress and evening
Footwear, fashion designer
Footwear, leather
Footwear, luxury
Footwear, made to measure
Footwear, orthopaedic
Footwear, plastic or rubber soled
Footwear, plastic, professional and safety use
Footwear, professional and safety use
Footwear, protective, for professional use
Footwear, ready-made, textile, for babies
Footwear, safety, anti-skid
Footwear, safety, gas proof
Footwear, sports
Footwear, standard
Footwear, standard, plastic
Footwear, standard, rubber
Footwear, suede
Footwear, textile materials
Footwear, theatrical, period
Footwear, volleyball
Footwear, wooden
Fur clothing and products
G-strings for women
Gauntlets, dry-box
Gloves and mitts, oven
Gloves for boxing
Gloves for clean room applications
Gloves for men
Gloves for motorcycling, cycling and driving
Gloves for sports
Gloves for welders
Gloves for women
Gloves to customer specification
Gloves, anti-vibration
Gloves, antistatic
Gloves, baseball
Gloves, canvas
Gloves, cotton
Gloves, embroidered
Gloves, evening dress
Gloves, gardening
Gloves, insulated, for electricians
Gloves, knitted
Gloves, leather
Gloves, lined
Gloves, man-made fibres
Gloves, mixed fibres
Gloves, plastic
Gloves, plastic coated
Gloves, protective, nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC)
Gloves, thermal
Gloves, thermal microfibre
Gloves, unlined
Gloves, work
Handkerchiefs, fancy
Handkerchiefs, hand embroidered
Handkerchiefs, lace trimmed
Handkerchiefs, machine embroidered
Handkerchiefs, man-made fibres
Hats and caps leather
Hats and caps, fur
Hats and caps, sports and leisure
Hats and headgear for food industry personnel
Hats and headgear for nurses
Hats and headgear, bridal
Hats, bowler
Hats, buckram
Hats, carnival
Hats, feather
Hats, felt
Hats, leather and fabric
Hats, plastic
Hats, silk
Hats, straw
Hats, summer
Hats, top
Hats, tweed
Hats, velour
Hats, velvet
Headgear accessories NES
Headgear for babies and children
Headgear for men
Headgear for women
Headgear to customer specification
Headgear, canvas
Headgear, cooling
Headgear, cork reinforced
Headgear, fashion designer
Headgear, knitted
Headgear, legal
Headgear, military
Headgear, professional
Headgear, promotional
Headgear, protective and hygienic, for ladies
Headgear, school
Headgear, traditional
Headgear, tropical
Headgear, waterproof
Headsquares, silk
High fashion, designer clothes
Hoods (headgear), protective
Hosiery, fashion designer
Hosiery, sportswear
Hospital clothing for patients
Immersion suits/survival suits, neoprene/polychloroprene (CR)
Insertions, ruffs and shirt fronts for dress shirts
Jackets and blazers, for women
Jackets and coats, fur lined
Jackets and skirts, denim
Jackets for men
Jackets for women
Jackets, fur
Jackets, knitted
Jackets, weatherproof and waterproof
Jeans for children
Jeans for men
Jeans for women
Jerkins, weatherproof and waterproof
Jewellery, fashion designer
Knitwear for babies and children
Knitwear to customer specification
Layettes, ready-made
Leather clothing
Leggings for women
Leisurewear, promotional
Lingerie and nightwear, disposable
Linings, fur
Maternity wear, ready-made
Military clothing, fur
Military trench coats, weatherproof and waterproof
Mittens and mitts
Mittens, knitted
Muffs, fur
Neckerchiefs for women
Neckties, cravats, scarves and shawls
Neckties, fur
Nightdresses for children
Nightdresses for ladies
Nightshirts for men
Nightwear, knitted
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, breathable
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, coated
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, cotton
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, foam backed fabrics
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, for children
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, for ladies and girls
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, for men and boys
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, gaberdine
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, imitation fur
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, imitation leather
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, leather
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, linen
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, man-made fibres
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, mixed natural and man-made fibres
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, mixed natural fibres
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, oilskin
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, outsize
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, plastic
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, poplin
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, rubber
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, sheepskin
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, silk
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, tweed
Outerwear, weatherproof and waterproof, wool
Over-trousers, waders and leggings, protective
Overalls for babies
Overalls, protective, thermal
Overcoats, weatherproof and waterproof
Oversleeves (sleeve protectors), plastic
Pads, knee and elbow, sports
Panama hats, straw boaters
Panties for children
Panties, briefs, knickers for women
Parkas for men
Parkas for women
Polo shirts for children
Polo shirts for men
Ponchos, knitted
Protective and safety work clothing, by fabric
Protective and safety work clothing, by occupation
Protective and safety work clothing, by use
Protective clothing for white rooms
Pull overs for men
Pullovers for women
Pullovers, knitted
Pyjamas and sleepsuits for babies
Pyjamas for children
Pyjamas for ladies
Pyjamas for men
Racing silks and caps for jockeys
Raincoats, weatherproof and waterproof
Raincoats, weatherproof and waterproof, impregnated
Raincoats, weatherproof and waterproof, uniform, double-textured
Ready-made clothes, luxury
Repair services, industrial gloves
Romper suits and playsuits for babies
Rugs, fur
Safety boots and shoes with protective toecaps
Safety boots with steel soles
Sandals, plastic
School uniforms and clothing for girls and boys
Shapewear underwear for women
Shirt collars and cuffs
Shirt collars and cuffs, paper
Shirt, long sleeved, for men
Shirt, short sleeved, for men
Shirts and blouses for women
Shirts for babies
Shirts for children
Shirts, deerskin, for men
Shirts, double cuff, for men
Shirts, leather
Shirts, pleated front, for men
Shirts, sportswear
Shoes and boots, walking
Shoes for athletics, track shoes
Shoes, bowling
Shoes, embroidered
Shoes, golf
Shoes, tennis
Shorts and bermuda shorts for babies
Shorts for children
Shorts for men
Shorts for women
Shorts, sportswear, for men
Shorts, sportswear, for women
Skirt suits
Skirts and dresses, knitted
Skirts and half slips, for children
Skirts for babies
Skirts, leather
Skirts, short and long
Sleeping bags, fur
Slippers and booties, knitted, for babies
Slippers for children
Slippers for men
Slippers for women
Slippers, mules, indoor shoes
Smocks, workwear
Socks for boots
Socks for children
Socks for men
Socks for women
Socks, ankle
Socks, anti-verrucae, latex dipped
Socks, antimicrobial and anti-fungal finish
Socks, knee-length
Socks, school uniform, for boys
Special occasions clothes
Spencers, knitted
Sports and leisurewear for sailing
Sports shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts
Sportswear and leisurewear
Sportswear for athletics
Sportswear for fishing and hunting
Sportswear for golf
Sportswear for gymnastics
Sportswear, American football
Sportswear, after-ski
Sportswear, alpine skiing
Sportswear, baseball
Sportswear, basketball
Sportswear, breathable fabric
Sportswear, by sport type
Sportswear, cross-country skiing
Sportswear, cycling
Sportswear, diving
Sportswear, fencing
Sportswear, football
Sportswear, fur
Sportswear, horse riding
Sportswear, isothermal (heated)
Sportswear, motorcycling
Sportswear, mountaineering
Sportswear, outsize
Sportswear, polo and hockey
Sportswear, rugby
Sportswear, ski touring
Sportswear, snowboarding
Sportswear, tennis
Sportswear, thermal microfibre fleece/polar fleece
Sportswear, water skiing
Sportswear, weatherproof and waterproof
Stage costumes and special effects properties, rubber, theatrical
Stockings and tights
Stockings for ladies
Stoles, fur
Suit jackets for men
Suits for judo and karate
Suits, inflatable, protective
Suits, leather, for motorcyclists
Suits, ready-made, for men and boys
Sun visors for sportsmen
Surgical gowns
Suspenders and garters
Sweat shirts for children
Sweatbands, sportswear
Swimming caps
Swimming suits, maternity
Swimming suits, one-piece
Swimming suits, two-piece
Swimwear and beachwear
Swimwear and beachwear for babies and children
Swimwear for men and boys
Swimwear for women
T-shirts for babies
T-shirts for children
T-shirts for men
T-shirts for women
Tights for children
Tights for ladies
Tights for men
Tights for theatre and dancing
Toe socks
Tops and sleeveless tops for women
Trainer liners
Training shoes
Trimmings, fur
Trousers for children
Trousers for women
Trousers, fur lined
Trousers, leather
Trousers, ready-made, for men and boys
Trousers, weatherproof and waterproof
Tunics for women
Twinsets, knitted
Umbrella frames
Umbrellas for men
Umbrellas, promotional
Under-vests for children
Undercoats and detachable linings, weatherproof and waterproof
Underwear and nightwear for babies
Underwear and nightwear for children
Underwear and nightwear for men
Underwear and nightwear for women
Underwear, disposable, for men
Underwear, fashion designer
Underwear, invisible, for women
Underwear, knitted
Underwear, outsize, for men
Uniforms and workwear for hostesses
Uniforms and workwear for magistrates, judges and lawyers
Uniforms and workwear to customer specification
Uniforms and workwear, transportation industry
Uniforms for nurses
Vests and jackets, shrapnel and bulletproof
Vests and singlets for men
Vests for ladies
Waist slips/half-slips, for ladies
Waistcoats and cardigans, knitted
Waistcoats for babies
Waistcoats for children
Waistcoats, leather
Waistcoats, ready-made, for ladies and girls
Waistcoats, ready-made, for men and boys
Walking sticks
Walking sticks with handles
Walking sticks, straight
Walking sticks, wooden
Wellington boots, plastic, industrial use
Winter coats, filled, for men
Winter coats, filled, for women
Work boots
Workwear and uniforms, by occupation
Workwear and workwear accessories
Workwear, hospitality and catering industry

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