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Kompass Business Classifications
Transport & Logistics
Air cushion handling equipment
Air freight and luggage handling equipment
Aircraft lifts, aircraft carrier applications
Arresters for mechanical handling equipment
Assembly stands for cranes
Automated handling and storage plant and installations
Automated handling systems for the wood industry
Automatic alignment devices, lift to floor
Automation systems and servomechanisms
Automation systems and servomechanisms for agricultural applications
Automation systems and servomechanisms for buildings
Automation systems and servomechanisms for foundries and rolling mills
Automation systems and servomechanisms for goods handling
Automation systems and servomechanisms for laboratories
Automation systems and servomechanisms for machine tools
Automation systems and servomechanisms for mining
Automation systems and servomechanisms for power stations
Automation systems and servomechanisms for quarrying
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the chemical industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the food and beverage industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the footwear industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the nuclear industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the paper industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the plastics industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the printing industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the textile industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms for the transport industry
Automation systems and servomechanisms, humidity and temperature control applications
Automation systems to customer specification
Automation systems, electric
Automation systems, electro-pneumatic
Automation systems, electronic
Automation systems, home
Automation systems, photoelectric
Automation systems, pneumatic
Axles for industrial trucks
Ball joints for lifting and handling equipment
Barrows, motorised, earth-moving
Beam/overhead monorail crane trolleys
Beams, lifting
Belt conveyors
Belts for bucket elevators
Belts for elevators
Belts, conveyor
Belts, conveyor, high temperature
Belts, conveyor, low temperature
Bin dischargers
Blending systems, intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
Booms, wagon loading, for bulk materials
Bottle storage racks, industrial
Bucket weight indicators
Buckets, grab, for handling equipment
Buffer systems for materials handling equipment
Cabins for lifts and elevators
Cable carriers for mechanical handling machinery and equipment
Cable cranes
Cable drum jacks
Cable reel handling systems
Cable reels and retractors
Cable reels, sheet metal
Cable reels, spring operated, for materials handling equipment
Cabs/cabins for cranes and mechanical handling machinery
Cam manipulators for robots and automated machine tools
Carts and wagons, goods transport
Cask or drum handling, loading and stacking equipment
Castors, industrial trolley
Chutes for bulk materials transport
Chutes for unit load handling
Clamps, materials handling, for industrial trucks
Clamps, tow rope
Clutches, tractor
Components and accessories for aircraft cargo handling equipment
Components and accessories for ball tables
Components and accessories for belt conveyors
Components and accessories for conveyors and conveyor belts
Components and accessories for gantry cranes
Components and accessories for industrial handling vehicles
Components and accessories for rail mounted cranes
Components and accessories for screw conveyors
Components and accessories for winches, hoists and capstans
Components and accessories, electromechanical, for lifts, cranes and mechanical handling equipment
Components for light rail motor tractors (locomotives)
Components for pneumatic handling machinery and equipment
Components, electrical, for robots
Continuous handling equipment and machinery for bulk liquids
Continuous mechanical handling for bulk NES
Continuous mechanical handling for unit loads
Controls and control systems for automated machinery
Controls and control systems for robotics
Controls, electrical, for materials handling equipment
Conveyor belt joining machines
Conveyor belting to customer specification
Conveyor chains
Conveyor separators, magnetic
Conveyor slats
Conveyor sorting and accumulating systems
Conveyor sprockets
Conveyor structures and frames
Conveyor systems, enclosed belt, for bulk
Conveyor systems, self-accumulating, for bulk materials
Conveyor systems, self-accumulating, for unit loads
Conveyor turntables
Conveyors and elevators, pneumatic, suction
Conveyors and elevators, screw, for bulk
Conveyors and elevators, truck mounted, for bulk
Conveyors and transfer tables, ball type
Conveyors for assembly lines
Conveyors for bulk
Conveyors for bulk materials to customer specification
Conveyors for metal shavings
Conveyors for pallets, side panel type
Conveyors for self-service trays
Conveyors for unit loads
Conveyors for unit loads, stainless steel, for the food and beverage industry
Conveyors or elevators, vibrating/oscillating, for unit loads
Conveyors, ash handling
Conveyors, baggage handling, airports
Conveyors, belt, curved, for unit loads
Conveyors, belt, for bulk materials
Conveyors, belt, for dry granular foods
Conveyors, belt, for unit loads
Conveyors, belt, long distance, for bulk
Conveyors, belt, miniature, for unit loads
Conveyors, belt, portable, for unit loads
Conveyors, belt, wire mesh, for unit loads
Conveyors, bucket
Conveyors, bucket, gravity
Conveyors, cable, for bulk
Conveyors, carousel
Conveyors, cement, plaster, chalk and lime processing plant
Conveyors, chain, for bulk
Conveyors, chain, for unit loads
Conveyors, chain, overhead, for unit loads
Conveyors, cooling, for injection moulded plastic products
Conveyors, helical and curved, for unit loads
Conveyors, hinged metal belt, for unit loads
Conveyors, horizontal, for documents
Conveyors, hydraulic, for bulk
Conveyors, hydraulic, for unit loads
Conveyors, lorry loading, for bulk
Conveyors, low profile
Conveyors, magnetic, for unit loads
Conveyors, mechanical, for bulk
Conveyors, mobile, for bulk
Conveyors, mobile, for unit loads
Conveyors, monorail, for bulk
Conveyors, overhead, for bulk
Conveyors, pan
Conveyors, picking belt or table, for bulk
Conveyors, pneumatic tube
Conveyors, pneumatic, dense/lean phase, for powders and solids
Conveyors, pneumatic, for sand and gravel
Conveyors, pneumatic, for the food industry
Conveyors, power and free, for unit loads
Conveyors, push bar
Conveyors, railcar unloading, for bulk
Conveyors, roller, for bulk
Conveyors, roller, for unit loads
Conveyors, rotary, for bulk
Conveyors, rotary, for unit loads
Conveyors, slat or apron, for bulk
Conveyors, slat or apron, for unit loads
Conveyors, sorting
Conveyors, spiral, stainless steel, for dry granular foods
Conveyors, steel band, for bulk
Conveyors, steel band, for unit loads
Conveyors, swarf
Conveyors, telescopic belt, for unit loads
Conveyors, telescopic, for bulk
Conveyors, trough, for bulk
Conveyors, tube/pipe, for bulk
Conveyors, vertical, for documents
Conveyors, vertical, for light unit loads
Conveyors, vibratory/oscillating, for bulk
Conveyors, wheel, for unit loads
Conveyors, wire mesh, for bulk
Conveyors-elevators combined, continuous discharge, for bulk
Counterweights for lifts and elevators
Crane current collector columns and equipment, electric
Crane parts and accessories
Crane structures, jibs (booms) jib heads and bases
Cranes for lifting locomotive wagons
Cranes, air supported platform mounted
Cranes, balance
Cranes, cantilever
Cranes, deck and hold
Cranes, derrick and guy derrick
Cranes, fixed radius
Cranes, freight container handling
Cranes, gantry
Cranes, gantry, to customer specification
Cranes, grabbing
Cranes, grabbing, mobile
Cranes, hydraulic
Cranes, jib
Cranes, low carriage, for maintenance work
Cranes, magnet
Cranes, mobile, hydraulic
Cranes, mobile, self-propelled
Cranes, mobile, swing arm jib
Cranes, offshore
Cranes, overhead travelling
Cranes, overhead travelling and gantry girders, hand operated
Cranes, overhead travelling gantry
Cranes, pedestal
Cranes, pneumatic
Cranes, portable, hand operated
Cranes, portal
Cranes, rail mounted
Cranes, semi-gantry
Cranes, shipborne and loading
Cranes, shipyard
Cranes, slewing
Cranes, steelworks
Cranes, tamper, soil compacting
Cranes, telescopic
Cranes, tower
Cranes, trailer mounted
Cranes, truck mounted
Cranes, truck mounted, all terrain
Cranes, truck mounted, lorry loading
Cranes, vehicle, battery powered
Cranes, walking
Cranes, wall
Cranes, wall, hand operated
Cranes, warehouse stacker
Crawler track components for industrial tractors
Dock levellers
Doors, automatic, for lifts and elevators
Drive units for conveyors
Drum feeders, rotary
Drum lifting equipment (drum cradles) for hoists, winches and handling equipment
Drums for hoists, winches and handling equipment
Drums, metal, winding
Dumb waiters (lifts)
Electrical components and systems for lifts and elevators
Electronic safety sensors, crane jib
Electronic sorting equipment
Elevator and lift door components and controls
Elevator systems for fishing vessels and factory ships
Elevators for blast furnaces and steelworks
Elevators for building materials
Elevators, arm
Elevators, bucket
Elevators, bulk materials
Elevators, bulk materials handling
Elevators, carcass, abattoir
Elevators, chain
Elevators, furniture removals
Elevators, goods
Elevators, industrial, to customer specification
Elevators, magnetic, for unit loads
Elevators, mine personnel and freight
Elevators, platform
Elevators, remote controlled
Elevators, ship loading and unloading, bulk materials
Elevators, theatre, scenery and stage raising
Elevators, vertical, automatic starting, for unit loads
Elevators, wagon
Enclosures and furnishings, lift and elevator
Escalators and moving walkways
Feeders and dischargers, rotary, for bulk
Feeders, belt and plate/apron, mechanical, for bulk
Feeders, centrifugal, materials handling
Feeders, chain curtain, mechanical, for bulk
Feeders, drag-bar, for bulk
Feeders, electrically powered, for bulk
Feeders, extractors and distributors, vibrating, for bulk
Feeders, gravimetric, continuous, for bulk
Feeders, screw, mechanical, for bulk
Feeding equipment, electro-pneumatic, for precision components
Feeding equipment, pneumatic handling
Fieldbus systems for production automation
Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) to customer specification
Floating suctions, fuel
Fluid bed materials handling equipment
Fork attachments for fork lift trucks
Fork lift trucks for hazardous areas
Fork lift trucks, all terrain
Fork lift trucks, container handling
Fork lift trucks, counterbalanced
Fork lift trucks, diesel engine powered
Fork lift trucks, electric or battery electric
Fork lift trucks, fixed mast
Fork lift trucks, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) powered
Fork lift trucks, lorry/truck mounted
Fork lift trucks, low temperature environment
Fork lift trucks, pedestrian controlled
Fork lift trucks, petrol engine powered
Fork lift trucks, side loading
Fork lift trucks, telescopic mast
Fork lift trucks, tilting mast
Fork lift trucks, tractor based
Forklift trucks
Frames for lift cabins
Freight container lifting and handling equipment
Freight containers
Freight containers for bulk powder transportation
Freight containers for liquids and gases
Freight containers to customer specification
Freight containers, air transport
Freight containers, collapsible, folding
Freight containers, hinged bottom
Freight containers, lorry or truck transportation
Freight containers, marine
Freight containers, platform
Freight containers, railway transportation
Gantries and cranes, ore handling
Gantries for containers
Gantries, lifting beams and jib attachments
Gearboxes for lifts and escalators
Goods and warehouse sorting machines
Grabs, oil hydraulic, for lift trucks
Grippers, lifting, electromechanical, industrial
Guided vehicle systems, automatic (AGVS)
Guides for lifts and elevators
Guides, chain and cable, for handling equipment
Handcarts, lifting
Handcarts, metal, for casks and drums
Handling and lifting attachments for fork lift trucks
Handling and maintenance machines for stockpiled bulk materials
Handling carts, trucks and trolleys
Handling equipment NES
Handling equipment parts and accessories
Handling equipment, freight container terminal
Handling equipment, pneumatic, for powders
Haulage windlasses
Heated food trolleys, catering
Heavy mechanical handling equipment to customer specification
Hoists, builders'
Hoists, cable, hand operated
Hoists, cellar
Hoists, chain, heavy mechanical handling
Hoists, electric
Hoists, flameproof, heavy mechanical handling
Hoists, gantry
Hoists, hydraulic
Hoists, internal combustion engine driven
Hoists, lifting from 250 kg to 10 tonnes
Hoists, lifting over 10 tonnes
Hoists, lifting under 250 kg
Hoists, pneumatic
Hoists, rack and pinion type, heavy mechanical handling
Hoists, ratchet and lever pull, hand operated
Hoists, roller chain, heavy mechanical handling
Hoists, sack
Hoists, wall, hand operated
Hoists, wire rope, heavy mechanical handling
Hooks for lifting equipment
Hoppers, feeding or charging, for handling equipment
Hoppers, metal, bulk product handling
Hydraulic components for lifts and elevators
Industrial carts, trucks and trolleys
Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories
Industrial stacking and shelving
Industrial storage units, rotary, horizontal
Industrial storage units, rotary, vertical
Industrial tractors
Industrial trailers
Installation and maintenance services for handling machinery and equipment
Installation, maintenance and reconditioning services for cranes
Installation, repair and maintenance services for escalators
Installation, repair and maintenance services for lifts and elevators
Jacks, electric, heavy mechanical handling
Jacks, hydraulic, heavy mechanical handling
Jacks, mechanical
Jacks, mechanical handling
Jacks, screw
Jacks, screw, heavy mechanical handling
Jacks, treadle, heavy mechanical handling
Joysticks, industrial
Ladle hoists, geared, foundry
Landing doors for lifts
Lift and elevator components and accessories
Lifting and elevating platforms, mobile
Lifting and handling equipment, pneumatic, air cushion type
Lifting and tipping devices, electromechanical
Lifting and tipping devices, hydraulic, industrial
Lifting beams, vacuum
Lifting equipment for hazardous areas
Lifting equipment, electromagnetic and permanent magnet
Lifting equipment, vacuum
Lifting gear, vehicle tailboard
Lifting jacks to customer specification
Lifting legs, mobile, hydraulic, for freight containers
Lifting platforms
Lifting platforms for rail vehicles
Lifting platforms, electrical
Lifting platforms, electromechanical
Lifting platforms, hydraulic
Lifting platforms, hydraulic, for wheelchairs
Lifting platforms, mechanical
Lifts and elevators
Lifts for the disabled
Lifts to customer specification
Lifts, access platform, mast climbing
Lifts, automatic
Lifts, chain or cable operated
Lifts, document, book and letter
Lifts, electric
Lifts, electro-hydraulic
Lifts, electromechanical
Lifts, hospital
Lifts, hydraulic
Lifts, manually operated
Lifts, passenger
Lifts, reciprocating cage
Lifts, telescopic, mobile
Linear conveyors, multi-axis
Linear transporters/positioners, electric, electronic
Linings for conveyor rollers, slides, chutes, slideways
Load indicators for handling equipment
Load limiters for lifting equipment
Load limiters for lifts and elevators
Loaders, bucket
Loaders, crawler tractor
Loaders, telescopic, for bulk materials
Loaders, wheeled tractor type
Loading arms for handling liquids or liquefied gases
Log loading equipment
Lowerators, conveyor belt
Manipulators, robotic
Material flow conveyor systems, workstation interlinking
Material flow systems, workstation interlinking
Materials feed and extraction locks for pneumatic handling systems
Materials handling plant, pneumatic
Materials handling systems, pneumatic, fan type
Materials handling vehicles, telescopic boom
Mechanical component manufacturing services, robotics, automation
Mezzanine storage platforms, metal
Mobile cranes
Modification services for freight containers
Monorail handling systems, automatic
Moving walkways
Numerical control systems for robots
Operational warning devices, voice synthesis, fork lift trucks
Orchestra pit lifts, theatre
Order picker trucks, fork lift type
Overhead cable conveyors
Pallet boxes, metal
Pallet boxes, plastic
Pallet boxes, wooden
Pallet collars
Pallet components
Pallet containers
Pallet inverters
Pallet stacking and unstacking appliances
Pallet trucks
Pallet trucks with weighing scales
Pallet trucks, electric powered
Pallet trucks, engine powered
Pallet trucks, hand operated (stillage trucks)
Pallet trucks, hydraulic
Pallet trucks, remote controlled
Palletisers and de-palletisers
Pallets and stillages, air freight
Pallets and stillages, cardboard
Pallets and stillages, corrugated cardboard
Pallets and stillages, metal
Pallets and stillages, wooden
Pallets to customer specification
Pallets, composite, wood and metal
Pallets, metal, for chain conveyors
Pallets, plastic
Pallets, plastic, to international standards
Pallets, wooden, disposable
Pallets, wooden, reconditioned
Pallets, wooden, to international standards
Parallel kinematic machines (PKM)
Parts and accessories for overhead travelling cranes
Pick-up tools, vacuum, miniature, for laboratory and fine industrial use
Pipe bundle handling equipment
Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic
Platform trailers for electric transfer cars, industrial
Platform trucks, hand, hydraulic lift
Platform trucks, hand, mechanical lift
Platforms for working at heights, lifting trucks
Platforms, air supported or air bearing
Pneumatic handling equipment
Pneumatic handling equipment to customer specification
Pneumatic handling systems, continuous
Pneumatic handling systems, intermittent
Pneumatic handling systems, pressure type
Portal lifting and conveying units for workshops and production lines
Positioning equipment, electronic, materials handling, robotic
Prehensile grips for robotics and automated equipment
Production and industrial process control equipment, electrical and electronic
Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
Racking and shelving, computer components
Racking and shelving, garage
Racking and shelving, industrial, modular
Racking and shelving, instrumentation housing
Racking and shelving, metal, industrial
Racking and shelving, stainless steel
Racking and shelving, wooden, industrial
Racking for pallets
Racking, heavy duty, industrial
Racking, metal, drive-in, for pallets
Ram trucks, heavy duty, industrial
Ramps, lifting and loading
Reach truck accessories
Reels and spools, metal
Remote controls for materials handling equipment
Repair and maintenance services for mechanical handling equipment
Repair and reconditioning services for fork lift trucks
Repair services for pallets
Robots for the nuclear industry
Robots, anthropomorphous
Robots, assembly line
Robots, enamelling
Robots, feeding and stacking
Robots, handling, for plastics processing
Robots, industrial
Robots, industrial, adhesive and sealant application
Robots, industrial, arc welding
Robots, industrial, clean room
Robots, industrial, electronic
Robots, industrial, for education and training
Robots, industrial, hydraulic
Robots, industrial, laser cutting
Robots, industrial, linear
Robots, industrial, movement simulators
Robots, industrial, packaging
Robots, industrial, pneumatic
Robots, industrial, portal
Robots, industrial, resistance, spot welding
Robots, industrial, spray finishing
Robots, industrial, welding
Robots, painting, lacquering or varnishing
Robots, palletising and/or order picking
Robots, vehicular, sub-sea or land, radioactive waste removal
Roller and idler bearing housings, conveyor
Rollers for conveyors
Rope clamps, metal, for haulage, lifting and handling applications
Rotary modules
Runways for overhead travelling cranes
Safety devices and equipment for lifts and elevators
Safety systems for handling equipment
Scissor lifts
Scraper or flight/drag conveyors for bulk
Sensors for robots and automated machinery
Service trolleys, catering
Servo-controls for automation applications
Sheaves, blocks and tackles
Ship lifting systems and heavy duty marine hoists
Shock absorbers for lifts and elevators
Shovel loaders for bulk materials
Skates, heavy machinery and equipment
Skips and buckets
Slide and impact cushions, conveyor belt
Slings and straps for handling equipment
Sorting machines, automatic, goods handling
Speed governors for lifts and elevators
Stackers, pedestrian controlled
Stacking and loading machines, mechanical handling
Stacking or reach trucks, warehouse
Stair climbers, materials handling
Stair climbing appliances, powered, for wheelchairs
Stairlifts for invalids
Stock pickers, warehouse
Storage and handling plant, complete, for unit loads
Storage and reclaiming equipment, salt mine
Storage and retrieval systems, automatic, revolving, for unit loads
Storage equipment for bulk
Storage equipment, automatic, for sheet metal
Storage systems
Storage systems for sheet metals and metal bars
Storage systems, automatic, paternoster
Storage systems, carousel, horizontal
Storage systems, intermediate bulk
Storage systems, intermediate bulk, to customer specification
Storage systems, metal, for tools
Storage units and racks, industrial, to customer specification
Storage units, industrial, for documents and small tools
Storage units, mobile, metal, industrial
Straddle trucks, mechanical handling
Suction nozzles, pneumatic handling
Suction pads for handling equipment
Teeth and wear parts for handling machinery
Tensioning units for conveyor belts
Testing and repair services for industrial lifting equipment
Tippler hoists
Tipplers for bulk materials handling equipment
Tongs, grabs and clamps for lifting equipment
Tool changers, robotics
Tool hoists and balancers, portable power
Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools
Tractor trucks, industrial, electric
Tractor trucks, without driver
Tractors, battery electric
Tractors, industrial, flameproof
Tractors, industrial, internal combustion engine
Trailer trucks, single or double swivelling wheel
Trailers, air cushion type, and hover trailers, industrial
Trailers, industrial, platform or flat-topped
Trailers, industrial, to customer specification
Trailers, mobile workshop (tool trailers)
Transfer cars, hot metal
Transfer trucks for the ceramics industry, kilns, and automation equipment
Transfer trucks, industrial
Trawl winches, line haulers
Trawl winches, net haulers
Tray conveyors or elevators
Trolleys, hand, for warehouses
Trolleys, heating or cooling, hospital and catering use
Trolleys, monorail
Trolleys, shopping (shoppers)
Trolleys, wire, supermarket and self-service shop
Truck conveyors, floor mounted
Trucks for coking plant
Trucks, cable carrier
Trucks, hand, for printers' cylinders
Trucks, hand, hardwood
Trucks, hand, light metal
Trucks, industrial, automatic guided vehicles (AGV)
Trucks, industrial, automatic, magnetic tape operated
Trucks, industrial, boxed or four-sided
Trucks, industrial, cable drum lifting
Trucks, industrial, concrete pipe transporting
Trucks, industrial, electric or battery electric
Trucks, industrial, electro-hydraulic
Trucks, industrial, for banks, bullion or ledgers
Trucks, industrial, for cleaning sewers
Trucks, industrial, for hazardous areas
Trucks, industrial, for sacks
Trucks, industrial, for the handling or transport of hazardous materials
Trucks, industrial, hardwood
Trucks, industrial, heavy die handling
Trucks, industrial, internal combustion engine
Trucks, industrial, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) powered
Trucks, industrial, long load
Trucks, industrial, pedestrian controlled
Trucks, industrial, powered, elevating platform
Trucks, industrial, powered, fixed platform
Trucks, industrial, radio controlled
Trucks, industrial, single-ended
Trucks, industrial, to customer specification
Trucks, industrial, tubular steel and steel framed
Trucks, industrial, turntable
Trucks, industrial, with tipping bins
Turntables, industrial
Unloading gantries with winches or cranes
Warehousing and storage systems, mechanical, live storage systems, for individual items
Warehousing systems, automatic
Weapons handling and storage systems
Weight indicators for fork lift trucks
Welding tools for robots
Wheelbarrows, metal
Wheelbarrows, wooden
Wheelchair lifting platforms for motor vehicles
Wheels, barrow
Wheels, trolley
Winches for cableways and inclined hoists
Winches for offshore drilling platforms
Winches for sewers, hand operated
Winches to customer specification
Winches, boom, hand operated
Winches, derricking
Winches, drum and twin capstan
Winches, electric
Winches, friction
Winches, furnace electrode handling
Winches, hand operated, to customer specification
Winches, hydraulic
Winches, internal combustion engine driven
Winches, linear
Winches, loading and mooring
Winches, marine, hand operated
Winches, mechanical, hand operated
Winches, mining
Winches, pneumatic
Winches, power, marine
Winches, pull hoist, portable, hand operated
Winches, ratchet type, hand operated
Winches, scaffolding, hand operated
Winches, slipway
Winches, spark and explosion proof
Winches, steam driven
Winches, tree
Winches, underwater, diver operated
Winches, vehicle mounted
Winders and unwinders for tubes and hoses
Winding gear for lifts and elevators
Work holders for robots or automatic machine tools 

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